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  1. Clearly there has been a huge improvement this season compared to last in the league. John Mcglynn has also done a great job in getting us to a Scottish cup semi final. However, I also don’t think being 9 points behind Dunfermline (largely due to our patchy pre-Christmas form imo) in mid March is good enough considering the number of new additions he has been able to bring in.
  2. I have no agenda of any sort. The previous regime had run its course and received well deserved criticism at times. However, I don’t believe the new board should be immune from comment or challenge, as some seem to think. Of course there have been improvements. However, in the absence of directors able to provide soft loans, we are now facing £400k cut to the playing budget. I suspect I am not the only one who feels we are very unlikely to be able to raise that from the FSS and Falkirk Forever. I therefore don’t agree with the opposition to seeking external investment.
  3. It’s all about communication for me. Personally I’m not convinced saying to fans “stump up more or we’ll cut £400k from the playing budget” is the best way to encourage sign ups. In my view, we have quite a serious issue if a competitive championship budget is outwith our means without extra donations given the size and loyalty of the fanbase we have. Particularly as the stadium costs are not the problem. Ultimately the aim has to be to grow the club’s commercial and transfer income to a level where ordinary operating costs can be funded without extra donations and that income can be used to increase the playing budget/fund an academy or whatever. Personally I also disagree with the opposition to having external investment as a part of the ownership mix. It’s going to be very difficult to raise £400k from supporter donations as it currently stands so it’s looking like huge cuts to the playing squad if the board are totally closed to external investment.
  4. I’d hope we could get 12-13000 with the right marketing and everyone trying to encourage as many family/friends along as possible. Inverness will hopefully have another 4 or 5000.
  5. I’d expect us to take more against Inverness. Hopefully 10-12k.
  6. I hope we can get a good turnout for the semi final. I don’t think we took many against Hibs in 2015 if I remember right. Hopefully 10-12,000 is achievable.
  7. Fantastic second half performance and we deserve to be in the semi final. Weight didn’t work up front but thankfully we had the depth to make changes. A huge financial boost to the club and hopefully puts to bed the talk of £400k of cuts to the playing budget next season.
  8. Have to say starting Wright seems a bonkers decision to me in such a crucial game but hope I’m proved wrong.
  9. Personally I’d far rather have our imposing main stand than the Lego domes that the likes of Livingston and St Mirren have gone for
  10. Imo the atmosphere at TFS can be great for the right game and occasion- just look at the Hibs play off semi. I also think TFS has helped to attract much more diverse crowds than was the case at brockville.
  11. Clearly a hugely disappointing result and performance last night but in my view the league was lost before Christmas. We had won less than half of our league games at that stage, which made the rest of the season an uphill struggle. Imo we were too late in moving on some of the deadwood. In any event, playoffs it is and personally I’m not confident that a number of players won’t disappear if we face a battle.
  12. Personally I’d be reluctant to see the free kids tickets go as the benefit presumably hugely outweighs the cost over the long term. I do agree they opening the north stand for less than 100 people in many cases is a waste of money and should be stopped.
  13. I don’t disagree but launching a competing scheme and whacking up ticket prices seems a strange way of increasing FSS numbers. The latter has the potential to decrease membership depending on the scale of the increases. In my view you need to look at how to make the FSS more attractive rather than directing more of people’s money elsewhere. The price draws are a great initiative- we should be looking to build on these. The political objections to a share save scheme also need to go imo.
  14. So in your view it was wrong for previous fans groups to criticise previous boards when fans had representation on those boards for large spells?
  15. I understand there were comparisons made to how many members other fans groups have without the context that many of these members pay lower contributions than FSS. Another example would be the decisions to launch a competing fundraising scheme and increase ticket prices- I can’t see either of these helping to boost FSS numbers, so did the FSS support these? In my view the FSS should not just be there to support the patrons at all times- there should be challenge when necessary.
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