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  1. Up to a point though my pessimism is born of watching Scotland for over 50 years. Our best performances have always been when our backs are to the wall. Would be nice to start a tournament we'll. Am sure Wales and Iceland fans had a natural pessimism before qualifying and then going deep in tourneys. Not managed that ever bar the HI s and Kirin Cup. For me the performances have been less than the sum of our parts
  2. Is easy to think we're not good enough to compete a higher level. Totally disagree with the great squad of players we have. Must do better
  3. By dunderheids talking shite you mean those folk who thought the Euros performance was an underachievement. We all recognise any play off will be difficult going forward
  4. Chelsea fans on twitter wanting Billy recalled. I never thought Norwich would be a good fit. They are utter dogshit.
  5. Know what you mean. To be honest I thought Friday night tele at Hamilton was a stick on for 1 -0. Bit of confidence we'll keep it up.
  6. Shaggy at centre half. Chico for obvious reasons and Dougie Somner.
  7. I wanted Stevie out after the Croatia game. The Hampden games were disappointing to say the least. Since then our results have improved although in all honesty we still look less than the sum of our parts. He's got another 2 years anyway so is a moot point but he has earned the right to take us forward.
  8. The Faroes looked far better than what I was expecting. Was it us making them look good?. Partly and they are also genuinely better than I thought after Hampden. Good result. Abject display but in contrast to some recent campaigns this team goes for 90 minutes. Or 96. Credit for that lads and look where we are now because of it. Wasn't a fan of Stevie Clarke at the Euros and again last night the changes were half an hour too late. But fair play to him for where we are now in terms of qualifying
  9. This being a Friday night televised match it's hard to feel optimistic about this one. Usual TV horror show from us incoming. Break the habit please Jags
  10. This. Best team on the park and baws out please
  11. Hardly fair to lambast young Patterson who will offer improvement going forward. Sid let's not forget had recent mares against the Czechs and Croats even though I love his attitude
  12. They ain't the only ones. Clark n Donkey Dykes in the sea please
  13. A competent performance will be enough
  14. Old codgers da would be me Victor. My levels of disgust at the takeover by one of, if not the most, brutal regimes on the planet is through the roof. They are pushing all the boats out in trying to legitimise or mask their barbarism. And football says give us the money
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