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  1. An enjoyable match played on a wet surface, with a decent crowd - taking into account the prematch conditions. It was very good to see the Belters in action for the first time this season. They fielded a strong lineup - actually any Tranent lineup will be a stong team.! However Kevins selection produced a display that was equal to the task. The first half had near things at each end. The second TJFC goal was a wee bit unlucky on the Dunbar defence - Mikey McFarane just had too much momentum on the wet surface and the reslut was an OG that gave Daniel little chance of stopping it. These things happen ,,,,,, However another equaliser brought Dubar back into it. Close to the final whistle Fraser McLaren chased and caught out the TJFC defence, Almost the entire stadium rose as one to cheer the anticipated winner,,,,,, sadly it didnt happen. Could Dunbar have taken 3 pints - clearly the statement above says so. Could TJFC have felt hard done by,,,, in my opinion no. Either team could have taken the 3 points. All I'm saying is - to me there didnt seem to be a huge difference between the teams. In fact Dunbar has played much better teams than yesterdays TJFC. No doubt TJFC will be disappointed - they are the form team of the season, and it'll be a different match at Forrester Park later in the season. What a pity the weather ruled out Tuesdays match vs Penicuik - I'm sure Dunbar could also have taken something from that game. A lot of good performers from Dunbar yesterday....MoTM must have have been a difficult choice but it was given to Daniel. A decent attendance had lots to keep them occupied. Last weeks result at Crossgates was a sore one to take, yesterday the team responded very well. If that was a normal level of performance from TJFC, then as many folks say - this league is very tight. Personally, I've seen DUFC play better and get nothing. funny old game,,,
  2. I'm unclear on the actual relegation numbers. I'm sure someone has the answer for the following scenario; For arguments sake lets say PENICUIK win the EoS Premier. Vale of Leithen and Edinburgh Uni are the relegated clubs from the LL. If Penicuik were to be unsuccessful in the round robin play off vs the Wosfl/Sosfl would that become the doomsday scenario whereby 6 clubs are then relegated from the EoS premier?
  3. Don't know what you mean or infer 'Dunbar for example despite all the stuff in pre-season' and I know that you don't know,
  4. That's obviously a predictive text spelling of either a muslim sect or TtB trying evade the rules of the game
  5. 330 wasn't a bad call, considering I've noticed the official count was 377
  6. That Penicuik v TJFC tie is cracker.....however I'd put my money on the Irvine Meadow v Auchinleck as being the one that would attract the publics attention. Dunbar v Camelon - not very much between them at the recent league match. It could be the same again.
  7. So its a very big well done to Penicuik Athletic maintaing the 100% record, Also to Leith Athetic and Syngenta as being the only other undefeated EoSL teams at present (subject to EoSfl league tables being correct - the site is pretty bad this evening).
  8. What a transformation in a very short time. Well done to TRFC people.
  9. Thanks for that, WW certainly have taken part. Not too bad a record.
  10. Anybody have any idea which EOS club has made the most appearances in the Scottish Cup. Or maybe putting a different question, which EOS Club has won the most Scottish Cup games?? Just wondering, thats all.
  11. I'd get another calculation carried out,,,,,,,you've clearly got enough illumination. The column strength is a elephant in the room issue,,,,,,, but spectator safety is paramount. Good luck... hope it goes ok for you
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