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  1. Like that time Nicky Law left us to "tear up" the Third Division...only with shitier wages, probably.
  2. Agree that "Alexanderball" certainly doesn't appear to be the most exciting I've seen in my time watching 'Well, but going back to where we were when he came in, we were on a one way ticket to the Championship, for God knows how long. He steered us in the right direction away from that, and so far, he has, by hook or by crook, utterly shit-fested 7 points from 12. Is he the long-term, frankly I doubt it, but so far, we're in a better place than we were this time last year. Christ knows the position we would be in had Robbo still been here...but I'm confident we wouldn't even be debating the merits of a wanky three points gained against Dundee, given we would've passed them by on the way down / up.
  3. They would've won 6 - 1 though, had Adam stayed on the pitch... Allegedly.
  4. The whole goalie / defender thing was a total farce, keeper raises his knee totally unnecessarily and takes out the defender...there's simply no way that powder-puff 'touch' on the defender's back had any bearing whatsoever on the incident. However, as mentioned earlier, (or perhaps it was on SO, can't mind), it made it an easy choice for the referee to give a free kick and move on from what could have been a hugely contentious incident. Anyway, incidentally, noted the Sportscene commentary have already renamed Amaluzor to the even more exotic and fanciful "Am-luz-aar"...like it... Bit like Sky Sports renaming Tomas Rosicky as Tomas "Rodziscky / Radziscky" for all the seasons he was in EPL...!
  5. Cue massive Alan Hansen / Willie Miller-esque calamities in the box when their weird mixture of broken English, Norwegian and Finnish chat results in a Curtis Main...... tap-in, in the 89th minute...!
  6. There you are - did not know that...every day a school day...
  7. After a quick Google search, my main take from that Twitter post is that Mjondalen play in BROWN and white...!! Retro 70's Coventry strip aside...how many teams actually play wearing brown as a strip colour...?!!
  8. It's mental how, in my time supporting since late 80's, the odd (really) bad season aside, we've generally floated between the top 3 to 6, or between the bottom 7 to 10, without being massively at perilous risk of the drop, league reconstruction aside. That said, the last few seasons, as a fan who hasn't been to the games as much as previous and would like, Covid aside, I can't help but think there's a massive over estimation of what is expected from a Motherwell team in this period. We won a cup in 1991. Prior to that was 52...(54?)...sorry can't mind right now. We've had a few finals since, all to the top team(s) in the country at the time. Folks are comparing us to St. Johnstone last season. Every small / provincial team in every league in every country could do that. They had a team, manager and set of circumstances come together that was a once in a lifetime situation. I'm 47, I could live to be 147 and that will never happen again. That aside, us, we want the best of what we can achieve as a team. After a small glimmer from the Hibs game to kick the season off, it's reverted back to type. Where's it gonna end...I'll admit, I bought into the GA hype at the start...I'm still there, I'm still onside, but the weekly wankword bingo soundbites after every game are getting tedious. Think I'm just annoyed that my Scottish Cup Winners bet is looking farcical already and it's only the second week of the season!!
  9. Just stumbled across this thread. I play bass in The Substitutes, we're a covers band for The Who. I say covers, there's no fancy wigs or dressing up or any of that shite... I note Al B's attendance here, fellow 'Well fan... Self taught, know little to nought theory wise, started 5's initially, now solely playing 4 string, Precisions mainly, including two self-builds. Will follow this thread with interest...
  10. Thanks all...reading between the lines, I'm thinking he's maybe still a wee bit too young just now. His attention span is still a bit too....."Oh look, there's a bee...!!"
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