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  1. Calumn Morrison needs a performance soon. He's been absolute pish and fast heading for the GTF door.
  2. Part of our recruitment process should involve questions like :- 'Have you watched or ever had a desire to participate in Love Island?'
  3. That's why I'm so intrigued to see him now. He was fucking rancid with us.
  4. It would be really easy for Dowds to effectively down tools on his return. If he's seriously pissed off we've brought him back, which I'd understand given how shabbily he was treated by Holt. Hope not but I'd feel fucking furious to be dragged out of a top Championship team and made to play with Brad McKay and Hetherington.
  5. Just noticed he plays for Cascadia at international level. Wild. Sounds like a 1984 continent.
  6. Was hoping we'd have managed to pay off Brad McKay by now. I'd rather start a game with 10 men than ever see him again.
  7. Bizarre reconciling the Dowds we saw with the one pissing all over the Championship. Genuinely intrigued to see his play again.
  8. Confused by this too. Either his loan deal was up or it wasn't. What the f**k did that have to do with Arbroath. I can't imagine if they'd had an option to extend that they wouldn't have triggered it given how well he's done there.
  9. From the Facebook page and other sources sadly I think the decent fans who are horrified by the thought of signing Goodwillie are in the minority. Fucking depressing from a societal point of view In some ways Scotland is rightly seen as progressive, particularly in a UK context, but when you scratch the surface we're not really.
  10. I think we'd need to offer stupid money to get Lafferty. Even at this stage of his career he'll be looking for 2K a week...
  11. I had an American pal come over a few years back. We were walking through Stirling and he asked what the number (1123 or something) was on the house wall. I said 'it's been there since 1123' and he just looked stunned. Forget sometimes how old Scotland is as a real country with actual institutions.
  12. The only natural move he'd have from Clyde would be Livingston
  13. Don't want to go all Maude Flanders here but the fact so many of our fans think this would be good, shows just how far we have to go with the 'Educate Your Sons' movement and at least try to curb the scandalous level of violence against women in society.
  14. I'm not ITK in any way but would be astonished if we signed someone with that baggage. It does sound like Internet pish.
  15. It's not entirely irrelevant. There's many fans who wouldn't attend games if he signs. And that could be for what...3 years. So are you going to continue to pay FSS monthly if you can't/won't attend games. Maybe, but it's harder for people to justify I think.
  16. Surely to f**k we wouldn't be insane enough to sign Goodwillie? That might be a worse call than appointing Holt and Sheerin combined
  17. Halle Berry Fucking Looyah Well done new board...
  18. Correct. Jefferies and Brown both did stupid miles driving to England midweeks to watch reserve football. We got several of our best players from them going to watch someone else and seeing the guy they signed instead- I'm sure Neil Duffy was just such an example. Possibly Cadette too. That's by far the best way to build a squad. There's no fucking way Holt travels beyond his patio to watch a player. It's hard work but it's not that complicated to sign much much better than the fucking shite that's in this squad.
  19. The concern is if anyone in charge thinks tinkering around with 1/2 signings will get the job done.. At least 7 of this current side cannot start another game post window.
  20. I don't believe we'd currently beat The Shire. Genuinely.
  21. I get what you tell trying to say but it only makes sense if those on the board already know the names are a significant step up in quality. I'm not sure how we can have scouted and had in place a number of names for Jan though as we didn't know we had the Patreon money to spend until very recently.
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