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  1. Today's been brilliant. Gets that Sevconian fucker out of the club.
  2. You would imagine we have to bring in someone at least remotely competent but we can't be confident that's the case. I assumed after Cones that it was impossible to downgrade but the new board managed it somehow Surely this time they actually appoint a real football manager.
  3. I've interviewed plenty of people. But it's not really comparable to football management. I'm not sure Rennie was lauded by the majority when he arrived. Some fans bizarrely decided on Day One he was a great appointment, but I think most were pretty dubious. In a 'real' job situation no one generally knows what you've done, other than a CV and your answer to some scenario based interview questions. I dont think that would be that helpful recruiting a Falkirk manager. How would someone like Dick Campbell, or Hughes, who are excellent managers interview? 'Can you tell me about a situation where..?' 'Ah'm fae Leef' It's probably always going to be gut feel. My gut feel was that Rennie was a bad appointment (think I said that on here). Yes, he wasn't Largs mafia but he sounded clueless and we were prising him from college women's football. Looked a huge gamble. Doesn't know the league. No pedigree here. And has proven to be miles out of his depth. As was always quite likely. We keep appointing bad managers. Some are unlucky (like Hartley which looked an excellent appointment). Some like Rennie and Sheerin are far more predictably bad. It's always a gamble but you can de-risk that by picking someone plausibly good.
  4. Did these candidates apply for the role? How did that process work? How specifically did Martin Rennie appear in a shortlist of 2?
  5. How many does it take to sack the clown? Still 8?
  6. Also when the f**k did Lewis become part of this clowns propaganda machine? I get that we're not going to get any insightful questions from Falkirk TV but that opening one can get so far into the fucking sea.
  7. Worst decision ever. In our history. And this is a club that appointed John Lambie and Eamonn Bannon. I'd far rather watch the Bannon side, including Sabatino De Massis. He'd be a certain starter in this squad.
  8. The new board keeping Rennie for next season would be in its way a magnificent send off to so many fans. Ease that transition to Saturday shopping with the missus and golf. It would be the worst decision any board of ours has ever made in terms of personnel though. Worse than appointing May. Worse than keeping Pressley on. Worse than tapping McKinnon. That's how bad Rennie is.
  9. Be very happy with him. Will have good contacts around the game at this level still.
  10. Looking forward to this week's mental gymnastics that the Rennie apologists have in store. Will be great
  11. Indeed. Just like Luke Holt happened to be the best goalkeeping prospect we could snare from that big open market.
  12. 7/2 at the bookies at home to Cove Rangers. What a fucking embarrassment we are. Get to f**k Rennie.
  13. Can't imagine that the job McGivern had is very well paid. Surprised he took it in the first place.
  14. Another week of Alicia Silverstone and the raging currant bun to suffer...fucking great.
  15. Sorry, but why the f**k is Rennie staying even a conversation piece?
  16. Last few pages have been fucking wild. Now I see where the 'You know, Aberdeen might just come and poach Rennie ' chat came from. As Malc Tucker would say Fucking f**k Me
  17. 100% agree. Once read a John Grisham book called The Brethren. Decent yarn. 3 judges who always gave their decisions 2-1 so that each of them could plausibly claim they were the dissenting 1 even if they were unanimous in reality. Who wants to be ultimately accountable for the shambolic decision making so far?
  18. I agree with this. The majority of ST holders will renew come hell or high water. It will just be a drop of a couple of hundred tops even if Rennie is retained. Or else it's causation and correlation..those who don't renew might not have anyway. I won't watch any more games whilst Rennie stinks the place out, but that will be the minority. Which is probably why some believe they can keep him.
  19. I don't think so. Again based on nothing. I'd actually laugh if we did and it would save me a decent amount of cash next season. If Rennie is kept on it will be the worst decision made by any board we've had. Which will be quite impressive given recent history.
  20. Agreed. I'm definitely not in the terminal spiral camp. We just keep appointing bad managers. It's pretty simple once you get that one appointment right.. A good manager should easily have us 3rd next season with a competent side. That's acceptable I think.
  21. Yeah, through gritted teeth I can kindof see that being the best thing. It's just got to be difficult being a dead man walking for a few more weeks knowing you're going to be hunting some low level coaching jobs in America again on the side. That cone planter role at Lower Arkansas Methodist awaits.
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