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  1. Article in the Daily Telegraph from last week which discusses a few interesting subjects, behind a paywall so I thought I'd post it for those who don't have access. On the Qatar World Cup… On England… On the Scotland National Team... On his future as Scotland Manager... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-cup/2022/11/22/steve-clarke-exclusive-how-scotland-feel-watching-world-cup/
  2. It was interesting to see us continue playing a higher defensive line like we saw in September while using 3 centre-backs first half and for the most part it worked okay even if Turkey managed to get some joy with balls over the top and playing through us. I'll have to look back to see when Steve Clarke started to move away from a low-block especially in away games. We probably did away in Armenia and probably didn't away in Austria just from memory. Ireland away I'm not sure. The camera being far from the pitch at the stadium in Diyarbakir was brilliant to see those kind of tactical details because the cameras are much closer when the game's at Hampden and smaller venues like the Faroes/Moldova.
  3. I had to laugh when I heard a Rangers fan on Go Radio or SSB last night saying he thought Knutsen was the guy Rangers should go for. Every European club that consider themselves 'bigger' than Bodo get linked with him, certainly far better of options than Sevco.
  4. The Athletic has been unbearable since the World Cup started. England this, England that. Are you looking for a podcast covering the World Cup that isn't Anglo-centric? or one to replace your podcasts that are in hibernation because of the World Cup? @accies1874 I was going to suggest one in the latter category but suspect you're looking for the former.
  5. In the first half it was difficult to be sure of what was going on in the midfield, particularly with Armstrong. When I saw the lineup I just assumed McTominay and Gilmour would play together in central midfield with Armstrong and McGinn more advanced but I didn't see that. After watching the game back I think McGinn and McTominay mostly played #8 roles on either side of Gilmour - who it seemed to me was playing as our #6. I'm not really sure if Armstrong was playing as a central attacking midfielder, second striker or just had a free role but he was the #10 in my opinion. https://news.stv.tv/sport/john-mcginn-still-hurting-over-scotland-missing-out-on-the-world-cup
  6. I think he played quite well in the first half.
  7. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/scotland-boss-says-golden-oldie-28472681 https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/international/the-scotland-player-who-told-steve-clarke-hell-try-to-play-until-hes-50-as-manager-discusses-ryan-porteous-3916444
  8. After his first call up to the National Team I think it's correct to start a thread on him as I think he could become an important player for us in the future. I thought I'd start with with my trademark of a few quotes to mark the occasion. https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/calvin-ramsay-first-lfc-start-scotland-call-and-robertson-advice https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/we-have-to-take-it-on-the-chin-steve-clarke-reaction-as-celtic-refuse-to-release-players-for-scotland-duty-3912358
  9. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/international/steve-clarke-addresses-lack-of-club-minutes-for-scotland-midfielders-billy-gilmour-john-mcginn-and-scott-mctominay-3912386
  10. "We'll jump on the plane, we'll get over there, stay in a hotel, do our training, play the game and get out" - Steve Clarke "It’s a game that we had to play because we had to fulfil the 10 game contract but somehow it doesn’t become an official window" - Steve Clarke If those quotes don't get you up for this game then I don't know what will.
  11. The Performance Schools sound nice, but without knowing exactly what attending or graduating through the SFA Performance School entails it's hard to attach much value to the program and even harder to compare to other Academies across the country. I think you would have to have involved with your own son or daughter to get even some idea of that. I don't think you can just say X and Y graduated through the SFA performance school therefore because Z also graduated through the SFA's Performance School he will also be a good player.
  12. I watched Doak in Liverpools League cup match and he looked promising but not more than that. Calvin Ramsay looked quality in the same game and that's the first time I've seen him so I was quite impressed. I wouldn't mind if we saw him play a part for Scotland next week.
  13. Our 23-man squad for this friendly has 105 more international caps combined than Turkey's 29-man squad for what that's worth.
  14. On paper it's quite a strong Turkish squad, no particularly notable absentees. I see that their German manager has recently convinced Borussia Dortmund midfielder Salih Ozcan to play for Turkey instead of waiting for Germany. Fair play, you were spot on.
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