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  1. There’s no reason whatsoever why this had to be ‘tricky’. It should have been quite simple- get vaccinated, stay at home if you’re ill, wash your hands and open windows if possible. That was all that needed said.
  2. That’s because they’re not interested in businesses. They are at best an afterthought to NS and the SG. The fact we are now 5 days away from nightclubs ‘reopening’ after being closed for 18 months yet are still none the wiser about how they’re actually meant to do so with the restrictions in place tells you all you need to know.
  3. I just knew that the SG wouldn’t do the easy thing, shut up and get the f**k out of people’s lives. NS, Devi and Jason had to be seen to ‘care more’ and that has resulted in this continued bullshit bingo of pointless measures. Yet again individuals and businesses treated like an inconvenience with no details of how nightclubs are meant to open in 6 days’ time with masks in place, what ‘limited exceptions’ there are to crowd limits or if office staff can return to work if they wish. The SG did not have the guts to accept that we now have highly effective fucking vaccines and can get back to normal.
  4. ‘Some exceptions may be possible on a case by case basis’ for events sizes is very strange wording.
  5. Anyone know what the situation is now re WFH? Personally I’d been looking forward to going back to the office a few days a week. But I see Sturgeon has ‘advised WFH should continue where possible’ but also talked about a ‘phased approach’ and ‘a return for some staff will be beneficial to them and their employers’. Seems clear as mud to me
  6. The greens wanted a zero covid approach so are hardly much better on nanny statism
  7. Personally I’ll be very surprised if nightclubs are allowed to open as normal from Monday. I suspect they will be ‘open’ in name only with testing, table service and masks to be worn when not at tables.
  8. Because clearly not wearing a mask is basically the same thing as walking about naked. The ‘consensus’ among independent sage types and zero covid nutters was that opening up once the vulnerable have all been double dosed months ago was reckless you mean?
  9. I suspect they will be binned in hospitality but kept for public transport and shops.
  10. Because the SG don’t want anyone going on holiday
  11. Just booked mine for the exact same date. My 8 weeks is up on Monday 2nd, got an appointment through for 10am on the 9th but the first evening I could get anywhere was the 12th. It seems odd to be to be criticising under under 30s for low take up when we’re not trying to get as many double jabbed as close to 8 weeks as possible. It seems like the under 40s target being missed has as much to do with appointments not being available as people not being arsed.
  12. I suspect she’s referring to things like face masks. Imo she’ll take the Welsh approach of dropping them in hospitality but keeping them in shops and public transport. I’ll be very surprised if there isn’t also some sort of testing requirement for nightclubs.
  13. I suspect the 9th will happen with the proviso that testing is mandatory for things like nightclubs
  14. I don’t think many of the players will have had 2 doses yet given the age range
  15. You can’t imagine the game will go ahead if the isolation period doesn’t end until Saturday. I hope for our sake it doesn’t.
  16. I’d imagine that KK wasn’t involved in the retail operation as it was not his job to do so and I’d guess he knows very little about that area. There have been a number of individuals brought in to manage the retail side while he’s been in post- the owner of Sisters was closely involved for a time if I remember directly. Clearly retail hasn’t been up to scratch for a long time now- and hopefully the new partnership with Greaves will sort it out. But not everything is some grand conspiracy- I don’t believe KK somehow sabotaged the retail operation due to not earning commission from it and I don’t believe the club made up a fake friendly against Arbroath.
  17. It doesn’t look good at all for us atm- we’ve had very few games as it is over pre-season, now we’ve got even fewer. You also don’t fancy us going up to Cove having not trained for 10 days.
  18. Personally I thought he never really stood out for good or bad reasons. He clearly wasn’t fit in the latter part of the season.
  19. Tbh I think these 3 youngsters are purely ones for the future and I’d be surprised if any play a big role in the first team this season. It makes sense to get them in on full time terms so they can develop better. It seems like we are saving the rest of our budget for the loan market and especially a striker.
  20. Seems like the SG have attempted to ban fans from care homes on covid prevention grounds, before doing a u-turn. https://news.stv.tv/east-central/ban-on-electric-fans-in-scottish-care-homes-reversed?top
  21. I think the vast majority of employers will take a flexible approach and discuss with employees. Tbh I think people do want much more flexibility, but I’m not sure most want to WFH 5 days a week every week (I certainly don’t).
  22. Independent sage are on a different planet. Pagel who’s never out of the media is now calling for indoor mixing to be banned. And she’s putting herself into lockdown.
  23. Dixon was one of our best players yesterday and didn’t put a foot wrong imo
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