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  1. Surely not? Not if there have only been a few objects thrown. Or a pagger. Or a few stabbings. We are talking about UEFA here. It's not as if there have been allegations of offensive banners, songs or shirt designs🙄
  2. They've played 11 extra minutes in Cyprus. Still playing. Still 1-1.
  3. Qarabag equalise in the 93rd minute😒. Allah must've appreciated that goat. Doubt it was served curried with rice & peas though.
  4. Following on from Larne beating Aarhus, to show the Danish League ain't that great... ....Dundalk are 2-1 up at Vitesse in added time, so the Eredivisie can't be as strong as many fear - though Vitesse were 10 points behind AZ last term. *EDIT* ...And there's the last-minute equaliser, just I hit the "post" button🤣. 2-2
  5. Hibernians just gone 1-0 up in Riga🙂.... ...and Dundalk 2-1 up at Vitesse, after being 1-0 down early.
  6. AEL Limassol just gone 1-0 v. Qarabag. Got to prefer Cyprus to a trip to a bunch of goat slaughterers ... or whatever it is they do to goats down there😮🤔
  7. My bet for 33/1 Galatasaray to get 5 or more sort of looks a shrewd investment... but sort of not after 30 minutes.
  8. Very good. Reminded of the Jerry Sadowitz joke. "Nelson Mandela, what a c**t! Terry Waite? Ba$**rd! I dunno, you lend some people a fiver and you never see them again."
  9. I should hope so. I wouldn't watch an EPL game if I was paid to, but the idea that he's turned into Frank Haffey on a particularly bad day serms ridiculous. I doubt there are more than two better goalies in the Premiership. Potentially season-defining signing, in my view... but he'll need to be on form until some defenders arrive.
  10. Bookies found their balls at last... 48 hours after pricing-up several Dinamo Sovietski v. FC Novo Mafiosi type ties in Eastern Europe🙄. It's a "pick 'em" first leg - which is a mite insulting: I thought Hibs would be favs for the home leg. Just about 17/10 each side, with the draw quite tight at 23/10. There are no "To Qualify" prices on Oddschecker and none on any bookie website I've looked at, which is dickless beyond belief.
  11. FT: Bohs 2, PAOK 1. Unfortunate late concession. Still, there's hope. I'd say Bohs will concede fewer in Greece than Sainties will in Istanbul. Dublin would be a good trip. A lot safer than Greece... Unless you resemble Brian Rattigan or Del Boy Hutch.
  12. ...Not as funny as if ex-Arab Sam Stanton notches for Dundalk v. an Erse Cheek in a later round. We live in hope.
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