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  1. That's just football fanbases. In the last wee while I've seen it with Billy Gilmour at Norwich, Graham Alexander at Motherwell and McFred at Manchester United. The Scotland fanbase is largely not too much more sympathetic.
  2. https://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20220807_97210389?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=dlvr&utm_campaign=twitterfeed
  3. No, not at all. I'm just pointing out that your posts are competitive, belligerent and dry. So if you add some element of humour it would maybe make it easier for the people reading them.
  4. @SatoshiAdd a dash of humour into your posts. They're a bit dry at the moment.
  5. I took no part in that conversation. I do have some thoughts on it I could share now you've brought it back up again though.
  6. If it was Bernabei playing like Taylor is then they'd be shouting about how they'd solved that part of the team. I thought the unique angle really captured the role he plays with Celtic really well. I'm not exactly a Celtic fan, but he stood out a mile on that video.
  7. Greg Taylor was involved in all three of Celtic's goals down the left hand side and seemed to link up well with Jota. I understand he was immense in the Celtic v Aberdeen game. Good to see him making that position his own.
  8. Lyndon Dykes, Jacob Brown and Ross Stewart all on target in the English Championship today.
  9. Ten Hag cracks me up, no bullshit - just short, sharp and to the point. He reminds me of Terminator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HomwZifJDdQ
  10. I thought Ange Postecoglu made a good point in his press conference which is relevant to this discussion about Arsenal, Tierney and Zinchenko when he said he wanted to make his team stronger as a collective with respect to recruitment so that on a week to week basis his players weren't being overburdened physically. When asked about Stephen Welsh he then went on to say this: https://youtu.be/Bx55Jr3K-hQ?t=919 So yeah, I think it's about the squad and horses for courses rather than a one player being the #1 over another player for the whole season. If anything it will reduce the risk of injury for Tierney and therefore increase the odds he will be available for Scotland.
  11. I saw this today and I thought it shows the movement away from viewing the game in terms of formations. Spot on
  12. The interview gave me the overall feeling that he is an absolute shoe-in for the job and they may as well give him the job officially now. Added to the interview everything about it fits well with Motherwell. https://youtu.be/jeWby_E0boU?t=709
  13. I suppose we kind of agree then. One unimpressive season isn't catastrophic as a footballers career progression doesn't necessarily follow a straight line. So hopefully he can do a little better this year.
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