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  1. I agree with you but you can bet your bottom dollar If we start crap in Euros qualifying fans will say that kind of thing. They will also say get someone else before it's too late and we screw up our pot 2 seeding. I think the SFA would back him in adversity as he's earned them some decent money through his successes in reaching the Euros, Nations League A and improving attendances.
  2. Aye, that's kind of what I mean. Is there nuance to give him an extension now or to sack him before his contract is up. Is it he's made 3 consecutive playoffs, pot 2 and Nations League A.? Is it he fucked it against Ukraine and missed a great opportunity to qualify for the World cup? or is the decision just taken at the end of his current contract?
  3. 3 consecutive play-offs isn't the job requirement according to Steve Clarke's contract, but it's still a good achievement. In order to get an automatic extension he has to reach Euro 2024 so maybe it's helpful to have his job on the line. There is also a risk he could move on of course. Would anyone object to him getting an extension beyond Euro 2024 now?
  4. That was the way the game time worked out in the end so well dones to Gordon, McGregor, McGinn and Hendry for playing every minute.
  5. Love this thread. excellent chat - keep it up boys.
  6. Personally I'd take European and International football over playing in the EPL week in/week out if it was a choice.
  7. I wasn't trying to have a dig at Celtic. I like Celtic. We don't know the story here, all that we can say is that if McGregor was wanting to play in the EPL he would be there - so what is there left to say? It was the same chat when Ryan Gauld chose to go to Vancouver Whitecaps.
  8. I think it's more a case with fans wanting him to go the EPL so we can say we've got another player in the EPL but we saw with Ryan Gauld footballers don't always put their club career at the top of their priority list even if they're capable of playing there. For whatever reason he's happy with what he's doing and there's nothing more to it.
  9. Was sure we were going to get caught trying to play offside last night. How their striker couldn't time his run I'm not sure. We weren't pressing Ukraine's defenders to stop them firing balls over the top of our high line and it was more our defenders that stood up rather than the system. We were caught out with that in the playoff game for the first goal. I think if we had lost a goal from that last night it would have been criticized. It isn't an accurate portrayal to say we got the result because we played 4atb last night. To attribute the result all to tactical changes is unfair and saying we'd have won if we'd have played 4atb in June is also simplistic.
  10. No home nations, and teams we haven't played in a while please. That's always my preference. Something like this: Portugal, SCOTLAND, Sweden, Bulgaria, Latvia. (Andorra) And less like this: Italy, SCOTLAND, Republic of Ireland, Faroe Islands, Northern Ireland. (Liechtenstein) Alternatively the easiest 3rd and 4th seeds is fine too.
  11. Happy to see no triple headers. I think it's just a bit excessive. a camp needs to allow the team to train and work on ideas. Triple Headers don't leave much room for that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Euro_2024_qualifying
  12. fair enough. just agree to disagree then.
  13. No-one put a gun to his head to sign a new contract. If he wanted to play in the EPL he would have done so. End of story.
  14. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/celtic/celtic-offer-callum-mcgregor-new-deal-after-rejecting-leicester-bid-1411099 The point is that he was wanted by an EPL club and Celtic wanted to keep him and McGregor didn't push to move. To say opportunites haven't come his way is inaccurate and that's the point I was trying to make. @Grangemouth Bairn
  15. Leicester bid £25 Million for him when Brendan Rodgers first moved there I think.
  16. Eh? you're one to talk. You weren't right though bud. were you?
  17. I think if you look at the whole picture not just results it's been quite clear that we are going in the correct direction and the impatience of posters like @BingMcCrosby is just shite. It's one thing to be unsure and it's another thing to be calling for the managers head. He's been in charge for 3 years, but only 40 games - that's the equivalent of one league season. In that time the progress cannot be doubted in terms of improvements in culture, engaging with the support, recruitment, youth as well as performances/results. It's all there. It's what we all want. What he has done goes beyond just the results and that's what the knee jerk posters haven't recognised. Look at where we started when we played Cyprus in 2019. It was a mess. He has done a lot.
  18. I could see him becoming an important part of our team in the future but the truth is anyone predicting he was going to be our saviour in the short term @BingMcCrosbywere maybe getting a little over excited. It's probably good for him to have expectation dampened to be honest. Hype really worked against him at Norwich and so hopefully people can just give him space to develop without calling him a wonderkid, world class or crap like that.
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