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  1. Surely that’s bollan finished with football. Mans a shite manager and a total p***k
  2. Craig slater though, just put him down down man of the match for the rest of the season.
  3. Gallagher was pretty shit today. Would like to see Archie Thomas get a run in the team
  4. That’s got me reminiscing of the bad old days. Unlucky
  5. Annan never really threatened. Don’t agree with your summary at all apart from the player reviews
  6. I really like mcluskey , works his arse off and has a decent touch . Crossan can blow hot and cold but he’s pretty decent .
  7. But in league 2 in Scotland , throwing money at it it does pretty much guarantee the league as the standard elsewhere is absolute pish.
  8. It’s not just in Scotland’s lower leagues. It happens in any league across the globe. Teams with the biggest budgets win the league or finish near the top where there are teams with similar sized budgets give or take a Leicester winning th league every now and then
  9. At this level it does. Cove , Queen’s Park and now yourselves
  10. He managed to overhaul it because of the money he was able to throw at quality players .
  11. The kelty job even made Barry Ferguson look good
  12. Main thing was to consolidate, your no serious [emoji23]
  13. Wild how we have only been behind for 9 minutes all season .
  14. Has bj Coll been playing ? If so Craig Thomson to rip the pish out of him
  15. Forbes was finished at us a couple of years ago. Good left foot for set pieces but otherwise a passenger
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