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  1. 25 minutes ago, Russ said:

    See if we’re needing a goal late on what the f**k are we supposed to do with attacking options of ‘Jaime’ Wilson and Sammy Ompreon?

    I'm so disillusioned with this lot I'm scarily close to thinking Ompreon must be worth a start (not Wilson obviously..I'm not completely insane)

  2. I think as well as the really good points already made there's still a trust issue to be established with the board. Not this board per se as they're inheriting the sins of their fathers.

    But you could list 20 complete fuckups the boards of the last 10 years have done from incorrectly calling fans racist and threatening,  to blaming them for the dreadful standard of player they recruited, the MacKinnon tap up, Hartley's super scout, allowing vermin to work at the club in various capacities etc etc. 

    The current people have made a really good start.  The more their decisions mirror those of the fans, and the more there's tangible evidence that Patron and FSS membership isnt just tokenism I think the more fans will join and pledge.

  3. 4 hours ago, Harry Kinnear said:

    I agree with this but I also feel that years of bad decisions by the board has really left a lot of fans feeling detached from the club. 

    I will be at my first home game since we got relegated on Saturday but I will be alone. The other 6 people that I used to go with, 3 of whom were ST holders have either lost interest or have found other things to do on a Saturday.  The new board have a lot of work to do to get lapsed fans back and a better product on the park could help with this.

    I also however agree that a lot of families are feeling the pinch financially at the moment and the pending gloom of energy rises, mortgage rates going up etc means they are tightening their belts and maybe just don’t have the cash.

    Think this is a really good point. I used to go with 3 others.. none of them are interested any more.  A couple may come back if we are promoted but I doubt that. 

    It's a long hard road back, and it could take another decade or more to see the top division again. Which is when the real increase in support comes in.

    The right people are in charge finally..be that BoD, FSS or Patrons. Excellent groups of people. 

  4. 30 minutes ago, Back Post Misses said:

    You 100% said Holt and Sheerin put together the best squad in this league. I remember you being mocked for it on various fronts.

    As far a DGW goes I have no idea whether we bid for hiM, the rumours certainly suggest we made some sort of approach but nothing is concrete. I said at the time we should not sign him. The fallout at Raith shows that to be correct. 

    I will allow Martin Rennie to make the call on Griffiths if it is true. At the end of the day if he thinks that Griffiths is worth that money he isn’t doing it without sitting down with him and discussing his situation. He will know much more than you whether he is washed up or not. You have no idea what is in his mind, Rennie will have a much better idea than you. If he signs and he is being paid what is rumoured and he doesn’t contribute then it will be on Rennie head. That is why he is employed. 

    My own views is we should sign him if we can get him and financially it is affordable.

    I can tell you for one that unless we do bring in quality the thick end of Holt and Sheerin’s squad that you thought were the best in the league are going to cost us a hell of a lot more than it would signing Griffiths because we will be in this league next season for sure. Financially disastrous. It will be the second time Holts involvement in a Falkirk will have cost us big time. Now you are talking a complete waste of money! 

    I've seen a few posts where you are still talking up promotion as a realistic possibility.  You can't seriously believe that after this window ?

    The best result for us this season  with this squad is still being in this league next year. I think relegation is massively unlikely but it's more likely than promotion. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Springfield said:

    Shitstorm is a bit of an understatement, FM commenting now, more appropriate would be meltdown. Deservedly so…..

    It's a bit strange though. It's not like Goodwillie has come back from the moon and been signed by Raith. He's been playing for Clyde for 5 years. He's just moved from one shit Scottish club to another. 

  6. This has probably been quite a smart window. 

    We'll avoid relegation now and have shipped out some of the dead wood without hopefully splurging too much patron cash.

    Think the new board have done really well so far. Booted Cones and Holt. Got rid of Ben Hall. Haven't signed any rapists. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Springfield said:

    I’m at the stage of giving Rennie & Miller the gig next season even if we fail to get up this season. 


    If performances don't drastically improve we'd be mad to stick with Rennie. He still has it all to prove. 

    I'd say report card so far is B minus, maybe C plus

  8. 2 hours ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

    We had 5 new players in from Sheerin’s team yesterday if you include Dowds and the reality is there is no improvement. That’s nearly half a new team.

    It doesn’t seem to matter who we sign, there seems to be little passion or fight about them. 

    People who are targeting the play offs are being unrealistic I think - we are not good enough.

    We are in this league for the long haul and the reality is teams like Cove, Airdrie and Montrose are far, far better football teams than us now.

    I'm amazed fans are still targeting promotion. If we avoid relegation that will do for me. 

    We need a huge increase in quality.. recruitment so far looks better but not 'better enough'. We're still at best a mid level League One club. 

  9. Simple fact is that we haven't done nearly enough this window. I get the 'keep money back til this summer and try and gouge survival with this shit ' approach but it's a really hard watch.

    We're just really shite. I think Rennie has done just OK so far. He's a huge step up from Cones but then so would I have been.

  10. 25 minutes ago, Shadwell Dog said:

    No he wasn't. He wasn't absolutely pish at Sunderland or hibs. Got Sunderland to a cup final and the playoff final which they've never been at since. Many Sunderland fans felt he was sacked far too early.  He then took Hibs to 3rd place and two cup finals and I don't think Hibs can really expect much better than that. Certainly wasn't absolutely pish that's for sure.

    Absolutely this. Jack Ross is an excellent manager. I think he'll manage the national side one day.

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