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  1. Im not a SNP supporter(Indy voter but not alba)and up until about a year ago I thought they ran things better than labour did or anyone else.. I have realised now with some history and hindsigt that they dont run things any better. What has improved things slightly is a devolved governmet what would improve things sightly more is an independent government. The snp isnt any better than any other party but the structure of independence would be better even if its just slightly better.
  2. The Scotrail website deosnt seem to allow tickets to be bought in August , is that not possible yet? or am i missing something on the site.
  3. CCV for 6 million if thats the price is a bargain going by todays prices
  4. The transport minister on Radio Scotland basically sounding like a tory and blaming drivers for no working on their days off , ffs you couldnt make it up
  5. Id go with Rail, Water, Energy to some extent. It doesnt have to be 100% always
  6. I read a book by Michio Kaku where he mentioned it, that was first time I had heard the idea, was Maths the building block of universe or is it just invented and the way we try and understand the universe. Its a good one.
  7. The trouble will start when the Chelsea fans arrive
  8. Im the same, I dont want Celtic in the EPL. All the english clubs are completely souless nowadays due to the EPL.
  9. I can only go on the opinions of rangers fans I know but seems the majority expect to win, that from memory was different to when they played Zenit. seems the feeling is confident, i guess this game seems far more winnable than last time
  10. It seems to bother people though and its Celtics identity and history.
  11. Theres always a sense of romanticised history in every immigrants story and it does always hold on to events longer. Thats an immigrant story the world over. Nova Scotia holds a version of Scottishness thats a time capsule of when they left. I could say its a bit rich of a fan of a club still singing about Bobby Sands to raise the question but that would be too easy
  12. I didnt specify that but i dont see any difference. Clubs having some unique or different identity is interesting I think. Ajax still strongly identify to this day with their Jewish history and background Bilboa strongly identify with being Basque Spurs have a strong Jewish identity and history St Pauli a left wing anarchist identity Livorno FC before they went bust another left wing club Assyriska in Sweden, Syrian immigrants and fans mainly I dont see an issue with it myself, the more difference the better, makes it more interesting
  13. Frankfurt were garbage yesterday but they are an average german team which means they are decent. I dont think theres any doubt even from rangers fans though that they could get to the next 10 europa finals and they would never get an easier final opponent than Frankfurt.
  14. Ive never understood the issue with a football club having an identity that reflects its fan base or history. I can think of quite a few clubs like that throughout europe. Be boring as feck all clubs from countries had to be the same
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