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  1. I remember watching him quite a lot when I first started going to Queens gamed.
  2. Back to domestic football next weekend against league leaders Dunfermline after a 4-1 defeat at Cappielow to Morton in the Scottish Cup.
  3. I'd probably walk if Currie was being picked ahead of me tbh. What's Sam Henderson like as a GK? Been around a few clubs since leaving Queens like Gretna, Petershill etc...
  4. 7th vs. 3rd Will Queens get back on track at home or will they fall to the Mighty Mo?
  5. I don't reckon Alloa home attendances are significant against any other League One club. Just comparing 708 could well be Queens next home attendance figure.
  6. Again a harsh reality check and 2 negative red responses!
  7. .....and only 708 witnessed Alloa vs. Queens today....
  8. You can berate me for not liking my news with those 3 negative red comments but folk need to face the hard facts!
  9. I was wondering where he was today. The first league game that McKenna's missed.
  10. As long as 3 clubs are below Queens in the league table, I doubt there'll be any changes at all. Queens will be mulling around in the 3rd tier of Scottish Football happily sitting in 5th, 6th or 7th season after season with no ambition under the current regime.
  11. Not entirely a surprise then. Don't know how many goals have conceded those ways....
  12. What the F*** happened between the 60th and 70th minutes in Alloa?
  13. Games at Palmerston 2012 til 2022 Queens Wins 9 Alloa Wins 3 Draws 3 Games at Indodrill 2012 til 2022 Queens Wins 4 Alloa Wins 4 Draws 4
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