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  1. this game feels like anything is possible except us gubbing them, we can win, draw and most likely lose. I feel confident though we can get something , a draw would be monumental and set us up for the last game nicely. All would be forgotten about if we qualify. Enjoy the game everyone, Friday night, euros Scotland v England. This deosnt happen that often! Something to enjoy whatever
  2. any movies to recommend on netflix?
  3. Belgium look garbage so far, they aint winning anything you would think
  4. I agree. Stopping a game seemed ridiculous to be honest
  5. The 10 minute stoppage will help belgium way this has started
  6. looks packed the stadium, last game against Finland looked a quarter full. Did they change rules to allow more ?
  7. took that well, sloppy defending we got a game now though
  8. VAR should only over rule clearly wrong calls, in that case the feet were level it was just the lean by Finnish player put them slightly in front of defender
  9. Finland played ok, the Var goal ruled out was a pity but thats the rules seems overly strict though for a marginal call. Still a chance to get a draw last game if Belgium play an under strength team but its unlikely. Whats the rules for groups and teams on same points, whats the deciding factors?
  10. Good first half , Russia had most possession clearly and 1 nil to them based on that fair but that offside goal was so marginal Just the draw needed though, come on Finland the chances will come
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