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  1. The risk of being next to you! I would be fine company, until i leave the game early for a pint.
  2. What is stopping Stenny fans buying tickets? other than being no official away end the tickets are on general sale to anyone who wants one.
  3. Mine has a seat on it, but i went into stadium map and picked a seat.
  4. yep just ordered mine. Pretty simple process and better than the old ticket system.
  5. We didn't play great last night but looking at the current state of the squad i wasn't expecting anything other than a loss. We should win our 2 remaining games and hopefully that will get us through to the next round.
  6. We don't need a midfield just do what most teams do and hoof the ball from defence to attack and play a new formation of 4-0-5
  7. We wont get any more than 1000 in just now. Knockhill which is a massive outdoor space is only being allowed to sell 1000 tickets for events just now and that would be deemed a safer environment for spectators that football no doubt
  8. not just England, most of European players are the same.....Messi is now without a club, heard he loves a Stepehen's steak bridie
  9. Don't see why he wouldn't be considered by Wales, they don't exactly have a massive player pool to pick from. Scotland are not to different either, outside of Marshall & Gordon none are really all that great imo.
  10. Agree, £20 is a total rip off. At our level it should be at most £15 imo
  11. Should be a decent game imo. Would like to see Nisbet and Adams start together in one of the 2 games to see how they link up together
  12. don't think anything has been put up yet, will probably be done next week once contracts have expired
  13. I sort of agree about Crawford but AJ when we got him was not a "could be worse" manager, he was a great manager to get at the time considering we were in league 1
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