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  1. Really good episode of Falkirk Daft this week. Some much needed brutal honesty about Saturday’s performance and scrutiny of the board as well.
  2. This. It really is bizarre the gymnastics some people are performing to try and defend poor performances. It reminds me of when people were proclaiming that ‘Don Hartley’’s signings would come good on the basis they had sleeve tattoos.
  3. Rightly or wrongly, McCann will not be here at the end of August imo
  4. Not for me- Telfer contributed more than Nesbitt and Hetherington combined. I was all for replacing him with someone more consistent but getting rid of him is becoming more baffling by the week as Nesbitt and co continue to start and stink the place out.
  5. I agree in normal circumstances but Griffiths was paid a far higher wage than we’d normally offer- probably the highest since we were in the premier league. I’d be absolutely astonished if the board did not approve making those resources available.
  6. I have no idea but presumably it’s not cost free. £1 would be too much imo with the state of the first team.
  7. For me you can add to that the money spent on renting a training ground and bringing in youngsters. Both nice to haves but shouldn’t have been priorities with the state of the first team Imo.
  8. It wasn’t a freak result- we are shite. Airdrie weren’t the same team as last season yet managed to stick 4 past us with ease. It wasn’t out of the blue either- we’ve had 1 good performance this season against Hibs and have been poor in the rest.
  9. We were told by the club at the time that many of the previous clear outs were in fact cash neutral as other clubs agreed to take contracted players and their wages were then used to bring in others. I have no idea to what extent Mcglynn has tried to move on some of those under contract. But to have only managed to get rid of our third choice goalkeeper from last season is not good enough and explains why we’re struggling.
  10. Last season’s sixth place finish could turn out to be a high point if those four are allowed to continue in midfield. If we have any intention of doing anything this season, they have to be moved on and replaced with better quality. Who will take them I don’t know but previous managers have managed to offload poor players over the last few years (although they then replaced them with even worse in many cases).
  11. He sounded totally done in to me. That interview could have come from any one of the last few managers.
  12. We actually have worse options upfront this season imo. Kabia was a better player than anything we now have.
  13. Neither of them make any sort of contribution at all to be honest
  14. Clearly Mcglynn and the board have thought/hoped that bringing in some better quality at the back would be enough to pick up some points. But in reality you can’t retain so many players in the starting 11 from a team that’s just finished sixth in league 1 and expect to win games. Nesbitt and do have already cost 2 managers their jobs and they could well do the same to a third imo unless they are moved on.
  15. Difficult to judge in the circumstances. They look better than the alternatives but very raw for me. They seem like decent enough options but not really guys you’d want to be relying on to start every week.
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