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  1. If I were a player of mid-to-decent level Scottish Premiership standard and some middle standing English Championship level club came asking, you can bet your bottom dollar I'd be gone in a heartbeat. Without even looking at the financial aspect, if you're going to be playing against teams of the size of - (albeit perhaps past history / glories) - the likes of Nottingham Forest, Blackburn, Birmingham City, QPR, Stoke City etc., week in, week out...or staying here and playing against Livingston, Ross County, Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee...for me it just wouldn't compare. Perhaps that could be me accused of dumbing down our league, but personally I'd sure as shite want to try and prove myself at what I'd consider to be an undoubtedly larger, more competitive, more lucrative and more publicised league than moving sideways and remaining in the status quo of the SPL. All the very best to wee Al.
  2. I'd say dazjambo has serious delusions of granduer...! Why some randomer living 280 miles away from Tynecastle has such detailed inside knowledge of Hearts recruitment policy...?! Did ye', aye...!
  3. I started watching it out of sheer boredom at the end of the second lockdown, or whenever it was on...only to realise in the last 10 minutes that I'd actually fucking accidentally started watching the 3rd and last episode first by mistake...🙈😂 I only realised when they started talking about playing Dundee at home, first game of the season... Was that scunnered with myself, I fuckin' deleted the other two episodes in a rage... To be honest, felt quite dirty within myself having spent a full hour watching a programme about Hearts... I wouldn't bother if I were you.
  4. Christ, the thought of Kane, Sterling and Foden running at that defence...!!!
  5. The best ever. In my opinion, every single Motherwell Football Club away kit from now until the end of time should be a variation of this kit. Simples.
  6. The Motherwell away shirt for the rest of eternity should be the 1994 - 1995 Pony effort... Classic, nae messin' about.
  7. Bloody well done Saints, from a 'Well fan. Provisional teams winning cups are an unexpected bonus, however to not only win both in one season, but in your first season in management is utterly outstanding work. Manager of the year, despite what the awards say. Arise Sir Callum Davidson.
  8. Something about your avatar...every post you make, I read as if McGhee is reading it out aloud...!!
  9. I'm same, funnily enough, just posted this on SO... No love for big Bevis Mug-naldo...?! Very important goal at the time, got the win and stopped us potentially going 2nd bottom on the night, maybe even bottom if results went against us, cannae mind exactly. If Bevis had Ruud Gullit-esque dreads, we'd be talking about that header for years!
  10. Going back waaaay further, I recall Craig Paterson, midweek winter game, skiting right off the grass, across the red ash surround and smacking his face off the away dugout (then) concrete surround. Ouch.
  11. Would not be adverse to them all turning together up at Pittodrie either. Except the Godlike Ricki Maldini of course, naturally...😉
  12. Someone was watching Line Of Duty on Sunday night. Mother Of God 🤦‍♂️😂
  13. Hopefully Aberdeen have offered him the captaincy over the course of his deal...such a leader on and off the park.
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