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  1. I thought you were my alias - that's not how you're supposed to behave!
  2. That might be the reason? It's either that or maybe the Clarke family has held a grudge against the Gauld family for the last 500 hundred years. In any case Johnny Russell would make more sense given his recent form in the MLS and the fact that he's been in the squad before.
  3. answer my question first and i'll answer yours.
  4. If he is class then how come he is playing in the MLS and hasn't played for Scotland yet?
  5. Considering the abuse Jack Hendry took for shooting from there I'm surprised nobody had a go at Gilmour.
  6. I might be a bellend on here sometimes, but at least I put out some good posts - certainly in comparison to the crap you spout and so I'd rather that to be honest than having to put up with Karlan Grant updates etc.
  7. Surprised Dabbur didn't try and shoot. Rebound.mp4
  8. It's still miles better than the shite you post if we're being fair about things.
  9. Che Adams is doing fine, the team is doing fine - no one needs to be sacked.
  10. I had already remembered that. Thanks.
  11. Ryan Gauld and Johnny Russell might go head to head as Vancouver entertain Sporting KC early on Monday morning. Might be good value to watch this game if I can't sleep!
  12. Bing, you'll argue anything or shift the goalposts so you don't have to admit you're wrong by turning this into a critical evaluation of Steve Clarke. The bottom line when addressing this thread is that there is nothing in Steve Clarkes tenure as Scotland manager that warrants a fair minded person to call for him to be sacked. You made this thread with that as your subject, got it wrong and are continuing to try to hoodwink people that this is a thread was designed as a critical evaluation of the job Steve Clarke is doing. You are nitpicking and questioning the most successful Scotland manager in 25 years.
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