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  1. Has the extreme element in Hindu side been a relatively new phenomenon in UK? while the extreme views in Islam has been around longer. Both minority views but clearly influencing young people on both sides now. Was there not similar fighting between Sikhs and Muslims maybe 15-20 years ago?
  2. whats the best website for renting movies on an individual basis. Netflix movies doesnt take long to watch everything thats of interest and I dont want to add another streaming platform, i would rather just pay for single movie. Plus new movies or indie movies are harder to find on streaming platforms
  3. 2nd season of Snabba Cash is starting this week, should be good hopefully.
  4. I was just looking for some western to watch, will give this a go.
  5. watching last episode tonight good acting
  6. Baby Driver - It was ok but I lost interest with about 30 mins to go. It gets good reviews and scores but I cant see why. Average movie
  7. Thanks, what was South Uist like?
  8. Absolute Classic, like you mention the pace of those 70s movies. Its rarely seen now. Maybe uncut Gems was an example nowadays where it had that sort of pace
  9. The only thing stopping clubs from doing what is best Id agree with that
  10. Good timing, some sound for 88
  11. 1993 and still sounding good
  12. whats the drive from Stornaway down to South Uist like? Any tips. I presume 1 ferry required and how big is it? do you need to book in advance
  13. Great night Giants and Cardinals both winning. Some game that was
  14. where did they go this week? What were they fishing for?
  15. The Doors - Riders on the Storm
  16. no positives today. Too many points to write in what was wrong. One defeat though and if we can use it to get us working harder for the next spell of games then maybe its needed. One point though I cant resist. Will we ever rest Mcgregor in a game. thats 2nd time he could have been rested. Hes played far too many games over the last few seaspns and Ange said that himself at start of season. If he keeps missing these opportunites it can get more difficult to do later.
  17. Good win for St Mirren, well deserved over the 90 mins. Not much else I can say
  18. I was disappointed with the performance last night. For majority of first half i.e 15 minutes-45 I thought we were really poor. 2nd half we were better but still very average and as has been the norm at times especially last season just not clinical infront of goal. At this level if we continue like that we wont be qualifying for anything. Hopefully it was just a bad night and to have a bad performance and still get a draw is a step up. I was just hoping for more and maybe thats a good sign. We didnt prove anything last night and the games with Redbull will be tough I think. Got to get at least 4 points of RB and beat Shaktar to have any chance of 2nd. Id accept 3rd and a run in europa. The game against Madrid it felt like we left everything on the pitch, last night felt far from that and maybe thats why it was so disappointing. Onwards and upwards though, one game at a time.
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