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  1. Certainly rumoured and discussed on other threads. Didn't meet ground criteria for EOS as things stand was what I heard.
  2. Already a Fife club too so does that mean they should let other Fife clubs join the ML? Sure the North juniors will love a trip to Perthshire to go with their trip to Fife (should plans for league set ups for 22/23 go ahead and these clubs are involved).
  3. Haven't applied yet possibly although I'm told that was certainly their intention after the EOS knock back. Time will tell.
  4. Why? Whichever way you look at the "dividing line" the three clubs who were rejected were north of it and firmly in ML territory. So will this impact on Letham AFC's application to join the Midlands league? Surely ground location is more of an issue than present facilities. Can't be a rule for one and not for another, or can it?
  5. It's very simple. There is a boundary line which exists or possibly doesn't exist but it must be enforced unless a club is close to that boundary then it doesn't need enforced and if all that doesn't work then we will just use a postcode. Yikes.
  6. So if there is no insurance in it and I've no doubt these clubs know only full well how their applications will be received then why continue to press on? Obviously see something that the others are failing or refusing to see.
  7. I'm hearing the other 3 will see their applications through. Apparently an increase in clubs from the North not interested in having to travel to Tayside every other week along with Tayside clubs not being confident in the juniors ability to deliver on the Midlands talk despite what one club in particular would have everyone believe!
  8. Believe with the addition of Fintry St James there will be 18 teams in the Midlands league for season 21/22 leaving 12 for the following season if the Top 6 do move on as suggested.
  9. Information provided to Tayside teams was that at the conclusion of season 21/22 the top 6 clubs along with the top 6 from the North juniors would come together to form a Premier/superleague at tier 6 seeing those remaining teams become a 7th tier.
  10. I believe Tayport have strong aspirations to develop on and off the field and promotion to tier 5 would certainly be something they would aim for. I think it's entry to the pyramid at Tier 6 in the Midland League over entry at a lower tier if they went to the EOS that's dictating the choice. There is very much a 'we will cross that bridge when we come to it' approach going on with the Midlands league at the minute. All very new and hopefully will be ironed out in time.
  11. Very simple answer - Tier 6
  12. Ready to go for next season? Depends which narrative you want to listen to. Lots of talking being done but there are a lot of ducks to get in a row here! Worth taking the time to get it right rather than trying to force something through thats not been fully thought out?
  13. If nothing changes nothing changes. A new name and a new status granted but everything and possibly more importantly everyone else remains the same. Could well be a reason why clubs have applied to move on.
  14. Forfar West End will be 1 of the 4 I believe. Potentially more clubs from Tayside going by the number of applications? Would certainly make it interesting.
  15. As I said on the other thread two of these clubs are showing a genuine desire to join the EOS league as they see it as a far more progressive set up. They know that means starting in a lower tier (2 or 3 levels lower possibly) than the possibility of a tier 6 Midlands League but that is still more appealing to them. The motive of the other two clubs is unknown.
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