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  1. You're probably right. The key period is the January transfer window. It's not that important Holt is emptied this week, as long as it's by month end.
  2. Think sadly the first priority is probably to go ultra defensive and make ourselves really hard to breakdown. Difficult given the shitness of our defenders but with some organisation and structure a proper manager should be able to shut up shop somehow.
  3. Who is telling 'the new guys' to get to f**k? If you're referring to me I'm requesting the 'old guys' get to f**k.
  4. Trying to ignore the Holt thing now until Tuesday at least.. this is still a fantastic day. We've finally rid ourselves of the worst manager in the club's history. Chapeau.
  5. Eh? Gardening leave covers the notice period. I have a 3 month notice period for example as a perm employee.
  6. Exactly. Happened in my last company too. There s quite a lot of leeway for employers and it's very difficult to prove that 'Head of Logistics' .. a new role to replace 'Operations Manager' or something is the same.
  7. Well yes but not for ever. Holt can be told the role is redundant and placed on gardening leave in lieu of a worked notice period. He will continue to be paid his current salary until the end of his notice period and should we wish to we could reinstate the DoF role further down the line.
  8. As said before you can put Holt on gardening leave.
  9. 100% agree. If this 'new dawn' still has McFarlane, Colborn, Wright, Bateman, Holt and Andy Thomson involved it can get to f**k.
  10. Hugely disappointing Holt's name wasn't mentioned. absolutely no reason why this wasn't a double firing. f**k off.
  11. Yep, probably the right thing to do. Gives the new board an easy feelgood start as well when their first order of business is emptying McFarlane, Holt and Sheerin.
  12. He's certainly playing it with a straight bat.. talking gibberish about addressing things on Monday. Knowing of course that he won't be there .
  13. I'm absolutely fine with Rice. He's an actual manager . We're an utter shambles of a club. We need to be realistic about who will come in the short term I think Rice would be decent.
  14. Hilarious Cones pish in the Falkirk Herald. Holy f**k min. we had a ten minute spell after we went two up top, https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/paul-sheerin-ill-take-full-responsibility-no-matter-the-outcome-3482647%3famp
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