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  1. Christ, nearly shit myself there, I thought I'd made a complete James Hunt of my dates...!!
  2. Apparently there's a game on tonight... I'll happily be avoiding it though, at the O2 Academy to see The Charlatans in their 30th (32nd!!) Anniversary tour...!
  3. Just so I know, we're still calling those bubble-shaped things with the super-fast, spinny blade things on the top, "helicopters" are we? Or have we changed that yet?
  4. So as Chief Operating Officer, will it fall upon Keith Lasley to sack Stephen Robinson then...?! Isn't it ironic...
  5. Anyone at a loose end this weekend coming, get yourself along to this gig in The Bungalow in Paisley Two bands on, one - (my band, The Substitutes) - full off The Who, the other a full on Skank-a-thon...for £8.00.
  6. Finland and Sweden both potentially applying to join NATO might also come into play if the Russian threats to "rebalance the situation" were to come into effect. Hard to see how the Russian 'convential' military could cope fighting on potentially three fronts, given the clusterfuck they created for themselves trying to obliterate one country.
  7. Reading an article on BBC website about Mauricio Pochettino and PSG. Someone needs to make a call to see if they can help out with our LB situation.
  8. This thread seems to have turned a bit Tim Vine!
  9. Christ, that's a whole topic of it's own right there! For me, number 1 - DAVIE SHANKS...! Numbers 2 to 20 all open to intense debate.
  10. Other than the obligatory goal against us, has Watt actually scored since he left for United?
  11. I'm kinda new here, but I'm guessing Captain Saintsible is a bit of a weird egg...?! I stoopitly responded to a post, but I quickly realised there was a difference of, erm, mindsets.
  12. Cracking photo mate!
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