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  1. Says ‘undisclosed fee’ in the article so we did get something for him, just no idea what
  2. Possibly because he is ‘technically’ still under contract by the club and this is a list of out of contract players
  3. Could Turner be one of the players that McCall was talking about the other day that Patrick were struggling to compete with contract wise with us?
  4. So the question is, is this a replacement for McDonald then, signalling that he isn’t going to be going full time? Or is this more of a case of trying to have a couple of options to play at left back considering the past couple of seasons we have had a wee issue in cover in that position a few times
  5. 0-0, seeing how the game went and the chances the pars created, fairly satisfied with that tbh
  6. Having Gullan back and potentially McDonald starting is a big boost for Saturday. Fingers crossed that Mathews and Vaughn are even fit for the play offs, never mind the hearts game!
  7. Lol, was going to say fully confident but then changed it to pretty optimistic, forgot to delete the ‘fully’
  8. Tbh I can’t see anything other than McGlynn playing our strongest possible team, barring injuries of course. Win and it’s a guaranteed play off place and puts us in a strong position going into the Dundee game to cement that second place. Without being complacent, I’m fully pretty optimistic going into the game that we can get maximum points against Alloa this season. Fingers crossed
  9. Yeah I totally agree with this. Getting all 4 signed would be truly tremendous, but if we could get at least 2/4 then I would still be pretty happy with that, but obviously gutted on the other 2 leaving
  10. Maybe wouldn’t say perfect, the pars are still gaining a point at ayr
  11. No surprises there tbh that our games picked for tv
  12. So would I be correct in saying that for centre halves next season we currently have bene, McKay, Berra and Lang? Mendy’s contract is up this season isn’t it? Would it be likely that it would just be the four under contract now that we would stick with for next season, considering we have had 4 for this season too since McKay has been out all season? Or more likely to sign mendy or musonda on for next season too, giving us 5. Highly doubt it would be both lol
  13. If it’s to replace Davidson then it’s an upgrade for sure but if he’s coming in to to replace frankie then I’m truly gutted at that, really need to try and tie frankie down to another contract
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