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  1. Hilarious Cones pish in the Falkirk Herald. Holy f**k min. we had a ten minute spell after we went two up top, https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/paul-sheerin-ill-take-full-responsibility-no-matter-the-outcome-3482647%3famp
  2. We'll invite applications, get some interesting ones, then try and tap up a manager who didn't apply or approach Neil McCann again to be rebuffed publicly.
  3. This isn't true, as another poster said. There's no way for example that Ruth or Seb Ross were Holt signings. As well as being a diabolical bad coach and manager Sheerin's eye for a player is rancid.
  4. I'm in this camp too. Holt's a catastrophe but that's him, not the role necessarily. Ambivalent about whether we keep it, as long as it isn't Holt.
  5. Spot on. We have a manager who was begging to be sacked for several weeks. Bizarre interviews, admissions that he wasnt up to the job. Did someone not claim the board clowns genuinely thought we were still going to win the league even at the Q&A point??
  6. Yeah, not having that this squad can get in the playoffs. We need 5 or 6 in.. depends if it's worth trying that in Jan or waiting til summer.
  7. Fans are partly responsible there. There were still people backing him even during the week. I bet there's still plenty not wanting him sacked tonight. Our fans are largely clueless morons.
  8. I wouldn't rule out a real manager taking this squad with some January changes to the playoffs.
  9. But it's not usually a full board activity. One or at most 2 members will lead the recruitment I'd have said
  10. f**k off.. go directly to f**k off.. keep fucking off...
  11. Happy to admit I didn't have a problem with Holt coming in. Sheerin however I sussed from Day One was a stinking appointment.
  12. Guess the immediate question is with Holt and Sheerin gone who leads the recruitment process to select the new manager? Never been a more critical time to get that right.
  13. It's still worth incidentally trying to pay off this entire squad in January and bringing in a new one. This league is so bad the playoffs are still possible with a real manager and a new squad.
  14. Yep.. it isn't about today. I genuinely believe that. It's about 16th October.. when we were bodied by Airdrie. That's the point when Sheerin should have been sacked. Every fixture after that point has been a complete and utter waste of an opportunity.
  15. Whilst the scoreline is of course shameful, is anyone really that surprised? I thought it would be 3 or 4.
  16. Only other candidate is that Clyde defeat and that was a higher division.
  17. It's absolutely shameful dereliction of duty that Sheerin wasn't sacked in October. Every single member of the board is culpable.
  18. The most annoying thing about this is that the fans have known for months Sheerin was an utter diddy. Months .
  19. We know Cones is the worst manager in our long history, but is he the worst ever manager in League One history? Got to be possible
  20. 'Paul, it's always tough coming to places like this.. but after the 5th goal went in, I thought we were unlucky not to get a consolation'
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