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  1. In my view it would be no bad thing having someone on the board with a different perspective. If MR and SA are effectively being asked to sage the ckuh from shutting the doors by putting in significant sums, they have every right to be represented on the board.
  2. Yep- unprofessional methods like bringing in millions of pounds of commercial revenue to the club. No loss to the club my arse.
  3. My understanding is that a good number of the companies with advertising boards were providing other services to the club in return, so it wasn’t a case of them not paying.
  4. Personally one of the biggest things I took away from that podcast was how damaging the loss of Kieran Koszary (our previous commercial director) was in terms of loss of income. Some of his ideas weren’t the most popular but to me almost anything is worth it to make more resources available for the first team. It was absolutely scandalous in my view for the previous board to give such an important role to a fan favourite with no sales experience at all.
  5. That’s not true results or points wise actually- season 20/21 we had 31 points after 16 games, we currently have 28 points after 16 games. I do agree recruitment has been much better and we have played well in a good number of games, but for me considerably better is a bit of a stretch.
  6. The back the bairns group is what I was referring to as being mentioned in the book- I couldn’t recall the exact names of the different groups that have existed over the years.
  7. If you read Martin Ritchie’s book he is very critical of the way the group headed by Kenny Jamieson at the same time as the Mark Campbell bid conducted themselves. That is the group I was referring to. I believe many of those involved in that bid are now patrons, if not on the bod. The fact is MR and SA were considered persona non grata not long ago (rightly in some eyes) yet we now have the same individuals who publicly slated then for years having to go cap in hand looking for cash.
  8. The bod seem quite happy if not desperate to take money from MR and SA so if I was in their shoes I think it would be fair to expect some sort of representation in return
  9. Exactly- you can understand why MR and SA would be sceptical when people who’ve publicly slated you for years then turn up cap in hand asking for hundreds of thousands of pounds. Personally in their position I’d be looking for the right to nominate at least one director in return. That may be no bad thing mind you wrt a better balanced board.
  10. You may well be correct- I can’t remember what the name of the group at that time was called but I think quite a number of people who are now patrons were involved.
  11. I think the navy blue bid was in the running when Mark Campbell was selected instead as preferred bidder (before the bod stoped talks with him). I believe MR is on record as saying that the navy blue’s behaviour and attitude made their bid very difficult to accept.
  12. My understanding is that there is acrimony dating back to the failed navy blue group bid for a stake in the club relating to the way that was approached by the NB’s negotiating stance with them allegedly immediately demanding removal of directors etc.
  13. No idea but it was heavily implied in my view on the Falkirk daft podcast that soft loans from those two was the most likely route to filling the black whole. Personally if I were those 2, I’d have doubts about committing any further sums given the past acrimony with some patrons and abuse they’ve both taken more widely.
  14. It hasn’t been announced anywhere as far as I know. However given that one of the other measures was increasing FSS membership to 3000, which clearly we aren’t anywhere near, I would assume the soft loans have been pursued.
  15. My understanding was that a large part of the gap would be covered by soft loans from Martin Ritchie and Sandy Alexander.
  16. Tbh I would drop Nesbitt altogether. Plenty of running about but very little end product imo. Mcguffie is the opposite in that he can be invisible in games but has the ability to pop up with a good strike occasionally.
  17. I don’t think anyone wants Mcglynn out. Having said that, I think it’s reasonable to say that 8 wins from 16 isn’t good enough. Ray McKinnon was punted with 23 points from 14 games.
  18. As I said, I don’t want rid of Mcglynn. In my view, the best of a bad bunch over the last few years have been Miller and McCracken. Let’s hope Mcglynn can improve on that not very high bar.
  19. No manager is going to win every match and I wouldn’t expect Mcglynn to. However, only winning half of games in league 1 isn’t good enough and will not win us any league.
  20. I’m not calling for Mcglynn to go but 8 wins from 16 is nowhere near good enough. Yes, he is hampered by some of last season’s left overs but he has also been allowed to bring in a good number of his own players. Frankly if there’s no improvement on the 50% win rate over the rest of the season, I’d be looking at other options for next season.
  21. Thought we did well to come back twice today, but simply not good enough in terms of result and performance. The defence and midfield were a bombscare with Henderson making a number of mistakes once again. Maybe controversial but Oliver and Nesbitt don’t contribute enough for me. Overall 8 wins from 16 is nowhere near good enough for Falkirk in league 1 and certainly not league-winning form. The Airdrie game is now absolutely vital as if we play perform anything like last time we’ll be turned over and 10 points behind Dunfermline.
  22. Great goal from Morrison, with a great cross from McCann. Disappointing to lose such a poor goal so soon after. Oliver and Nesbitt both contributing very little so far.
  23. In my view it’s totally unacceptable for presumably someone inside the club to be leaking details of the stating 11 the day before a match
  24. My view is that there has been a clear improvement since Mcglynn came in. We are competitive in the majority games, which is a big change from the last few seasons. Recruitment has also been much better, with most if not all of his signings having made a positive contribution of some sort. That said, it’s still feet firmly on the ground for me as we are still capable of putting in a a really poor performance from time to time, largely imo because we still have a good number of players who vanish when the going gets tough.
  25. Clearly yesterday was a really good result and performance. However, too often this season these have been followed by a poor performance. The challenge now is to ensure that doesn’t happen against Clyde and Airdrie as we can’t really afford any further slip-ups.
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