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  1. Pretty much the same although red was ok. Seen them play the blue album and then Pinkerton on consecutive nights in Melbourne which were amazing. The rentals stuff is probably more in keeping with early weezer before Matt sharp left and they declined. I think the green album and some early oasis albums were probably my most anticipated album releases.
  2. It had terrible sight lines too. Hillsborough still looks dated now but I like it. Couldn’t afford to go to the St James’ ones as a 13 year old think the tickets started at £25. I don’t think Euro 96 is going to stand up very well on reflection.
  3. More interested in watching the build up to the england swiss game then the actual game. It’s amazing they didn’t tart Wembley up a bit more for this.
  4. Was a good start I thought, was wary as football related stuff can often be shit.
  5. Just read flea’s book and listening to by the way again. Enjoying it more than I can remember, probably coz I’m older and I don’t begrudge it not being like suck my kiss etc
  6. Mariehamn won the Finnish league a few years ago hailing from the majority Swedish aland islands and having a 2k stadium.
  7. Was alright although a bit unrealistic at times and laid on quite thick. The main lad done my head in and the rest all succeeded in being very dislike able. Ending was quite predictable.
  8. I’ve changed job and can’t listen to podcasts all day so don’t listen to the guardian anymore and haven’t been betting as much so haven’t listened to racing post or matchbook. I enjoyed the football pink retro ones and I’m a patron of Nessum dorma.
  9. going to all the Czech group games. Chance of England making it to Rome 1/4 final pretty slim also.
  10. Draw simulation here although in Turkish. Will the ko times and fixtures be sorted tonight? http://euro2020.demarke.com.tr
  11. Wales likely go in the Italy/Ukraine or Denmark/Russia/Belgium group I think. Hopefully dross like Hungary don’t get in through the back door
  12. Croatia on the verge now and it means a win would be good enough for either side when Hungary travel to Wales, draw let’s the Slovaks in.
  13. Speaking in current terms Newcastle United have had ‘derbies’ the last few years with Burnley and Huddersfield. Hibs in the summer gone is vaguely closer and certainly easier to get to. Boro are definitely another as one sided rivalries with the Tyne and Wear sides anyway. I suppose by default sunderland fall into the same category, Yorkshire is closest bunch of clubs for them and they now have some weird rivalry with Pompey and Coventry. historically Napoli jump out as they dwarve the clubs nearby like salernitana or juve stabia.
  14. This twitter site is pretty useful. As Finland look like being pot 4 they wouldn’t be able to play at hampden in the groups as I’m sure that space will have to be left open in case Scotland make it. Belgium will go into the danish and Russian group I believe they said as Ukraine can not play Russia, Ukraine would probably go in the Germany group I think. England and Scotland could be joined by France and Portugal. Going to three games in this group and potential 1/4 final involving the winner in Rome so torn between wanting England to qualify but not wanting to travel up to Hamden to see Scotland play someone pretty average as a neutral.
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