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  1. It’s still early days but he’s doing the right things and deserves our backing. Good to see a positive style of play being implemented too. No doubt it wasn’t ideal circumstances in terms of preparation but clearly the fitness levels were more than good enough amongst most of the squad. The board just used it as a chance to deflect and try gain favour with the fans. Time to stop pointing the finger elsewhere and start backing Sheerin.
  2. The loudness on this thread after a draw against Cove is unbelievable.
  3. There was a post saying it was from the one dressing room which I was going to comment on but can’t now find. I was sure you posted it. There is reference to it with Chinatowns post asking about dressing room splits. I will take you at your word it was not you that posted it though so sorry for suggesting that. But yes they should check their protocols. Ross County stated their outbreak was on the bus home from a match. Maybe the new strain is more infectious but that doesn’t explain why 9 close contacts were identified. They shouldn’t be identified on the training pitch and measures should be in place in the dressing room and elsewhere to make sure that they are socially distanced and not in contact for the length of time required to be identified as a close contact. Edited to add: it was actually Chinatoon that posted about it being in the one dressing room. It was above a post by you so got mixed up when reading it and just searched back your posts for reference. The point was really not about who said it but what was being said but again apologies if that caused offence.
  4. Bainsford put up a post saying the 14 were sharing a dressing room. It’s now been deleted though. Nobody said the club is to blame but given their priority is the health and safety of the players I would hope there would be a review of their Covid protocols. If what Bainsford said is true then why are so many sharing a dressing room and spending 15 minutes or more within 2 metres of each other?
  5. No need to get a treadmill if they can go a run. They won’t be under as strict supervision as the Olympic athletes who had to isolate for 10 days too. Go a run, do some insanity workouts or other. Plenty of challenging workouts you can do at home to maintain fitness. Not like there was any matches for us to play anyway for match fitness so even the ones who remained will be short of that. The 5 Covid players will have to be assessed as mentioned but there’s a chance they could be fit to play too. If there are lasting effects then I don’t see why 2/3 days would make any difference to them. Ask for a postponement if you can but don’t get the sheer anger of the statement. Just deflection to preempt a bad result and have something to blame it on. Sorry but I’m not following the outrage. Other clubs have had to suffer and will face a similar fate. Let’s just get on with it and try get one over Hartley.
  6. I just don’t think our team is as hard done by as people are making out. I know that seems to be an unpopular opinion but it’s what I think and it’s not with an agenda as I really can’t stand the SPFL. I think it was fair enough for the club to ask but also can understand why it wasn’t changed. Again if the shoe was on the other foot would you be ok for Cove to move the game when all players were available? The club asking for transparency when they offer little themselves is also fairly ironic. Some information about how the guys with Covid are doing would be nice. We don’t even know who the 14 are or if they were asymptomatic or not. Also interested to know why so many got pinged in the first place but ofcourse we’ll never find out. It happened despite our watertight Covid protocols. As for the fitness, I don’t really buy that they can’t maintain fitness in the house and if not then I don’t see what an extra 2 days will do. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we win.
  7. Silly? It’s an example of a similar situation except most of our players will be available. Are you saying the games should only be called off if the clubs don’t have enough quality players remaining? We don’t even know who the 5 are.
  8. Hard to know for sure with the 5. They will need to be assessed but if they have no effects then they will be available to play.
  9. Again I’m no fan of the SPFL but the club have a short lived memory. The SPFL allowed us to move a fixture when the floodlights needed replaced. Can you imagine the outrage if fans were back and fixtures had to be changed due to lack of daylight? I think the club got off with that one to be honest and were lucky it happened when no fans were able to attend. The lack of preparation isn’t ideal but we should have a full squad to select from. Celtic had to play against Hibs when they had 13 players missing plus their manager. An angry tirade against the SPFL only serves to deflect the fact we have a small squad with little quality.
  10. Can imagine if the shoe was on the other foot then there would be plenty of people demanding the game went ahead. We had no problem playing Partick in a potential title decider just after they had played another crucial match 2 nights before. Cove have a big match against Queens Park the following weekend so they won’t want to have their preparation for that effected either. Hopefully the guys who had Covid won’t have any lasting effects but the guys who were just isolating should be able to have kept fit. This won’t just affect our club so just hope their is consistency with any similar situation. Just fed up of listening to the clubs outrage and excuses when they’ve consistently made a mess of things themselves over the past 3 seasons.
  11. I can’t stand the SPFL but I’m in no way going to start pointing the finger of accountability at them before our club. Our board can’t even tell us about a half a million pound investment. You don’t seem to care about that yet demand the names of the SPFL board. The SPFL are awful but they’re not the ones responsible for the situation we’re currently in.
  12. Yip let’s not lose sight of the fact that Gary Deans thought he was more important than investment of over half a million pounds. Where are we now is shopping in the bargain basement for players whilst forking out loads off the field to prove we’re still a ‘big’ club. All in the while risking yet another season in League One as a result. If they don’t want fans who are willing to stump up a large amount of cash for an even say in the boardroom then I’m not convinced they’ll take much heed to a fans rep on the board with a fraction of the investment.
  13. I’m just reminded of when Michael Chopra played for Alloa in the Championship! Still only 32 at the time.
  14. Yeh I agree, I’m just trying to suss out the board’s position. Clearly they don’t want to spend any more at the moment.
  15. If the new Supporters Association starts up next month, do you think the board will be waiting to see the uptake on that before we see any more faces? Window closes the end of August and it doesn’t seem like they want to put any extra money in at the moment judging on recent signings.
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