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  1. Superb result today!!! also heard that we’ve got plans in the pipeline to cover the north terrace in the not to distant future?
  2. Jury’s out on Duffy until at least the K*llie game IMO
  3. Couldny give two hoots about that cup. All the best Alloa.
  4. If they have one of the Pixellot cameras at Dumbarton the game should be on Hesgoal.. no guarantees but.
  5. Might be a good game to get 90 min in the tank for moff Aye a suppose so. Bench or drop the likes of Adeloye, O’Connor and Reading, keep them fresh.
  6. One happy camper tonight, tremendous result and performance today. As for Tuesday let the youths/ressies play, couldn’t give two hoots about that Mickey Mouse cup.
  7. Has there ever been a boycott/walkout? surely that would send a pretty clear message.
  8. The speed at which the club has regressed since McCall left is terrifying. Before the game I would have said a skelping against that lot in October would be the deathnail.. I reckon it’ll be Saturday now.
  9. Literally had a central midfielder in Andy Murdoch on the bench as well, the mind boggles. Jack Ross was at the game the night, if I was him I’d be getting that boy up the road ASAP.
  10. Was actually good to see the SRE voicing their opinion on mass by the end rather than the trickle of ‘GTF Hopkin’ throughout the first half.
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