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  1. Limp into the playoffs it is then Grim af. Never turn up for big games this lot.
  2. We’ve got big Kirk on that bench, we’ll be fine Massive statement of intent if we manage a win tonight. Keeps things interesting.
  3. Bullen will still be here next season but it’s absolutely paramount that he gets his own coaching staff in. Over the course a promotion playoff finish (hopefully) is a massive improvement on the last couple of seasons; but there’s still a lot of work to be done. I’m less devastated about the Falkirk result than I thought I would be but I put that down to expecting us to lose after the last couple of month’s performances.
  4. Gutted about that. Another pressure game, with a great away support, and the team on the park bottle it.
  5. Where the f**k has that level of performance been the past few weeks?!
  6. SPFL using the term fast-track in the same way we use #imminent then ?
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