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  1. Seems like it- it’s definitely the first time they’ve talked about the benefits of allowing people to go into the office
  2. Which is exactly how it should be tbh. It should be for individual employers and employees to work out what works for both parties on an individual basis rather than diktats from the SG.
  3. There’s a bounce game against Dunfermline today apparently
  4. Would be good alongside a new DM then to allow Telfer to play in behind the strikers.
  5. Murray would be a good option for us to have upfront imo. Certainly an upgrade on Keena. Connell would be an excellent signing on paper but I’m not sure we really need another playmaker as such. I’d take him as a replacement for Nesbitt/Morrison though.
  6. An upgrade on Miller definitely needed but I’d be astonished if we could do better than Telfer in this league. He’ll be in the championship next season whether we go up or not imo.
  7. Wilson won’t be going anywhere unless it’s back to Elgin or outside Scotland as he can’t play for a third SPFL club this season.
  8. I suspect the testing will be kept in place in Scotland ‘for now’.
  9. I’d be astonished if Rennie wasn’t looking for another striker of better quality with the wages freed up by Keena. I just hope it’s not the name that’s been discussed previously.
  10. I’d presume Rennie is well aware of that and the wages saved from Keena will be used to bring better quality in
  11. I’d presume Rennie will have a replacement already lined if he’s sanctioned the move tbh
  12. Excellent news to free up wages for me as long as we can get an experienced replacement in, which I’m sure Rennie will be aiming to do.
  13. It would be a no brainer for me if we could get an experienced striker in as opposed to a guy who at best contributes the odd good set piece. I don’t get the love in from some at all- he generally contributes absolutely nothing. I suspect he was taken off yesterday as he wasn’t involved in play at all rather than injury.
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