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  1. 1 minute ago, BingMcCrosby said:

    I dont think anyones saying that every player in the squad is the best in 30 years. More the overall group. Which I think is quite a well accepted view point. Fair enough if you disagree tho.

    I'm not sure it's true either. Definitely not 30 years. There's a lot of substandard dross in this side.

    The squad we went to France with in 1998 and England with in 1996 were far superior imo. 

    I think the 2007 ish squad was better too. Probably fair to say this lot is the best in the last 15 years though, low though that bar is.


  2. On 11/06/2022 at 10:44, Kevin James Left Knee said:

    The only stat in football that is overwhelmingly true is the total salary spend on players by clubs. The correlation between that and success is incredible and is true in EVERY league. You might find outliers but that will always return to the true.


    It is still the case that the last time we were promoted from any league (the Championship) it was by spending more than our competitors.

    It is possible to go up/win leagues without that being the case but you are very much up against it from the start and are relying on a lot of luck.


  3. I was anti Clarke after/during the Euros but reckon he should stay now. 

    I think we're desperately short in a few key positions so not sure binning him now will help much. 

    If we just had one quality forward...

  4. 2 minutes ago, Binos said:

    They're average mate

    No amount of pretending will make it otherwise 

    I agree. Think Wales, who are also bang average, will beat them.

    Bet you Bale doesn't miss that shooting on sight against that horror show of a keeper is a good idea.

  5. Just now, KnightswoodVanBear said:

    Was that the blonde headed boy?  I think it was him that played that outside of the foot pass through the middle of our defense that McGregor just got back in time to nick off the strikers towe.  He looked excellent.

    That's him. Every time he got the ball he waltzed past a couple and kept the ball. Looked a total baller

  6. 1 minute ago, forameus said:

    Half time they did the usual man of the match stuff, then offered you a vote for "lion of the match" which was the best Ukrainian player. Think all votes proceeds went to charity but still, its a fucking important game, and a lot of people seemed to forget that in the run up.

    Know who didn't forget it? Ukraine.


    That is peak Scotland fannery. f**k me.

  7. 6 hours ago, forameus said:

    while we're 1-0 down and struggling, being asked to vote for "lion of the match" from the opposition, who are about to put you out the world cup. 


    Wait...what the f**k was this????

  8. 11 minutes ago, virginton said:

    Ukraine were not good defensively, which is why Scotland got a comedy goal to keep them in a match they should have been sworded in. 

    The goalkeeper was comically poor.

    Of course we troubled him not at all bar the goal and McGrim's comedy miss.

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