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  1. Morrison has been excellent tonight... hope Sheerin can unlock the player that's definitely there
  2. We're an utter gang at this stage. Need a shit load of new players
  3. Jenas has taken over the Graeme Le Saux role of being thought an intellectual because he once read a paper that wasn't The Sun
  4. Sterling's probably been player of the tournament
  5. He's going to be one of these managers that looks like they could still play when they're 53. Sort of the anti-Rafa Benitez
  6. Only bright spot here is that mutant Foden is going to be benched for the rest of this
  7. They've found a way to win. This is it. It's inspired.
  8. The two aren't mutually incompatible. I think they're a really good side. They've got some squad. Never play the same XI and adjust game to game.But their draw has been extraordinary.
  9. Favourable draw right to the final. Then who knows. Their defence is excellent. So much pace. And 2 holding midfielders. They're boring as f**k but set up not to ever concede.
  10. They are. But super effective. They might win this tournament without conceding.
  11. The beauty of the Beeb is that its not Clive
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