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  1. Nowhere near as bad as last season, still rancid but never seen a performance as bad as Cove, Peterhead and Partick last year.
  2. Have to say quite impressed with Ian Fergus and the Development sides so far. Seem to have got reasonably far quite quickly and when you listen to him seems like a guy who knows where he wants to take the project.
  3. Feel like half of his touches are excellent, the other half he barely knows where the ball is.
  4. Also going from a part time gig to a full time one which will always turn heads in football.
  5. Apparently Dick Campbell told press this morning he doesn't have 11 fit players.
  6. To be fair it would be a bit mental to do something like that publicly when the new kit isn't released yet.
  7. This was a repressed memory I didn't need to know I had.
  8. That's the thing for me, comes with a decent coaching pedigree and will hopefully play some decent football but just glad it's something a bit different from same old manager circuit, think Jim Mcintyre would have finished me off.
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