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  1. Top of the town isn't that bad, Wallace tower onwards is grim
  2. 100% The Europa league final outed a few folk like this. Folk I'd seen at Somerset fairly regularly popping up in Seville.
  3. Shankland ended up contacting St. Mirren and going for another scan during that time; turned out the injury had become infected.
  4. He had one decent game in 20 and was a total shitebag defensively
  5. Not sure what was worse today, the officials or our defending. Massive improvement needed for thistle on Tuesday, got a feeling we’ll be on the wrong end of a hiding
  6. Side question- at what point does Moff enter testimonial territory?
  7. Was there not an offer of 250k for Shankland and we knocked that back when he was in his last season? Fylde and that Belgian outfit spring to mind.
  8. Glad that’s out the road, pointless tournament. How did Bangala play?
  9. Do we think we’ll get another body in before the deadline or is that our whack?
  10. Not a big fan of that, however it’s better than some of the absolute shanners we’ve had in recent years. The new training gear available yet? @Finlay21
  11. Fucking tremendous tonight. Sincerely hope that’s the beginning of this team really clicking into gear.
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