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  1. Apparently Finlay Malcolm has been released by the club. Strange signing in the first place but odd that Mcglynn doesn’t want a look at him.
  2. With the budget tight next season, it may be that Mcglynn is happy to go with Martin as first choice and then Doyle as both back up and goalkeeping coach. I’m not saying that’s the right approach but it may be his thinking.
  3. I wouldn’t say Kabia didn’t work out. He did pretty well before his injury. I’d happily have him back best season.
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if McCann is moved on in the summer. He’s not the style of player Mcglynn seems to favour at all.
  5. Glad to see the release list out quickly. Good riddance to those imposters. Telfer is the only one I’d have kept- j inconsistent yes but I think we’ll struggle to replace him with the same quality. He’ll do well in the championship next season Imo.
  6. Not for me- we won’t be near the play offs with only 6 signings in what will be a tougher league next season. We’re short of quality in virtually every position.
  7. Not really- I think most people could have said in January that spending £1500 a week on a player who is not fit and who hasn’t contributed much elsewhere recently wasn’t the best use of funds when there were still huge weaknesses elsewhere in the squad.
  8. Got to be one of our worst signings in a long time on a value for money basis. £1500 a week down the drain (and off next season’s already limited budget) for basically zero contribution. Absolutely crazy decision to sanction the signing.
  9. Sounds like at least 2 of our sponsors off to QP with KK. I’m sure today’s match sponsors Fanatikool and Farmer Autocare have both sponsored Falkirk in the past.
  10. A 7th place finish would really sum up just how poor Rennie has been. How he’s managed to bring in 7 players and actually take us backwards is mind blowing. I suspect there’ll rightly be a touch of schadenfreude on Brian Rice’s face this evening.
  11. Not for me- he can’t cope with Quitongo at all
  12. He didn’t win the league with Raith. He was awarded the league title based on an arbitrary point in time.
  13. Mcglynn is a total dinosaur imo. We won’t be going up next season if that is the standard of appointment.
  14. To me he needs to focus on one role or the other. A CEO shouldn’t be involved in the minutiae of youth development- apparently he’s even been coaching. His whole background is in youth development so I’m not surprised he’s trying to get involved in that. It was always going to be very difficult for him to effectively replace Kieran’s commercial role with no sales experience.
  15. I get the impression the club are almost trying to quietly wind down the youth set up. No permanent head of youth, a team being closed, youth scouts all resigning, no pathway to the first team, promising youngsters having to go elsewhere. Seems to have been a bit chaotic since Jamie Swinney was put in charge of it.
  16. Interestingly Mckinnon’s evidence was “not sufficiently credible to rely upon”
  17. So it was Hartley’s idea to get in an English scout and Hartley’s idea to sign a bunch of English players he hadn’t seen on the recommendation of their agent, but somehow not his idea to sign players from down south? I really don’t understand some peoples desire to re write history wrt Hartley. He is a significant part of the reason why we are where we are imo.
  18. I get that managers are responsible for signing players (as they should be) but surely the bod would’ve had to approve the wage he was offered. £1500 a week (at minimum) will be well above what we’ve offered players probably since we were in the premier league. I remember Peter Houston saying he couldn’t offer signings £1000 a week. So the decision to pay that wage to Griffiths will have been a board one.
  19. Yet the board seemingly thought it a more effective use of funds to throw £1500 a week (if not more) on Leigh Griffiths than pay buttons to tie down these talented youth prospects.
  20. This. The guy has started 5 league games alongside McKay and/or Hall. Some of which he’s been poor and some he’s looked promising (away at Airdrie for one). Which is not surprising for an 18 year old, particularly when Sheerin had him in and out of the team randomly, which won’t have helped him build confidence or consistency. How anyone could have him in their worst ever team after all the charlatans we’ve had over the last 5 years, I don’t know.
  21. Telfer will be playing at a higher level next season Imo, unlike most of the squad.
  22. I see there are now reports that all academy players have been told they can go elsewhere next season, and 3 promising under 18s will be leaving as there’s no pathway to the first team. Sounds like the bod are planning to close the whole thing down.
  23. Interfering in the youth development system by the sounds of it
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