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  1. Wow Alaphilippe! Got 150 e/w after listening to the racing post podcast tipped him. Real chance now!
  2. I’ve been listening to nostalgia ones all summer. Enjoyed the football pinks review of the 90/91 season and some nessum dorma’s. As a Newcastle I have absolutely no enthusiasm for modern day football currently.
  3. Just looked at it all again. Going off my predictions I’ve got Bosnia Austria wales and Slovakia in b. With Romania turkey and both Ireland’s going into a. Scotland Norway Serbia and Bulgaria in c with d unchanged. I could well be wrong.
  4. Just watched the last two, can only second what’s been said on here, excellent throughout.
  5. With teams changing every year we are seeing more tweets than ever before. Hull usually alternate from stripes to solid anyway. Much better than what we are seeing with Barca, juve etc
  6. Wales best hope is Denmark qualifying from groups and replacing them in the play offs against possibly other replacements, if I’ve worked that out correctly. Not over for them in the group yet really long way to go but an uphill battle, played 2/3 hardest games though.
  7. The piss poor format looking even worse now. Farcicle World Cup. I’m supposed to be at Sri Lanka West Indies in Chester le street, probably be a dead rubber at best even if we get a game. ICC doing a terrible job in growing the game.
  8. I’m a big fan but he did spring to mind here. Was jealous of kim deals success in the breeders and basically broke up the band. Very temperamental on stage seen him walk off at a catholic’s gig after one or two songs. He was on the vinyl justice section of Adam and joe and a bit mental on that too.
  9. Yeah the virtues was slow at times but the pay off was excellent, great performances from all the main cast.
  10. Around the same time the Anglo Italian Cup came back which was considered a first cup but is a rare chance for some clubs to play abroad. Port vale v Genoa was the last final I seem to recall
  11. More I look into and consider tickets for euros as a neutral the more I reckon its best to apply where host unlikely to qualify so it feels like actual tournament rather than for example a Dutch home game. Reckon it might be a bust tbf but be mad not to try for British isles ones. Only think it will feel like a real tournament for non hosts and after the group stage. Anyone else applying when they go on sale in a few weeks?
  12. I’ve only just realised England and Scotland would meet should they both qualify.
  13. Mcnulty is some size, gives me hope.
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