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  1. Ultimately we can’t afford to spend yet another season in league 1 so he’ll be gone before the end of October if we don’t start winning games.
  2. For me changing the manager wouldn’t make much difference as the fundamental issue is that the squad is well short of the quality required. Other than a handful of players you wouldn’t be upset if the lot of them were shown the door tomorrow. Season after season we manage to replace bad players with even worse ones. Holt isn’t the man to change that going by the standard of signings so far. Having said that, Sheerin does bear responsibility for his stubbornness. What Krasniqi has to do to get a game I don’t know and I can’t understand why Lemon seems to have vanished as he looked a good prospect when he played.
  3. With Morrison out, Nesbitt and Telfer are the only players who’re going to create anything (Mcdaid may offer something as well). Mcguffie is bang average at best, Ompreon and Weekes raw at best and McCann hasn’t been anything like the attacking full back we were promised. We therefore need those two where they’re most effective. Telfer can be a real creator and goal threat but he won’t do it from just in front of the centre halves.
  4. Our biggest issue yesterday was that despite dominating possession we didn’t do anything with it. I’m not sure that having 3 centre halves not contributing in an attacking sense instead of 2 would fix that. It would also mean Mcdaid who i think can be an asset in this league can’t play.
  5. Ultimately we just don’t have enough quality in the squad which is why we’re not winning games. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the summer signings- thought I was wrong after our first few games but the majority are clearly just bang average at best. I don’t know what Holt is doing in his role if he can’t find players who can win games in league 1. Having said that, Sheerin isn’t making the best of what he has either imo. Telfer was excellent when he got the chance today but is wasted in front of the back 4 and his substitutions are baffling at times.
  6. The problem with a 3-5-2 is that you’ve got 3 players not contributing anything to the attack. That would be totally pointless imo in this league when most teams will park 10 men behind the ball against us.
  7. Telfer is a man down out wide unfortunately- he was hopeless there under McKinnon and M and M. I’d go with Mutch Miller McKay Dixon Mccann Krasniqi Mcguffie Telfer Nesbitt Weekes Ruth
  8. But what you’re forgetting is that masks and vaccine passports are in place to ‘keep people safe’ and NS makes no apologies for that. Which explains why our case rates are so much lower than England whose policy is a ‘threat to the world’ according to independent sage. Oh wait…
  9. Nowhere near good enough from us today. Toothless in attack and very shaky at the back. I thought signings like Mcguffie and Ross were no more than bang average and they have done little to disprove that. Another issue is our total lack of options to change games. With all due respect, players like Ompreon and Wilson are not going to do much from the bench.
  10. Just not good enough from us so far. Mcguffie, Ross and Ruth anonymous, Nesbitt wasted out wide and Telfer far too deep. The defence all at sea as well.
  11. How can the main aim of the scheme be to reduce transmission while at the same they are not planning to allow proof of a negative test to allow entry? I’d wager that someone who has had a negative LFT test is a lot less likely to transmit the virus than someone who is vaccinated.
  12. It’s in the SNP constitution that members are not allowed to publicly disagree with or criticise the party. So any dissenters would basically be for the high jump.
  13. I actually hadn’t realised that Alloa were charging £18 for PPV- that has to be the most expensive yet. I won’t be paying it and I suspect many others won’t either.
  14. I strongly suspect Sheerin’s references to his versatility mean Ruth will be playing out wide.
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