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  1. And hopefully not some more S and M signings as we’ve been tortured enough the last few years!
  2. Think McGinn is a great signing. Would rather get in quality like that and have tireless workers surrounding them than a team of players who think their League One superstars. Won’t know how things pan out till we see the team play but more positive that McGlynn knows what we need to escape this league than any of the last lot.
  3. Can’t mind there being anything said about dodgy staff but you can’t say the incompetence aimed at the old board was proved wrong!? Anyway I don’t see anything at the moment that would make me worry as we are so short staffed at the moment. That will get sorted though and hopefully everything keeps moving in the right direction. Looking forward to seeing who McGlynn brings in.
  4. Think McGlynn is a smart signing by the board. If it doesn’t work out then we can’t say it was a risky move as he’s the exact type of manager we need right now. Going to be a hard season but look forward to seeing what signings he brings in and hopefully seeing a bit of consistency with results.
  5. I’ve certainly got no agenda. Only judge what’s going on by what’s said and what isn’t said as I will do with all boards. Still heard nothing bad about the guys in there but doesn’t mean to say I think there has been a noticeable turn around in the club and that mistakes haven’t been made. Anyway, the DG thing came up as you asked what other mistakes they have made and I believe that is one. The narrative of that event seems to have changed a lot from we were never in for him, the board would be trusted not to sanction his signing, we were maybe in for him but it was Rennie and the board should play no part in the signing. In any case, happy to move on from that but hoping that lessons are being learned and we’ll start to notice some positive changes within the club.
  6. The point isn’t about where he ended up, it’s that had we offered enough money then we’d have been in Raith’s shoes. Besides, we were talking about whether the board should bear responsibility for the error of trying to sign him. Your post from January is a bit contradictory to what you’re saying now, as how could they be trusted to do the right thing if you believe they shouldn’t have a say in any signings?
  7. You had previously said you trusted the directors to do what’s best for the club regarding Goodwillie. Surely that means they would have to be accountable for the fallout had we signed him?
  8. Didn’t know that but then why did we get rid of Hartley when he was left with a bunch of diddies?
  9. I agree to a large extent but I think in principle there still has to be oversight from the board. For instance, when Yogi was touting himself for all jobs I think there had to be a bit more scrutiny about signing old players on good wages for 2 year deals. Also when Paul Hartley suddenly wanted to spend the full budget on nobodies from down South there should have been questions raised. At the end of the day these managers will come and go but it’s the club and the fans that get lumped with them as is happening with a lot of the squad we have kept on for next season. There has to be some scrutiny when sanctioning these signings.
  10. Yes and no. I think the Board at all times must protect the clubs reputation so regardless of who the manager wants, if it’s someone like Goodwillie then they must draw the line for the sake of the club. Managers will only be concerned with putting a winning team on the park. Griffiths is more on the manager however with the money we were allegedly paying him then I think there’s a big question on whether the club can afford to take the risk on paying so much for a player. I said the same regarding Yogi spending fortunes on old players. At some point the board has to consider if it’s value for money. I didn’t think it was worthwhile at the time but had it came good then it would be justified. Point is it didn’t work out so was a bad decision. Regardless of whether it was BFL money, it has been wasted when finances are going to be more crucial than ever. Do we know that the signing of Griffiths was pushed by the management by the way?
  11. Trying to sign Goodwillie and spending a fortune on Leigh Griffiths.
  12. There has been a lot. Hibs also come to mind as having many players played with us both.
  13. Agree with this. Not saying these factors might not be the difference in decision making but if the package is correct then most players/managers won’t think twice. Kevin O’Hara and Myles Hippolyte both went to Dunfermline after being condemned by the club. Yogi went there after his friend Peter Grant got the sack after only a few months. Those are just what spring to mind. It’s not just Dunfermline thing though, football is littered with similar instances.
  14. I’ve batted against you for things you’ve said about me but agreed with things you say too. Shouldn’t get personal though and posting photos is uncalled for. Please don’t remove yourself as a result.
  15. Curb your enthusiasm would be just as applicable as that’s something the club can do in spades to us all. Also it would be quite an appropriate theme to play at the end of every match or anytime we concede a goal.
  16. Dundee have an American owner, Hibs and Dundee United have an American owner and Aberdeen have an owner with strong American connections. Neither seem to have had an influx of American players. I’d imagine it’s not that easy to bring players over and if there are some gems there then they are unlikely to upheave to central Scotland for £500/week. Also unlikely that they will have escaped the attention of clubs with more resources than us. Same was said when the Rawlins came in and despite having strong ties to the MLS and despite having an agent as an investor, nothing seemed to come of that. In short I certainly wouldn’t keep Rennie for the hope of some unfounded American talent finding their way to Falkirk.
  17. Well Kieran had left before Sammy had started and must’ve been off for weeks before that. I’m not ITK though so can only go with what was reported.
  18. Can’t argue with hearsay. You just said Kieran brought in Sammy which suggests Kieran was still there at the time and hadn’t left 20 days previous. You seemed to be contesting that Sammy was leaving just last week too so not sure what to believe to be honest
  19. Kieran left the club on the 11th of June and Sammy joined on the 30th of June!
  20. I think this may be where the focus comes in to soon as Jamie was in place at the start of July so why is the club in such a mess come December/January? Has he been given enough autonomy or was the old board keeping things from him? To carry the title of CEO surely you have to be over everything that is happening within the club and ultimately be responsible too? I get there are certain things that can’t be divulged but for all the road shows it seems we are not much wiser to the issues at hand, particularly now we hear Sammy has left and there is a huge issue with the youth teams. I get Sammy leaving would have been kept private but was there anything said about the youth teams? Just feels like these issues are never ending!
  21. If I was you I’d be saying ffs, how could you not see that before the Montrose game. You wanted to keep him on as manager. Jesus wept. etc As it is I think it’s fair of you to have taken a bit more stock but do find the paradigm shift bemusing when you’ve blasted people like myself for saying similar things to what you are now! In any case, I wish it did work for Rennie as don’t like to see one of our own fail but I can’t see a way back for him after a succession of poor results and performances.
  22. Feel sorry for him. Cynically appointed by Deans to try gain favour with the fans. Sure he gave it his all but will be an almost impossible job for someone with little experience to bring revenue in to the club in this current climate and like you say the travel must have added its toll(and expense). Hopefully he’s back at the stadium soon though to be in amongst the support.
  23. I remember commenting on this at the time being pretty sceptical about it. The youth setup seemed like a bit of a con from the off with one trial in Edinburgh resulting in a team of players that suddenly were flying out the traps against teams(handpicked no doubt to make them look good). A new poster called Edinburgh Scout came on to suggest Fergus had pulled a fly one over the club too. Never thought it would be that bad but then as you say if he did that to others then why not to us too!?
  24. Not sure about the Rawlins motivation as shares have been and will continue to be diluted. Also the price is only dictated by who wants to buy them and that would now take quite a lot of money to gain a controlling stake. I definitely agree that the club needs leadership though, either from our CEO or for someone to be appointed Chairman. We hopefully have rid ourselves of the Gary Deans type, arrogant egotists who are only in it for themselves however that doesn’t mean that we should desist from a leader. Democracy is all well and good but design by committee is never often much of a success. If Rennie is to remain then looking from the outside, it’s a huge gamble. It could be a masterstroke but if that is to be the decision then someone has to publicly back it, sell it to us and be responsible if it doesn’t work out. Likewise they should be praised if it does indeed turn out to be a great move. The club desperately needs leadership.
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