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  1. At least some people get what I was trying to say. No Problemo, well maybe one day you'll understand too.
  2. The problem is when Hickeys interests don't align quite well with a forum posters opinion on what his career path ought to be. For example if Ryan Gauld goes to Vancouver Whitecaps or if Aaron Hickey chooses to go to Brentford. That's why it's selfish and although very human it's a bit silly to end up getting depressed and disappointed over. The reverse is also true, so we saw poster burst into tears over Ryan Fraser putting his club before country. It's just all self interested, biased crap.
  3. It's okay mate, you're probably in the majority anyway - It's the way of the world, it's certainly the way of Scottish Football. It's obviously not a selfish act because it's just an opinion, but the viewpoint itself is rooted in selfishness. King Rocketman II doesn't want the best for Hickey, As he said himself he wants the best for himself (A prospering National Team).
  4. The reason KingRocketman II is being selfish is because his depression and disappointment comes from the fact he believes that Aaron Hickey moving to Brentford will have a negative impact upon his keen interest (The National Team). He didn't demonstrate any understanding of why Aaron Hickey would make such a move and so all I see is selfish self interest in his post.
  5. He is hoping Aaron Hickey doesn't go to Brentford. It's only his own interests he is looking out for.
  6. His career, his choice, his life. It's a transparently selfish outlook based around your desire for the National team to do well.
  7. If you have time to watch Jack Hendry play for Club Brugge against Standard Liege you can watch it for free. Kick off at 12:30 today.
  8. He hit a purple patch prior to his call up in November, which on the surface could have caught Steve Clarke's eye especially as he was already known to the Scotland set up. His subsequent superficial output has declined, but I haven't had the time to watch him play for Stoke City and check out his game so he might have been unlucky or be a great team player. I'm expecting he will be called up in March so long as he is getting game time and helping Stoke be a better team regardless of superficial individual stats. I can't think of a newly capped player ever been dumped out after making one squad under Steve Clarke, other than select cases such as Paul McGinn.
  9. Given the crap you post I thought I'd give you a few pointers to help you from looking like an arse. It doesn't come as any surprise you don't listen to constructive feedback.
  10. After you posted this Josh Sargent scored his second of the game. Can understand why you haven't posted since. Maybe you should stick to posts about Falkirk as this seems a bit beyond you.
  11. Well pointed out - Norwich lost 3-1 at home to Watford on matchday 5 and Gilmour both played and started. Really emphasises the contrast. What's happened to the "Daniel Farke just didn't know how to use him" and "the players he's playing with are way below his level so what chance does wee Billy have" arguments? This thread unlike Gilmour is world class, pure amusement.
  12. P W D L F A (+/-) PPG Gilmour 12 1 2 9 5 29 -24 0.42 No Gilmour 10 3 2 5 8 16 -8 1.1 The Gilmourites seem to have gone quiet.
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