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  1. Farce. Pretty much ruled it out now. Was never a huge fan of the format it was only really going to feel like a proper tournament from the ko stages. Holland and Italy’s group for example those home games are just going to feel like glorified qualifiers for them.
  2. Stayed up and watched the lot on all 4, was really good.
  3. I’ve took refund for Czech Croatia too. I reckon it’ll be easy enough to pick back up if I want should it go ahead at hampden, not too bothered as to risk it though.
  4. I’m at that game and booked digs as close to hampden as possible so I can watch england Scotland afterwards as I’m guessing pubs will be rammed and it will be a huge rush to catch ko after going to earlier game, also my accent may not go down great in the pubs.
  5. Looks a bit sneaky some of the t and c’s about change of venue due to covid. I’m unable to go to bilbao now so asked for Refund for those. Still got tickets for all Czech games bizarrely and the last 16 at hampden.
  6. That’s probably the most uninspired group in euros history.
  7. Manics at Newcastle city hall in 1996. Was odd going from seemingly the only kid who liked them at my comp to a place full of Richie knockoffs in feather boa’s and eyeliner. Catatonia supported and Cerys made some joke about Andy Cole having his legs broke off Neil ruddock which happened around then. Great stuff.
  8. Mjf calling Cassidy a ginger p***k was amusing.
  9. I’ve also lost interest in the main ones mentioned. Football cliches is my favourite one at the moment, pretty amusing. I think that’s the only one I really listen to about modern football. Vincera about Italia 90 was class and Nessum dorma although irregular is the only podcast I’ve chipped in a few quid for.
  10. Just watched it, even as a non evertonian I enjoyed it. Kendall is from my home town and played in the same school team as Bryan ferry. Good soundtrack as well.
  11. Rip big man. Was terrified of him as a kid which was surely the point. No danger of that gimmick happening now
  12. Not really always had loads as a kid and as I’ve got older started to pick more up not to wear. I’ve cashed in on a few recently just as they go for so much and it justifies some of my recent purchases.
  13. Had the lilac rangers top as a kid also
  14. Harrogate is a massive Tory town also. Mon the heed today.
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