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  1. First try at this league. Was greatly enjoyable and looking forward to the next one. Thanks guys
  2. Am 100% convinced our universe is teeming with life. Some of it a damn sight smarter than homo sapiens. Let's hope if we survive long enough to meet them we try and be kind
  3. Is no use having an opinion that quality players in our squad are being misused along with ineptitude and stubbornness from the Management . Potential is there but keep expecting indiscipline and mediocrity that's what we get
  4. Kid1433 resigns v KenDeans. Great game under pressure for most of it. The fork was crucial. Great game buddy
  5. KenDeans wins by checkmate v Dandies1983. An intense game thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks
  6. I offered the draw. Made a booboo but it was a great game to b involved in
  7. Ken Dean's defeated by checkmate against the kids . Good game. Is London Saint still out?
  8. Yup. Fanny and dud are also accusations have received. All because I think differently about the way forward
  9. Oooh ouch. My feelings are hurt
  10. Don't be daft. We all care
  11. Is a lot more than fragility. Shameful episodes from Premiership players whose managers continue to pick them. Steve Clarke is a dud
  12. Been calm for a year. Do we want it to change?
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