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  1. What football teams aren’t hire and fire outfits? Do you ever look at a table of longest serving managers? It really doesn’t take long to climb up that ladder. Sheerin is already 35th on the list. The league may play a part, particularly with loan players but money talks. You continually say the same things but haven’t singled out a player who has rejected us for the reasons you mention whilst other decent players have went to clubs in our leagues and to others who have fired their managers.
  2. They worked at the Halo in Kilmarnock. Gary Deans was appointed on the board just as Colin Liddell left. Seems to be a strong connection between the two of them. Actually mistaken with the Killie sponsors. Thought I’d read something about it but think it’s another company. Edit to add: it was one of the directors on Glen Luss(the guy pictured with Deans). His other company Cane and Grain sponsor Kilmarnock but don’t think Deans has anything to do with that. He’s certainly got his fingers in a few pies though. https://scottishfinancialnews.com/article/glen-luss-distillery-appoints-former-kpmg-partner-gary-deans-as-non-executive-director
  3. Agreed which is why those on the board must go first. Removing some of the previous MSG was just the start but it’s no use when the chairman is appointed by one of those who were removed and then goes on to appoint his own lackeys.
  4. Wondered that too. Also not sure we’ll be paying a lot for Ruth and Ompreon. Think the question is how come we have a budget to pay an SD £50k/year and all the other high level staff positions yet paying peanuts for some first team squad members.
  5. Just take a look at Companies House and the number of businesses Gary has become involved with since becoming chairman of Falkirk. As for his tenure, he’ll spin it. Like I said no business person will fairly judge him on a few bad results for the first team. Go back here and all is rosy for most even though some of us seen and paid attention to the way they operate. I was even starting to think they got lucky with Sheerin but it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Make no doubt about it though, that position has served Deans well and he’ll continue to reap the benefits of the doors it opens for him. Do you think it’s any wonder he goes hiding when things are bad?
  6. M and M were binned after collecting only 7 points in their last 6 games. Gary Holt then picked up 1 point in 4 matches. The near impossible task of gaining 2 points as Gary Deans said. I’m actually not for binning Sheerin just yet as the ones who appointed him and Holt are still there. One thing is for sure we keep finding new lows but that won’t change till we clear out the boardroom and Sandy and Martin sell their shares to people who actually give a toss.
  7. Gary Deans has upped his profile and his interest in other companies, since becoming chairman, has increased. He wouldn’t get anywhere near the level of exposure in any other job he does. He’ll still try to spin it all as good too and why not, wasn’t long ago a load of fans were happy with the way everything was going. The rest of the board are maybe waiting in line for his job but to say they get nothing isn’t true. They also get to parade the fact they are the director of a club and turn up in a suit and blazer on match days, feel important and pretend how great they are. Football clubs attract the exact kind of ego’s our board has been plagued with. You or I may not understand why they do it but a lot are most definitely in it for themselves.
  8. Person hides behind keyboard to have a go at other fans for voicing their opinion on an anonymous forum!
  9. Bollocks, will just go through the points on the list as I'm pissed off at fans being continually taken for a ride by the board. 1. Expanded fan ownership by over 400,000 new shares, including 19 first time shareholders. - As I said before 250,000 were on the board- 2 Gordons 125,000. Deans 37,500, Bateman(club secretary) 20,000. All new shareholders too apart from Bateman. That includes the Rawlins group which account for 3. Hardly expanded fan ownership in its true sense. 2. Agreed and implemented a new football model that will protect the club from instability going forwards. - What does that even mean!? 3. Developed and agreed a new 5 year plan for the club. - Just arbitrary nonsense. 4. Appointed a full time Head of Scouting and recruitment. -Who is this guy? Is he responsible for players or Holt? 5. Appointed a full time Head of Sports Performance -Another big title. Who's he in charge of? 6. Completed a thorough search and recruitment process for a new coach. -Aberdeen youth coach, stayed in a youth coaching job for 8 years and then looking for work due to regime change at his club. His last year in charge he got a club relegated from League One. Safe pair of hands with a clear ambition to be first team coach... 7. Implemented a system of positional profiling. - Do the players know this because some seem to be completely unaware of what position they should be in! 8. Developed a 20 point profile for each position. - Would love to see this and how Gary Holt's son just happened to tick all the boxes. 9. Cleaned house on the 20/21 squad. - Guess this will be an easy achievement for next year when this season's squad is cleaned! 10. Implemented positional profiling for all future recruitment. -Recall this being mentioned before. 11.Scouted all new recruits 'Live' a minimum of 3 times, most have been watched over 7 times. - How on Earth did they manage this. When was Mackenzie Lemon watched or Sammy Ompreon? Luke Holt!? 12. Held meetings with three new investors. - Could mean anything from a company looking to sponsor a shirt. The main shirt sponsor too is a from a firm with no history and potentially dodgy. 13. Have a minimum of 3 options identified for each position. - I don't doubt that but again could have been anyone as we did end up with Jamie Wilson as one. 14. Invested in new IT infrastructure. -Bought a new computer? 15. In process of developing a new club website. - Seems like a lengthy process. They can't even be bothered to add up this seasons results on the current website. When will see this great new website? 16. Replaced the 2 Storm damaged floodlights - As opposed to not replacing them? How did they get damaged in the first place and how long were they a danger? 17. Replaced damaged roof panels. - As above, were they considering just leaving them? 18. Revamping our merchandise offerings. - Not much new in at the moment apart from an unnecessary third kit. Does the club make a decent cut from this? Surely we'd be better selling it ourselves? 19. Agreed contracts with a new shirt sponsor. - Hope they got paid up front 20. Recruiting a General Manager for the club - Now a CEO. Is there a difference in the duties? 21. Recruiting a new club ambassador. - Did we do this? 22. Kicked off a pitch review process. - Which entails what exactly? 23. Prepared the stadium and staff of the return of fans- Large covid related effort. - Could have cleaned the bird shit from the seats too.
