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  1. Still think we have a squad now that can compete mid-table in the Championship. We just have to get there. We're still short up front unless Allan is the answer..not seen him enough yet. Airdrie have a tonne of goals in them..way more than we do. They give me the fear in the playoffs.
  2. Terrible. Two awful away league performances in a row.
  3. Think he's a smashing player. Makes excellent runs ..is fast..likes a tackle..always talking. Crossing could be better but reckon he will play at a decent level. Maybe English Championship at some point.
  4. 100% . Celtic are light years ahead of Rangers IMO. Think we'd lose 4 or 5 to Celtic but don't fear Rangers nearly so much.
  5. I had a direct line to it from my seat in the stand. Stonewaller. Just mistimed his challenge. Referee last night was excellent I thought. Levels above the shit we see in League One. Got 2 big penalty decisions right...was calm and avoided racing to tackles but just looked authoritative.
  6. Shout out by the way to Jean Sneddon. Great to see her get a well deserved round of applause at half time. Volunteers like her are the lifeblood of clubs like ours. Bringing in half a million quid in profits over the years. Tip of the hat to you auld Jean.
  7. Think we'll definitely get that. Especially as it's hopefully getting into the better weather. If it was v one of the 2 bigots maybe 6 or 7k but v Inverness I'd expect a lot more interest.
  8. 100%. I once knew a Celtic Da that used to time the highlights on TV to check if the Rangers game got more seconds than theirs.
  9. Think Ayr lost that because they were utter shit and created next to f**k all. The big fella up front is fantastic though. Assume he'll be off to a Hibs or Aberdeen in the summer.
  10. Weird game. Didn't feel like we played that well but also thought we shaded it. Ayr were terrible after that first 25 minutes. Really pish long ball merchants. Needs to be the last time Wright starts.. he was like playing with 10. Oliver was superb when he can on though..held the ball up and brought us up the park. Brilliant atmosphere and the display at the start was fantastic. Hampden time...again!
  11. Got to agree about the pisspoor design of the main stand. It's fucking freezing year round and seems to gave been designed for the rain levels of the moon, not earth.
  12. Pumped.. bottled it again on the big occasion.
  13. The ZalUs/Council of Nine pish from Billy Buchanan was fucking genius. Convinced some idiot Americans to stay in the local area on a tourist trip looking for aliens. Unless they stumbled into the Pee Weep they left disappointed.
  14. Ooh ya b*****d we've got a fucking team at last
  15. Funny how big a factor fate or luck plays sometimes. I don't know much about the club's finances but I'm thinking our cup run has enabled us to be a bit more adventurous in the transfer window. Which in turn has greatly increased our likelihood of going up. We've now got a squad that I think would be competitive a division up. Incredible turnaround and credit to the board and our excellent management team.
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