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  1. Really dull draw to the neutral imo. Brazil’s group almost identical to 2018 as is France’s. Germany Spain a standout. No obvious group of death although that never looked too likely.
  2. Some hyperbole there in describing two penalty losses.
  3. I broadly agree with you but hosts are always a top seed, Japan, South Korea and South Africa included. wether they should be hosting the wc is another debate. Italy only have themselves to blame anyway. It’ll be easier to qualify next time if the bloated 48 team wc goes ahead.
  4. Wales in the hat, and favourites to emerge surely, shame it will be pot 4 but I don’t think they will complain after this long. Work to do still but they can begin to get excited about the draw, as can Scotland of course.
  5. Hasn’t that ridge guy got form for this?
  6. Just seen the clips of mff and punks entrance, love it when a crowd has flipped.
  7. Wales ‘fan’ here. Delighted with that, still a lot of work to do. Would like Scotland to qualify too, so I hope they make it if Wales don’t rather than ukraine or Austria.
  8. Listeners to something to wrestle with for the first time in years, used to love it but it’s unlistenable now due to the sheer amount of adverts. I do find that the sheer volume and length of episodes makes it quite repetitive as well.
  9. I’ve been getting £25 although irrelevant as I never ever win in this
  10. Long time since I’ve been In here. Have got a tiny amount on compared to usual tournaments more just for entertainment than expectation. I think Holland are a good back to lay as could get a decent route to semi however I’ve had my Betfair closed the other day due to self excluding from paddy power in 2012 and those two companies joint up a few years ago. Depay as a value top scorer due to pish group also seems decent. Ladbrokes free fiver for having ten pound on winner means I’ve just got 6/1 for France too. edit I wouldn’t be backing England due to likely hard last 16 game, plus dodgy goalkeeper and defence. Don’t see the hype about Italy either and cool on Spain too.
  11. Enjoyed the baggio film, great attention to detail on the kits. I thought the friends reunion was going to be a new episode, probably best they’ve went down this route, shame about corden.
  12. has anyone who applied through Uefa for Scotland Czech Republic had a confirmation email yet? thanks
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