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  1. So does that mean if i put a tenner on us, i will lose a tenner?
  2. I heard Watson chucked white dug shite at Peter Grant before skipping away to the tune of blue bell polka
  3. Aye the Lizzie shows the football. Can sit outside or inside. Would try and get a table near the bar as they are still insisting on operating table service and that can be a bit hit or miss depending who is working. If you get one of the tables at the bar you can normally get served quite quickly.
  4. I was looking forward to this game but sadly having to attend with @Chicken Wing. Anyway this should be a easy home win. Partick are dross.
  5. The risk of being next to you! I would be fine company, until i leave the game early for a pint.
  6. What is stopping Stenny fans buying tickets? other than being no official away end the tickets are on general sale to anyone who wants one.
  7. Mine has a seat on it, but i went into stadium map and picked a seat.
  8. yep just ordered mine. Pretty simple process and better than the old ticket system.
  9. We didn't play great last night but looking at the current state of the squad i wasn't expecting anything other than a loss. We should win our 2 remaining games and hopefully that will get us through to the next round.
  10. We don't need a midfield just do what most teams do and hoof the ball from defence to attack and play a new formation of 4-0-5
  11. We wont get any more than 1000 in just now. Knockhill which is a massive outdoor space is only being allowed to sell 1000 tickets for events just now and that would be deemed a safer environment for spectators that football no doubt
  12. not just England, most of European players are the same.....Messi is now without a club, heard he loves a Stepehen's steak bridie
  13. Don't see why he wouldn't be considered by Wales, they don't exactly have a massive player pool to pick from. Scotland are not to different either, outside of Marshall & Gordon none are really all that great imo.
  14. Agree, £20 is a total rip off. At our level it should be at most £15 imo
  15. Should be a decent game imo. Would like to see Nisbet and Adams start together in one of the 2 games to see how they link up together
  16. don't think anything has been put up yet, will probably be done next week once contracts have expired
  17. I sort of agree about Crawford but AJ when we got him was not a "could be worse" manager, he was a great manager to get at the time considering we were in league 1
  18. Do Brechin try these corner routines most weeks? Reminds me of when Aberdeen used to try something similar years ago
  19. Petrie imo would be a decent appointment but i doubt he will leave part time football due to having a decent job outwith the game I feel the board are going to keep Crawford and see how we get on next season, which means it will be another year of boring football and long Scottish cup run of 1 game
  20. Just get Crawford to f**k. Another brutal season under him
  21. Our fine away record for this season.....well done, collectively to all the players and staff.
  22. Montrose can still make the play-offs ahead of Falkirk, which would be outstanding
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