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  1. The consensus from this thread shows the majority want Steve Clarke to stay and see how we get on in the World Cup Qualifiers. I'd say case closed for the moment.
  2. It's along the same lines as the crap Bing McCrosby posts on here. 😏
  3. Sure, better to lose to Moldova than lose to Austria.
  4. Hopefully we see this guy begin to play consistently for both Newcastle and Scotland. He was good and direct when he came on against Croatia and the Czech Republic and has started Newcastle's pre season well!
  5. 4 points is the minimum from the next round of matches to keep us in contention or even just 3 points if they come in Vienna. If we finish above Austria I think we will get 2nd place and we just can't lose the head to head against our direct rival for second spot Austria. It's realistic and achievable. If we want to win the group it would require a win in Denmark and good consistency elsewhere and we aren't at that level yet. Our run of games across October and November are more winnable (in theory) with a home game against Israel and away games against Moldova and the Faroe Islands. I think setting points targets of 6, 7 or 9 points for the September games is unrealistic.
  6. Probably went under the radar, but Scott McKenna was immense in the air when he had to cover for Grant Hanley against Croatia, didn't lose a single ball. It's a good battle between him and Declan Gallagher for the 2nd choice central centre back. Looking forward to seeing how Declan Gallagher gets on at Aberdeen this season.
  7. I agree with Barney Rubble, Stephen O'Donnell shits all over James Tavernier. Better player defensively, better passer of the ball, played at a higher level of football and a nice guy to boot.
  8. I think 4 points could also be enough so long as we don't lose to Austria.
  9. Let's bring out the old 'If the guy was hot the woman wouldn't mind' argument and fling it in the mix. I've done it loads of times and never had a bad reaction. 😉
  10. Finally some respect on this forum, it's been long overdue - a proud moment!
  11. nah, me and wee gauldy are just good pals
  12. Course he would, he strikes me as a really nice man, grounded and not an tit, same goes for me.
  13. Well more Grim Fandango than raging fandan. I know Ryan Gauld and he was the first into training and the last out, regularly staying behind to practice his freekicks, work on his game and do extras in the gym.
  14. I think we could afford to lose in Denmark. The big one for me is away to Austria, we can't lose that.
  15. You can't blame him - he is basically stepping up several levels and doing his best for his country through necessity. I would buy him a beer.
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