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  1. Im the same, I dont want Celtic in the EPL. All the english clubs are completely souless nowadays due to the EPL.
  2. I can only go on the opinions of rangers fans I know but seems the majority expect to win, that from memory was different to when they played Zenit. seems the feeling is confident, i guess this game seems far more winnable than last time
  3. It seems to bother people though and its Celtics identity and history.
  4. Theres always a sense of romanticised history in every immigrants story and it does always hold on to events longer. Thats an immigrant story the world over. Nova Scotia holds a version of Scottishness thats a time capsule of when they left. I could say its a bit rich of a fan of a club still singing about Bobby Sands to raise the question but that would be too easy
  5. I didnt specify that but i dont see any difference. Clubs having some unique or different identity is interesting I think. Ajax still strongly identify to this day with their Jewish history and background Bilboa strongly identify with being Basque Spurs have a strong Jewish identity and history St Pauli a left wing anarchist identity Livorno FC before they went bust another left wing club Assyriska in Sweden, Syrian immigrants and fans mainly I dont see an issue with it myself, the more difference the better, makes it more interesting
  6. Frankfurt were garbage yesterday but they are an average german team which means they are decent. I dont think theres any doubt even from rangers fans though that they could get to the next 10 europa finals and they would never get an easier final opponent than Frankfurt.
  7. Ive never understood the issue with a football club having an identity that reflects its fan base or history. I can think of quite a few clubs like that throughout europe. Be boring as feck all clubs from countries had to be the same
  8. The littering is shite behaviour but all football crowds gathered in large numbers do it, ive seen that happen from the tartan army, european teams etc. Ofcourse its not just limited to football crowds festivals and gigs. Friday and Saturday nights it happens. I dont get it myself why people think its alright
  9. watched Frankfurts game yesterday for about 30 minutes before turning off , they are garbage. They couldnt pass the ball. Finishing 11th or wherever clearly is their level at best. You couldnt get an easier euro final opponent than this
  10. I have a bucket hat I wear from time to time, though funnily enough never at a festival/outdoor gig. Im thinking that maybe deosnt save me from moron status.
  11. think i saw a 5 star review for it, which surprised me
  12. Getting a proper break for the players instead of being back early for qualifyers is good for next season.
  13. I havent heard anything but im guessing he wanted to leave? Is that correct?
  14. Wtf is a celtic moment?? a moment in Celtics history, not that difficult to work out surely
  15. either wembley is a shite stadium or liverpool supports is rank nowadays, Chelseas always was rank I havent watched a FA cup final for few years but that was the worst atmosphere I can remember
  16. that was souless football on and off the pitch
  17. The scousers the most undeserving cup winners in a while, shite players and support today
  18. Tam Rogic leaving the pitch when subbed was a Celtic moment, really enjoyed watching him play. At his best he was unstoppable, the ball glued to his feet. Some of the goals he scored at crucial times just top class. He will be missed.
  19. thinking about Champions league final, I think Salah was thinking about that in first half
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