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  1. I'd sack the clown tonight. Don't care if no one takes over until the summer.
  2. He really is a fucking imposter. Worse manager than Sheerin.
  3. The fuel bills we're all about to see from April will hit STs hard I think. Falkirk's generally speaking a working class crowd. Not many prawn sandwiches. When there's potentially a couple of grand a year more on household bills people will have to prioritise. I'm fortunate enough not to have to worry about that but I have extended family who are bricking it as they were already seeing income and expenditure getting worryingly close to equal. And with this Tory c***s of a government offering f**k all help I worry for families. Especially old yins.
  4. Yes. He is worse than Sheerin. Maybe he can be a success at a prep school somewhere in New England
  5. I hope that individual is open enough to say 'sorry, this disaster is on me'. I interview 10s of people a year. Competency based answers, showing in depth knowledge of your subject matter, highly qualified within your job role and demonstrable plans for the next 3 months, 6 months and a year. Hope I'm not misquoting you (and I believe you) but this sounds very much like a few people round a table going 'ehhh, whit about Ricey?' Who interviewed both candidates? Were both candidates interviewing? What questions were asked? How was the scoring determined in a fair and reviewable manner? And people might say 'This is football, not some corporate pish, so pipe down' but there's a reason we don't give often very very well paid people jobs on the basis that their pal Shug minds eh them when they both played midfield for Larbert High.
  6. I know this is Wikipedia, so large dose of salt...but still brilliant- 'Rennie attributes much of his coaching success to the leadership and psychological lessons he learned during his career in the corporate world'
  7. Airdrie are a half decent side. Was really impressed with them earlier in the season too. Very competent.
  8. Whoever brought in his mate to be our manager with absolutely no recruitment process followed.. Can you please commit to recusing yourself from all future recruitment of personnel? Thanks
  9. He's just miles out of his depth. Wonder which of the new board are going to hold their hands up and say 'Sorry everyone..I brought him in'
  10. Would be happy if Rennie fucks off back to the US tonight and we appoint Lewis.
  11. Based on absolutely f**k all other than 'he sounds smart '. Does he? Really?
  12. Fucking Rennie man... Given he's actually brought in players.. he's worse than Sheerin. How have we scoured world football and found the only guy worse than Cones?
  13. We shouldn't need to make that choice. You can rebuild and still win this league. I think Murray would get 2 shots at that, if the first season saw a good level of performance and a solid shot at the playoffs. Under Cones and now Rennie we get neither results nor performances. Murray would significantly improve both as he's an actual manager unlike the joker we have in place just now.
  14. Thing is..when do we ever do a proper recruitment process? We either tap someone up from elsewhere, or invite applicants then appoint a boys team coach. I can't believe we don't get applications from real managers for this gig. So why do we never appoint one? Ian Murray would be a brilliant appointment incidentally. Sadly I fear we'll stick with Rennie. Then have to punt him in December.
  15. Yep. Because it's someone's mates that have hired another useless manager they have to polish this turd. We've likely avoided relegation. Great. Now we need an actual manager not this bumbleclown in the summer.
  16. I fail to see anything about Rennie that inspires confidence. We had this pish at the start 'Finally we have the right man for the job', 'Great appointment' etc. That was based on f**k all really but a total 'cross fingers and hope for the best'. I totally got that as Sheerin was such a clown it was hard not to feel optimistic at any other appointment. But at what point does the Emperor's New Clothes pish disappear? Is it that we just keep repeating that Rennie is doing well and hope that no one doesn't buy it? He's clueless.
  17. Based on what exactly? Hartley and McKinnon had far better pedigrees than Rennie for example.
  18. 'Coveted' playoff spot...hmm Very much a mixed bag with that statement. Overall positive with some really welcome updates and some nonsensical turd polishing. Have to think though that if we start next season with Rennie still here we're fucked. Not sure they understand that
  19. Another hilarious performance. Absolutely fucking woeful. How we've taken 4 points from these 2 games is one for Fox Mulder.
  20. Why is Rennie getting credit here? Dowds was clearly better than anything we had, had no choice but to come back, had been scoring goals at a much higher level and was like a free bonus signing. No manager on earth would have turned that down
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