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  1. A club like ours needs someone to be hands on and connect with the fans and local businesses. I’m certain there’s fans out there who are a lot more capable than Phil Rawlins at turning the club around. We need to stop this big club infrastructure crap and concentrate on what matters, doing the best we can to put a winning team on the park and making the whole match day experience as good as it can be.
  2. We haven’t even produced the results of the ‘Bairns Bonus draw’(the old 50/50 which has been vastly improved/changed name). Stuff like that should surely just be par for the course. Drawn and announced the same day. Honestly with the Americans(I know one is English) taking over I expected noticeable improvements on all fronts. It really has got worse. Phil Rawlins to me is now no more than a suave salesman. Maybe an up market George Craig who likewise has convinced the footballing world he’s some sort of messiah and made a reputation off the back of others successes. We deserve better.
  3. Other than knowing what foot they kick with what do you actually do with that information? Spend all night trying to come up with decent come backs to shut up Si Ferry? Wear ear plugs?
  4. Get rid of the full board. It’s clear that the attitude in there is contagious. I’d even happily get shot of the Rawlins. Really not seeing what they’re adding. Our club still looks amateurish from all angles and is getting worse. All they’ve done is fill the staff with mid level managers with big titles.
  5. What I’d say too for anyone that suggests the positives of our draw with Peterhead. Yes we created a lot but this Peterhead team are dreadful and we’ve just came off a bad week for the club. Passions should be high and there will be extra motivation to go out and deliver. We still only drew.
  6. Yeh to think there is a guy on that board who is there for his apparent PR expertise and that is the way they decide to open it. Absolutely tone deaf. If Deans just selected his cronies then he’s picked as arrogant a bunch as himself, apart from maybe that guy who didn’t say anything. They have to go. No doubt about it.
  7. And unlike that footnote, the last thing we need is the Status Quo!
  8. The wounds won’t heal if we don’t remove those that are constantly inflicting them.
  9. Don’t you get it!? Venting your spleen is exactly what these forums are for. Fortunately in the real world we conduct ourselves in a more civilised manner whilst asking tough questions. If only the board could hold their contempt for the fan base for 2 hours then they’d be in a better position.
  10. It was good that they didn’t get hell to be honest. Quite frankly for what was said the crowd was well behaved. Had it been more rowdy then it would draw less focus on the attitude of the board. As a result, even those fans who sympathised with the board know exactly what a bunch of charlatans they are. They attacked before any fan had a proper go at them and the response to a well researched, polite question said it all. Honestly for those of us that have been trying to expose their incompetence for a while now there’s nothing more we could do to expose them than their own actions on the night. That said, their complete lack of self awareness even went to lengths I didn’t think were capable that night and their arrogance is extraordinary. It even explained more to myself about why we are in the doldrums.
  11. There’s Gary Deans foreground with Colin Liddel at the other end of the table at a company they worked together in Kilmarnock called the Halo. You can check it on companies house. That a good enough link?
  12. Do you remember the PR guys response to the poster on here who emailed the club about the last Q and A. That was an embarrassing response. If PR is his job then he’s not very good at it.
  13. Reading a comment on Facebook praising Phil Rawlins need for infrastructure. I get that we need people in place to run the club but there’s no point in laying foundations for a Skyscraper if it only leaves you enough money to build a bungalow. We shouldn’t leave the first team underfunded for unnecessary positions and vanity projects.
  14. Not really but I do think that it won’t be really effective till we’re in a worse position than we are at present. Would support it either way though.
  15. I agree. Think this underlines why the NB wanted parity for their money. Why stick in half a million if the stench of the current regime is still around and your investment has next to no effect as Deans and Co vote with the Rawlins. Rawlins likes to talk about a 3 legged stool but it’s a bloody wonky one if it’s the 6 of them against 2 others fan representatives, outside investors or whatever other token positions they want in exchange for much needed cash.
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