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  1. This is nonsense. No one referred to McKinnon, Hartley or even Dumb and Dumber as the worst managers in our history. The first two were actual football managers of some pedigree. The 2 co managers were deservedly sacked after our pathetic collapse but did at least show something at points. Sheerin is without question our worst ever manager. And the only manager who has been labeled that.
  2. Remember we need to keep Cones for an unspecified period of time, regardless of results, to prevent us being seen as a club who sacks managers if they continually lose.
  3. Appears so. Some sort of bizarre clownery that thinks we are wrong to sack the worst manager in our entire history because...erm.. it will show that we sack managers.
  4. It doesn't matter who applies. We usually try embarrassingly to tap up a completely different candidate who publicly rejects us making a mockery of the whole process.
  5. So, another Monday where the worst manager in our history somehow, incredibly, remains in place after a humiliation at the weekend. What's even the point any more. And it's not his fault either. He's just absolutely inept. He didn't appoint himself and I don't expect him to resign. Must actually be really difficult to come to work every day and try and do a job you have no skills for. Be like asking Boris to do open heart surgery.
  6. History would say you are right. Our shit rejects have generally looked competent elsewhere. It really does take watching us to get the full horror of how bad a manager Sheerin is. I mean, people have read how bad he is, but not unreasonably expect that we're exaggerating his shitness. Then they watch as and say 'oh f**k..he really is the worst manager in your club's history'
  7. We're actually lucky we drew Raith. It could easily have been someone like Clydebank who humiliated us.
  8. Does anyone still doubt that Cones is the worst manager in our history?
  9. Nicely done Paul. We don't any distractions from our focus - 4th place in League One. COYB.
  10. Also huge respect to Matthews. Fine example of what football is all about.
  11. Cup ties aren't about results. It's about how the group come together and work for each other.
  12. Good experience for our lads to share a pitch with a powerful club like Raith. A wee rub of the green second half and maybe another 2 sending offs and we could take this to a replay. COYB Expect the Unexpected
  13. Against 10 men.. Sheerin could keep this down to 3 or 4..
  14. I think he's comfortably our worst ever manager. I'd have him well below the likes of Eamonn Bannon.
  15. Another absolutely dreadful lineup from our Worst Ever Manager. Comfortable boabying ahead.
  16. Not for me. Sheerin has to go first. Abysmal though Holt is, him leaving tomorrow doesn't materially affect the utter shite on the pitch. Sheerin going does.
  17. Can't believe watching that that Ojo has been booked there. Good that the fanny in the stands has been charged but Ojo is really hard done to. You would nt want Steven Glass with you in the trenches though. He'd pass the enemy a bayonet.
  18. Great news on the supporter initiative. But as said above that's only part of the answer. Deans and Colborn were also supporters and invested smallish amounts. Getting the right reps from this group on the board are key. Sensible people who know what's needed. And what's needed today is Sheerin to be sacked. That's Order of Business 1. Even before Holt goes, which is 2. First real signs of something positive though.. maybe the terminal decline can he halted.
  19. Arguing about who between Keena and Ruth is the least shite really does sum up where we are as a club. Both would have had to pay to get in the ground pre Hartley. Quite looking forward to going part time next season now.
  20. Completely disagree that a better manager wouldn't get us promoted. Yes, Holt and the board are fucking idiots, but we're not unique there. Many clubs have been promoted despite an off field shit show. But they had an actual manager not Cone Boy. Actually let this sink in.. given all the incompetence we've seen since Eddie May, Sheerin is our worst manager. Arguably our worst ever manager. It's incredible that's even possible, but... he is!
  21. Is this Stockholm Syndrome or something? How can anyone watch this shite and come to the conclusion that keeping Sheerin is an option??
  22. Sorry to go all John McEnroe here.. but you can't be fucking serious. Every week we keep the useless bib cleaner in charge is another week where we have to suffer his utter cluelessness. Sheerin is the worst manager we've had in 20 years. Worse than McKinnon, Hartley, Dumb and Dumber. We are indescribably bad. He is the problem not a victim. f**k me.
  23. To be fair, Hartley and the mass summer signings was at least hope without evidence to the contrary. No one knew Tom Dallison would be terrible. Some of our clown fans have backed Sheerin despite the evidence on show. That's much more baffling
  24. I'm not sure about this Data Analytics chat. Having seen out scouting report 'Left back likes to kick the ball with left foot' there's no danger anyone at this sham of a club even knows what a primary key is.
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