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  1. Yes, true one big win does swing it a bit. Interesting to know that Ross County were top of the Scottish Premiership. Not quite sure how St Mirren have stayed negative! I suppose this is a good way to look back and see which bigger sides really underperformed. In this case, Celtic...
  2. I had to torrent them to watch, although some are available on YouTube.
  3. MOST PROFITABLE Cadiz Granada Leicester LEAST PROFITABLE Parma Torino Valladolid This post ranks how profitable each team in the top 5 European leagues are if you were place a 1 point stake on them in every match: https://bitedge.com/blog/most-profitable-soccer-teams-to-bet-on-2021/ Interestingly, if you backed a draw in every German Bundesliga match last season you'd end up over 19 points up. Whereas, backing the draw in the Premier League and Ligue 1 would leave you 48 and 33 points down respectively. A lot of the bigger teams don't allow for much profit across the season, which I guess shows the value of value! Finding underdogs which will win is a much better strategy than backing a team like Liverpool (5 points down), Man City (0.9 points down) or PSG (3 points down). Anyone manage to back Granada to beat Barcelona at 20.98?!
  4. I haven't watched this one, but agree the series is really well done. Sonicsgate was my favourite from the ones I have watched. It shows how the Seattle SuperSonics came under new ownership and were pushed towards a move to Oklahoma City. The legal battle and fan reaction (and sheer audacity of the owners) makes it a thriller. Anything with behind-the-scenes style footage always looks good to me! Brian Clough was a hero on so many levels - the stories about him are always hilarious. The Damned United was brilliant - I thought Michael Sheen played him superbly (although I do realise this is a film and not a documentary).
  5. Brilliant thanks, will add these to my list. Yes, the ESPN ones on the list in the original post are all really enjoyable. The 30 for 30 series they put together really delivered some great content, which I would recommend if you haven't already seen. There's a lot of American sport stories, but knowing little about these sports meant I didn't know the ending (in some cases) and was gripped.
  6. I take your point, but these players are multi-millionaires. They will surely have some integrity (at least some of them) and see how bad this is for football. The ESL not allowing them to play international football is also a breach of contract from the club's side (as per the Athletic article below), so effectively allows the players to walk away should it happen. Not for a minute saying "I think the players will strike" but you can see the direction it's heading.
  7. If the players went against playing the ESL I feel like someone somewhere would have to take notice. Isn't the whole premise of this thing that the best players, the best teams, the best stadiums are all there? If the players don't back it and won't play the ESL falls down.
  8. I came across this list of sporting documentaries and thought it was worth posting here - https://bitedge.com/blog/best-sports-documentaries/ A few corkers in there, especially Senna and Salute which are well worth a watch if you have the time. Surprised they missed out Four Year Plan (the QPR behind-the-scenes one) and Diego Maradona. Any others you'd add to this? Really enjoyed watching these and would love to continue with more high quality sports docs!
  9. I'm genuinely convinced he does this. The way he acted towards the end of his second reign at Chelsea - think they were bottom half around Xmas time - and towards the end of his Man Utd time. It's like he's trying to get sacked. He just says all the wrong things and loses the dressing room. Works every time to be fair.
  10. Would love to be a fly on the wall for this meeting. Good on Henderson for taking the initiative, hopefully it pays off and we'll can this shocking idea once and for all.
  11. Just signed up and posting for the first time. Look forward to some interesting debates in here.
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