  10. Went back to find Phil’s list. So much bluff and bluster. The first bullet point too is entirely false in its representation. About 250,000 shares were bought by the board and associates such as that Jon Bonner(Phil’s pal) who bought 62,500 shares. Also of the 19 new shareholders, only 10 are not affiliated with the board. Funny how Gary Holts son passed their new stringent profiling for new players too… I expect a few more clangers to be dropped on Tuesday. Not always easy to prove them wrong on a mistruth but fortunately with the top one it’s all public information.
  11. A competent board would do the above so I doubt ours will. If we do however then you’re bound to read about it soon such as when they asked McCann and then Rice to apply. That’s how our board operate too, they ask people to apply. Probably think it gives them an out when leaks happen, as in the McCann case, to saying ‘No one was offered the job’. What it will also undoubtedly do is piss off those candidates most qualified to take over our team. It even sounded like Sheerin was frustrated with the interview procedure we set up so could even have missed out on him. If we get rid of Sheerin then don’t get your hopes up about bringing in someone decent.
  12. Should at least just offer their shares up to the new fans group!
  13. If I’m correct in thinking, the share price is set by the board and they also have control of who can sell the shares and who buys. As far as I’m aware this procedure was set up to future proof the club from imposters such as Mark Campbell buying up shares however what if the imposters were already in the building….!?
  14. They had Alex Totten at the club. Sure he would have enjoyed hearing them say they required football knowledge within the club. The board should be able to utilise contacts. There will be several out there who won’t be looking for £50k in return. In fact the Rawlins themselves were supposed to be steeped in football contacts. Christ they even have a football agent within their group. What benefit are they bringing? Thought that was the whole clamour of bringing in their investment. There will also be a lengthy list of ex players who would be more than willing to help give any advice if required. The board are just making a laughing stock of the club. Pretty evident from the last Q and A that they’re a bunch of mid-managers full of their own importance. The whole thing needs a shake up and not just appointing more pals or sycophants. Stop with all this management speak too with the arbitrary nonsense of 5 year plans and the like. Looking more likely to get relegated at this stage so how does that factor in!?
  15. Anyone got a wee reminder of the Rawlins big list of achievements from the last Q and A? Look forward to the update on Tuesday.
  16. I can’t get my head round how they went from appointing a general manager as noted in the last Q and A to then appointing a CEO. What’s the difference? Seem to be awash with high management titles. Nothing against the appointment but seems to sum up the management of the club, trying to perceive us as something we’re not. Can’t organise a friendly, can’t hold a live zoom Q and A and can’t pick 2 shirts that don’t clash amongst so many others that are easy to forget given our levels of incompetence.
  17. If you’re implying there is some connection to the job then no chance. Sheerin stated recently that McInnes did everything at Aberdeen so before you even consider him dropping to a League One club, there’s no chance he’d work under a SD with a fraction of his managerial experience.
  18. If you’re angry about how results have been, and rightly so, then make sure you direct your anger to the proper place. I was totally unconvinced by Sheerin as an appointment but he’s working with one hand tied behind his back. Regardless, this board lauded how he was their man,(despite attempts for McCann and Rice), how those on the board were great for the club and have denied any numerous amounts of wrongdoing. Simply changing manager does not eradicate our problems. Before you say the board had changed then remember Gary Deans was appointed by Colin Liddell and the rest of the board by Gary Deans. The lyrics ‘Meet the new boss same as the old boss!’ comes to mind. If you want proper change then, Deans et al may go.
  19. Should be getting pelters anyway. Even if we beat Airdrie, as I imagine we will, we’re only in it due to other teams being equally as poor.
  20. Was there not another incident of something like that recently with a Tweet from the official page? Can’t remember the content though.
  21. Just read the email. The part about the third strip is the usual rubbish. Just hold your hands up and admit it was a mistake instead of trying to push blame elsewhere. Many on here recognised instantly that it could be a problem so why didn’t one of our esteemed directors. Also why is the CEO having to explain a decision for which he wasn’t a part of? Don’t we have a PR expert within our club that would have been there when making the decision for the strips? Surely him or Gary Deans would be better placed to explain the situation or are they all trying to hide behind the new CEO when things aren’t going so well? Also if you want to really atone for your errors then give all of the profit to charity and don’t use it as encouragement to further line the clubs coffers.
  22. Thanks. Wasn’t sure how it was set up from what has been said.
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