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  1. 41 minutes ago, Back Post Misses said:

    fair play to Rennie for keeping him when it would have been easy to let him stay at Arbroath. 

    Why is Rennie getting credit here? Dowds was clearly better than anything we had, had no choice but to come back, had been scoring goals at a much higher level and was like a free bonus signing. 

    No manager on earth would have turned that down


  2. 7 hours ago, Fed up Bairn said:

    I think they should act now, get someone in to assess the current squad as soon as possible and clears the decks ahead of next season. The coming season is one  in which the club has to go up. We all have our own thoughts on who the Manager should be or who we would like to see at the club but for me I'd go for Jack Ross.....  I see no point in persisting with current experiment till the end of season. What's to be gained from that! 

    Hahahaha... Jack Ross. f**k me man. 

  3. The Rennie appointment always looked bizarre.  I said at the time it looked massively dubious. I could see the sense though..it was something different, he was available,  knew the club and was happy taking a short term contract - plus seemed like a nice enough guy. Could have worked out.

    It's clear though that he has to go at the end of the season. I reckoned a couple of games ago he should get another window but that would be lunacy.

    The new manager search starts from tomorrow. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, Harry Kinnear said:

    This has been an absolute horror show, we are such a poor side. We honestly can’t string two passes together. I’m struggling to see any improvement under Rennie.

    I've been trying to kid myself it's marginally better than under Cones. It really isn't. 

    This is stab yourself in the eyes stuff. We are getting worse each game under Rennie.

  5. 4 hours ago, Tea and Busquets said:

    Anyone who is saying the manager can’t do anything due to the mess he’s been left (or words to that effect) look at Imrie at Morton. Arguably a team heading towards bottom of the league until he came in. Instant results with a bang average squad. 

    Spot on. Its been done 100 times before. I hoped Rennie would have done much better even with this shit squad. 

    Don't blame the board for that gamble though. We needed to get someone in fast, who wanted the job and who might do us a turn. 

    It hasn't worked out so far. Maybe he'll turn it round.

  6. 16 minutes ago, Reggie Perrin said:

    4th is still possible but anyone saying anything better is either drunk or stupid.

    I don't think it is. AGPar gave the stats. To be 4th we'd need to beat a couple of the competent sides. We are nowhere near being capable of that.

    Was surprised how many fans seemed to be impressed by Rennie based on absolutely nothing early on. 

    'I like the way he talks'.. 'he erm went to school here '.. 'He's been to America, and not just Disneyland'

    If he keeps us up and performances show some improvement I'd give him til Christmas but wouldn't shed a tear if he was emptied. We need a lot better than Rennie in charge imo.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Russ said:

    He already is though. He’s not got any idea how to change a game and his refusal to change from this formation and style of play that’s not working at all is both infuriating and baffling.

    I want to like Rennie. But he’s shown nothing so far that suggests a good football manager. Certain players that are undroppable, same boring and slow style of football each week, refusal to change formation and inability to change a game. Could very easily be talking about Sheerin with that list.

    Not only are certain players undroppable but he actually dropped Kabia after looking by far our best player the previous game. Baffling.


  8. 11 hours ago, Back Post Misses said:

    Down to players IMO. Still short in Midfield and needs another striker. His selection did surprise me today but he is watching them train everyday. We are better than we were but still not good enough to be confident we will win every week. 

    We are definitely better than we were. But we're still very far away from even competing at the top of League One.

    Huge summer of recruitment ahead. Not many of this lot will do but I think it's pretty difficult taking over a struggling side mid season, having to do major surgery in January and turn things around.

    I'm not at all convinced Rennie is right for this job but on reflection he should get the summer to bring in players and first half at least of next season to show what he can do with them.

    With the sensible heads in the boardroom now recruitment should be a far more organised affair.

  9. 13 hours ago, Believe The Hype said:

    Sent off for calling someone a liar? I've played football since I was 9 right into my late twenties, I would be shocked if players are getting straight reds for that given what I've heard in my time. Ref was fucking shite today regardless of that incident. 

    They absolutely should get straight reds for calling the lineo a 'fucking liar'. Then the utter spangles might not abuse officials so much. Footballers get away with far too much cuntery. Problem is consistency.. if your a Bigot player you can do what you like.

  10. 11 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

    Aye, he’s not filling me with confidence at all.

    Likewise. Though still retain some faith that he will just about be good enough to nick a couple of Dumbarton type wins and we'll stay up. Then we can boot him in the summer. 

    That's got to be the target. Going to be a brutal as f**k couple of months.

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