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  1. How will this game next weekend play out as the bottom two clubs in the Championship meet at Palmerston?
  2. All I could hear on their stream was a young Caley Jags fan complaining every time a Queens player went down injured in the closing 15 mins...
  3. Queens Number 10 is Lee Connelly, the club's top league scorer (7) and joint top scorer with Ally Roy both with (9).
  4. Think he just ran out of steam without game time at Partick...
  5. William Collum the referee should be entertaining...
  6. Not really fussed with Cameron leaving. Seemed to play better with Alloa last season than he did at Queens.
  7. Perpetual recent seasons of struggling against relegation isn't good at all. If Queens were to go down to the Seaside League One, at least the club would have a better chance of winning games and staying in the top 4. Even if the club languishes there for a few seasons, like Falkirk, this may not be such a bad thing and could well be the wake up call that the club needs. Whether they would remain a full time club would be another matter.
  8. Queens are now 10th in the form table Last 8 only 7 points... One point behind Morton & Dunfermline 8th in Home & Away Record 9th Offensively 6th Defensively
  9. Today was AJ's 100th game in this 2nd spell as Queens manager... Wins 30 Draws 24 Defeats 46
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