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  1. Look forward to seeing Kabila in action. Hopefully another one on the fringes at Livingston in the mould of Nouble. Also hope this once and for all puts a certain rumour to bed.
  2. Totally. Just highlighting it again as to the pile of BS stated by the old board. Do still need a new website but certainly not a priority right now as stated.
  3. One of the many lies made. Rawlins said they were getting a new one at the Summer Q and A!
  4. That’s a fair point. Cove look odds on to win the league and bar a miracle, there’s no chance we’ll get automatic promotion.
  5. Agreed, recruitment is key. I’m happy to wait for the right signings, if they come, but the worry is now seeing the likes of Reynolds sign for Cove and Gardyne to Montrose. Did say Gardybe wasn’t someone I think we needed but if he’s also a player that can add a lot of quality to a squad. Still time to go yet but starting to get a little bit worried as there is little news coming our way.
  6. McGregor would be a good shout although probably still out with our budget. Played with Miller at Rangers too.
  7. Now focused on a keeper? I sincerely hope our recruitment drive isn’t done one target at a time. Should have been looking for a keeper all along as well as other much needed positions.
  8. I wouldn’t want Liam in the centre of the park t be honest but he’s got a good football brain on him and a good leader. Could he do a job as sweeper al La Scott McKenzie circa 02/03 and organise the defence for us?
  9. Yeh no doubt about that but it’s worth ratifying all the lies they said as the Rawlins are still hanging around in the background somewhere so good to remember all the crap they pulled if they ever try to get involved again. ‘most professional board we’ve ever worked with’…
  10. Yeh but where are they now or was it just a load of bull?
  11. Here’s a thing I just remembered. What happened to the Full time Head of Scouting and Recruitment that we were supposed to have appointed in June? There is no one listed on the website as being in command of this role. Also what of the re-established scouting network for Scotland? Are these just another 2 examples of the Rawlins and the old board’s mistruths(as thought at the time)? If not then what the heck have they been doing for 7 months?
  12. Yeh it’s a bit of a quandary but point was really if there is no one better than McKay currently available then by Christ we don’t want to bring in another like him just for the sake of it.
  13. I agree. If we can’t bring in anyone better than what we’ve got then save the money for the Summer where it will be needed most. Automatic promotion is gone so there’s a fair chance we’ll be in this league next season.
  14. I know it won’t happen. Although he undoubtedly has the ability to be great he has too much baggage and in my opinion is another of the examples I listed above. Done at 31. Can add Ross McCormack to that list.
  15. It was. We only played against Hibs once when Griffiths was there and that was in the Scottish Cup Semi.
  16. Like Garry O’Connor at Morton at 31 years old, Riordan at Alloa at 31, Stokes at God knows what team he was playing at 31(still only 33 and hasn’t kicked a ball in 2 years)? Griffiths is no Latapy. Wee Russell may have enjoyed his social life and wasn’t always the most professional off the field but he had brains and far more talent than Griffiths. It’s not to say Griffiths couldn’t do well at a club like us but his attitude coupled with his off field antics would make him not worth the money for me. In any case he’ll still be wanted by teams in the Premiership so there is little chance of him coming to us.
  17. Leigh Griffiths is done. Going the same way as Derek Riordan, Garry O’Connor and Anthony Stokes. No matter how much talent he has, it is nothing without effort. Also add in his issues off the field and it’s a no for me, even if unlikely. We need a team of players willing to stick together and fight for each other, not wasters who attempt to get by on their previous reputations.
  18. It really is. As I pointed out earlier too we now will have less points than after 22 games last year and conceded 7 more goals. Considering how disastrous a season that was, it’s some effort! Rennie and Miller definitely aren’t to blame for that but have a huge job on their hands.
  19. Just got round to watching the Rennie interview. Didn’t actually think he was making too many excuses with the referee. Just letting his frustrations known, which I can understand, but in no way was he ignoring the problems. Unfortunately though I just don’t see what you can do on the training ground to stop a defender from just deciding not to pick up an unmarked player. If they can’t understand the principles of basic defending then they never will. The only way to stop those errors is to replace them!
  20. I actually didn’t think we would have overtaken them. I thought our frailties were starting to show again and I think had the season played out we would have fallen further away. Lots of ifs and maybes but I seen enough to not want M and M’s contract to be renewed as it was.
  21. Yeh I do agree with that. They don’t look to be getting much change out of our current crop of players so they have to be working their socks off to bring in good quality as ultimately they’ll be judged on results like any other manager, no matter the excuses.
  22. If you’re talking about their time with us then Jeffries was still bringing players in well in to the season. McCall had the benefit of Airdrie and Clydebank going bust and being able to bring in a load of players from there whom he had managed already as well as some old team mates who were still playing. I get your concern with the lack of activity but January is a crap time to bring in players so they will be struggling to find decent players we can afford. We can judge them better at the end of the month but would rather they take time to bring in what’s needed rather than anyone who’s available.
  23. The depressing thing is that we will now have less points than what we finished last season after 22 games. The worst part is we have still only played 20 games.
  24. Quite possibly. What about the guys who used to run the academy? Would hope they’d be kept in mind too as did they not get shafted by the club when they closed the academy?
  25. Any idea why? Seems odd having talked about a long term plan yet not even there for a year.
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