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  1. 25 minutes ago, Shadwell Dog said:

    No he wasn't. He wasn't absolutely pish at Sunderland or hibs. Got Sunderland to a cup final and the playoff final which they've never been at since. Many Sunderland fans felt he was sacked far too early.  He then took Hibs to 3rd place and two cup finals and I don't think Hibs can really expect much better than that. Certainly wasn't absolutely pish that's for sure.

    Absolutely this. Jack Ross is an excellent manager. I think he'll manage the national side one day.

  2. 9 hours ago, Tea and Busquets said:

    The problem wasn’t getting rid of Dowds, it was signing a replacement. Dowds was rank before his stint at Abroath. He looked like someone who couldn’t move IMO. He had the odd good game (V Cove at home that sticks out). I’m hoping we see a different player now. 

    That's why I'm so intrigued to see him now. He was fucking rancid with us.

  3. It would be really easy for Dowds to effectively down tools on his return. If he's seriously pissed off we've brought him back, which I'd understand given how shabbily he was treated by Holt. 

    Hope not but I'd feel fucking furious to be dragged out of a top Championship team and made to play with Brad McKay and Hetherington. 

  4. 7 minutes ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    Nouble hands down best player to ever play for us on my lifetime. Hopefully he can go on and do big things back at Livi boy has something special 

    Just noticed he plays for Cascadia at international level. Wild. Sounds like a 1984 continent.

  5. 15 minutes ago, ilostmyself said:

    Can't believe we thanked Arbroath for making the move happen! Sack the board!

    Confused by this too.  Either his loan deal was up or it wasn't. What the f**k did that have to do with Arbroath. 

    I can't imagine if they'd had an option to extend that they wouldn't have triggered it given how well he's done there. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Empty It said:

    Fair play to the vast majority on here with the condemnation and actions taken to prevent the signing of DG. If you're on the other side have a long hard look at yourself especially the people dismissing his actions, that beast has no place in football or any profession in which he could be viewed as an idol.

    From the Facebook page and other sources sadly I think the decent fans who are horrified by the thought of signing Goodwillie are in the minority.

    Fucking depressing from a societal point of view 

    In some ways Scotland is rightly seen as progressive,  particularly in a UK context, but when you scratch the surface we're not really.

  7. 7 hours ago, Clyde01 said:

    We’ve seen the virtue signalling and posturing all before. The truth is if you do sign DG it will make no significant difference to your attendance. A few will stick to their guns and stop attending, maybe that will be offset by more fans turning up if you can get a winning team on the park. The outrage around the signing will subside as the goals rattle in and DG will score plenty of goals, he’s the best striker outside of the premier league imo. From that perspective I hope you don’t sign him and he stays at Clyde.

    Sadly I think you're right. 

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