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  1. Predictions for how many times she mentions ‘long covid’ ? I’m going for 3.
  2. Don’t know anything about Seb Ross but will give us another option in attacking areas. I can see he didn’t play a huge amount for Cove last season. I’d rather we weren’t handing out 2 year deals like confetti but will wait to see how he does.
  3. I’d hope the target to lift all restrictions woo be much earlier than September 13th as otherwise it won’t be happening. September you’ve got schools just back, unis just back, more indoor socialising and heading into autumn so cases will naturally rise.
  4. There’s no evidence that many of these ‘long covid sufferers’ have ever actually had covid. Even if they have, there’s absolutely no evidence that their current symptoms are caused by it. A study in children actually showed that kids who have had covid have a lower rate of these ‘symptoms’ than the general population.
  5. But doom monger Deepti says that thousands will ‘possibly be left with debilitating neurological illness’ if we stop focusing on case numbers.
  6. How fucking dare people enjoy themselves at a FOOTBALL MATCH. Don’t they know people have DIED? Fun needs to be banned permanently to PROTECT THE NHS and SAVE LIVES.
  7. But I think you’ll find that we just don’t know and there’s also a risk of variants and ehh, long covid.
  8. The development team will be part time so I’d assume they’d be training in the evenings rather than with the first team.
  9. Tbh if the hospital figures stay as they are, there’s no justification for not just binning the levels pish on July 19th and getting everything open. That way there’s also plenty of time until schools and unis go back and people will still be socialising outdoors more.
  10. Doom monger Deepti will be absolutely fuming.
  11. Personally I’d be looking to move Dowds on if he’s still under contract. He did very little last season to show he’s good enough for full time football.
  12. This for me is a perfect example of what proudtobeabairn was saying earlier. Fans have complained about the academy being scrapped ever since it happened and rightly wanted a youth development program reintroduced. Yet now that the bod and Rawlins have done exactly that it’s suddenly a waste of money.
  13. If anything it just shows that harsher/more restrictions doesn’t = less cases. Scotland has and has had tougher restrictions than England (even now with things like pub curfews and no large events trials) yet here we are with by far the highest case rate in Europe. Tbh it’s a very odd situation given the success of our vaccine rollout.
  14. Tbh I think until this fans group come out and tell the supporters who they are, what their proposals were and what conditions they set, the rest of us who aren’t family or friends of those involved can’t make a fair judgement. Atm this hero worship narrative about fans coming to rescue us from Chesty Morgan and Phil ‘from America’ purely out of the goodness of their hearts is wearing thin. For one thing, I highly doubt that individuals putting in £50k each would not want to seem a return on their investment. I’d also like to see the Rawlins come out and say what their plans now are to take the club forward.
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