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  1. Salkeld was the definition of a headless chicken and Chalmers was the definition of an empty jersey. the fact we got money for him is absolutely astounding
  2. Hawd that ya horrible Merlot guzzling hipster fucks.
  3. and with that lads I’m signing off for the season. Hopefully we’re still in this league come the end of the season but tbh I don’t see it
  4. Was always Tomi for me for POTY i always thought he would leave after this season regardless though, seems to spend the majority of his time down south so I wouldn’t be surprised if he rocked up at some national league outfit in the summer
  5. A hiding tomorrow and there will be a bit of bother I think
  6. Hasn’t kicked a ball since the 4-0 win away at Raith as far as I can make out
  7. So we’ve no central midfield and no right backs? Superb Dunfermline -2 is 15/2 on bet365 btw folks
  8. This time last year. The lead up to this game has all the hallmarks of this
  9. This season of ours is going to hinge on this game up at east end innit?
  10. The only players I’d keep (no matter what happens come the end of the season) would probably be Reading, McInroy, Maxwell and Adeloye the rest of that rabble can gtf. re Bullen time will tell, that squad is a rabble of the players Kerr wanted to sign and Hopkins haddies. He needs to build his own squad but more importantly he needs his own staff
  11. Would probably have taken a point before kick off but f**k me that was an atrocious performance.
  12. Would love the big fella to stay but I reckon he’ll go back down south regardless of what happens this season
  13. Interviews well but completely swerved the question about next season The lack of updates about who’s fit for Friday was quite concerning. Absolutely desperate for Dempsey and Tomi to at least make the bench.
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