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  1. Just finished listening. Thought Kenny and Keith came across well. They explained their position well and apologised for how the statement came across which is what we all wanted. It certainly made a huge change to the beligerent and contemptible style of Deans and co. I still think there’s a lot the club can still do to try and entice fans to spend money without just asking for it. I also think there still should be some accountability on player signings to protect the club from long term deals or high wages on risky players but do understand that it’s not as easy to implement when trying to appease the manager too. That said, I think they answered well and gave a very good insight to how things are at the club. Was really refreshing to hear and hope that as a result many more sign up to the FSS so that we can ensure things keep ticking over till the end of the season.
  2. I never get the need to completely dismiss someone, unless you can absolutely refute what is being said, new user or not. I remember a new user suggesting the new Falkirk development team was a sham. That was dismissed but clearly there was truth in it. Same was said when it was suggested Clarke Epos was a cowboy outfit. Not all criticism is unfair or without merit, nor is it automatically made with some form of agenda. Most of us just want to see the club excel in all areas.
  3. The immediate targets they set sound pretty ominous to be honest. How much was left in the bank in the last set of accounts?
  4. True but as far as I can remember Waddle was funded by a fan and Stainrod was on a pay as you play deal. Maybe the same should have been done with Griffiths, then none us could complain. Your last post criticised the board for Holts signing though so surely we’re in agreement that there are times when the board can question the value of some signings or put in place clauses that won’t hurt the club should they not work out?
  5. Heard that said too but also by people who blamed the old board for the state of the squad. I think sanctioning the signing of a player on £1.5k-£2.5k for only a few months when finances are poor should be an area where the board have to make a stand. Also think allowing a departing manager to sign an unproven player on a year’s contract shortly before leaving is a point where it’s possible to make a stand too.
  6. I agree too. There has to be some acceptance of money squandered by those in charge too before fans are criticised for not spending more. If you choose to that then quite rightly some serious questions will then be asked about how money has been spent. Leigh Griffiths was a risk and ultimately a waste of money, Finlay Malcolm was a bizarre signing and waste of a wage so far. Was it worthwhile to move to training on grass at this point in time? There’s a few things that could maybe have been handled better so I think a bit of accountability wouldn’t go amiss and would help bridge the gap with fans.
  7. True but that shouldn’t excuse letting a charlatan in the doors. Would have been interesting to see how many who pledged for BtB stumped up cash as the FSS numbers certainly don’t match what was suggested. Also we had the Navy Blue group recently offering a £500k investment(if memory serves)? That seems to have changed in to a £250k investment via the patrons. Is that money still there from either group? Where’s the lost pledgers and what of the Navy Blue investment?
  8. Did Kenny Jamieson not lambast the board for entertaining Mark Campbell at a time when we needed new investment? Surely he can’t then be part of a board that would let in someone of a similar ilk?
  9. I’m not totally convinced by this argument to be honest. There are around 1.2m shares left. They would cost about £500k to buy and would represent 26% of shares. If I’m not mistaken the board have the right to refuse anyone who offers to buy these shares so I just don’t see why they would sell to a Mark Campbell type. I also don’t think £500k for 27% of a League 1 club with little assets represents good value for money, particularly with no control of the board. Saying that too, why should we not look for an outside investor with a lot of money? We still need a third leg of the stool to fulfil, unless the Rawlins stump up. As long as fans have enough shares to Veto then would it not be a good thing to have a rich investor who can help stump up the cash to tide things over?
  10. That statement is extremely poor. Not sure what they hoped for it to achieve but trying to provoke fans in to spending more money because it’s their duty to carry the burden of mismanagement was badly judged.
  11. The worry now is that teams have already sussed out how to get at us and we don’t have enough to change it around. Had hoped we added more physicality in our back line but Henderson can’t get bullied the way he did for the first goal on Saturday. Far too easy.
  12. Do you think we were the only club in for Stephen McGinn? I think a few things can tip the balance but manager turnover is far down the list compared to money and league positioning, particularly since most clubs have a high turnover. McGlynn has every chance of being here for the long run as Rhys McCabe has at Airdrie or Ian Murray at Raith Rovers.
  13. This for me. I get we all want to pull together but I would think those of us that are critiquing things are not doing it to cause division but to help the club improve in every area. With that in mind, I just noticed that Harry Burgoyne and Zak Rudden are no longer on advertising the hospitality! It’s good timing since he could be lining up against us tonight. It’s good to see the club are listening. Long may it continue and let’s hope the next picture of Rudden on the site will be him on the losing side after tonight!
  14. I do wonder this too. Know it’s a step up from Stenny so probably a bit of a learning curve but he is the one that’s paid to run the club and been there for over a year now.
  15. Can’t seem to buy any tickets for any of our upcoming matches beyond the next home match vs Alloa. Not sure why anyone considers that to be a minor issue. It’s basic stuff. Also still has Zak Rudden and Harry Burgoyne pictures on the hospitality page! Know that doesn’t matter quite as much but does look amateur when neither have played with us for 3 years.
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