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  1. I see there’s a ‘broadcaster on William Hill radio’ (whatever that is) claiming that the auditors have refused to sign off the club’s accounts as a going concern
  2. You can’t imagine prices will be kept the same for 10 years though, so the loss will be greater in future seasons.
  3. The one disadvantage I do see is that you’ll potentially be losing near enough £10k a season in future revenue unless whoever buys these tickets chooses to buy a season as normal on top. Not hugely material though in the grand scheme of things.
  4. Clearly it is effectively a donation scheme with the bonus that you’ll get most of it back with the 10 season tickets at let’s say £350 a season plus the other extras. I don’t see a huge demand for it but if people have that money to spare I don’t see the issue.
  5. But surely if your best penalty taker is on the pitch when a penalty is awarded, it makes sense for them to take it? Let’s say under your argument Coll Donaldson is appointed ‘designated penalty taker’ but Gary Oliver (who I personally wouldn’t have starting) never misses a penalty. In a scenario where Oliver comes on as a sub and we get a penalty, why would we not want our best penalty taker taking penalties?
  6. Why? I certainly wouldn’t have Oliver as a guaranteed starter but if the manager feels he’s the best penalty taker in the squad, surely it makes sense to have him taking then when he’s on the pitch? Not sure why you’d want to make someone a penalty taker purely on the basis that they’re a guaranteed starter if that’s not a strength of theirs.
  7. In my view it would be no bad thing having someone on the board with a different perspective. If MR and SA are effectively being asked to save the club from shutting the doors by putting in significant sums, they have every right to be represented on the board.
  8. Yep- unprofessional methods like bringing in millions of pounds of commercial revenue to the club. No loss to the club my arse.
  9. My understanding is that a good number of the companies with advertising boards were providing other services to the club in return, so it wasn’t a case of them not paying.
  10. Personally one of the biggest things I took away from that podcast was how damaging the loss of Kieran Koszary (our previous commercial director) was in terms of loss of income. Some of his ideas weren’t the most popular but to me almost anything is worth it to make more resources available for the first team. It was absolutely scandalous in my view for the previous board to give such an important role to a fan favourite with no sales experience at all.
  11. That’s not true results or points wise actually- season 20/21 we had 31 points after 16 games, we currently have 28 points after 16 games. I do agree recruitment has been much better and we have played well in a good number of games, but for me considerably better is a bit of a stretch.
  12. The back the bairns group is what I was referring to as being mentioned in the book- I couldn’t recall the exact names of the different groups that have existed over the years.
  13. If you read Martin Ritchie’s book he is very critical of the way the group headed by Kenny Jamieson at the same time as the Mark Campbell bid conducted themselves. That is the group I was referring to. I believe many of those involved in that bid are now patrons, if not on the bod. The fact is MR and SA were considered persona non grata not long ago (rightly in some eyes) yet we now have the same individuals who publicly slated then for years having to go cap in hand looking for cash.
  14. The bod seem quite happy if not desperate to take money from MR and SA so if I was in their shoes I think it would be fair to expect some sort of representation in return
  15. Exactly- you can understand why MR and SA would be sceptical when people who’ve publicly slated you for years then turn up cap in hand asking for hundreds of thousands of pounds. Personally in their position I’d be looking for the right to nominate at least one director in return. That may be no bad thing mind you wrt a better balanced board.
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