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  1. Totally uninspiring, 27th January and this is the sum of our activity! 1 signing out of a rumoured 9 attempted really goes to show people are talking and don't want to come and play at the recs. Another CM as well. Let's see what other dross they come up with in the next few days!
  2. Wow mate! It was a horrendous tackle. 2 lucky boys, 1 not sent off and 1 not with a broken ankle.
  3. Lets not get carried away. One swallow doesn't make a summer. A thrashing avoided (thankfully), hopefully good for confidence but lets remember Celtic probably didn't move to 2nd gear. We raised our game for the situation which hasn't reflected on our consistency level all season. Bread and butter league results are what counts. Next few games will realistically define the path ahead.
  4. Well we are managed by 2 absolute weapons, what do you expect??
  5. Amazing to watch Barry Chuckle, who always stands on his own as he's to good for anyone else, being joined by the other 2 muppets for most of this second half!! Clueless looks on all 3 faces.
  6. I know, he banged loads in from that distance!!!! It's Connor Sammon he's talking about.
  7. Hope not, it's Celtic we're playing don't want double figures!
  8. Liam Evans loan extended till end of season at Syngenta so he won't be back. Not sure how he has done, anyone?
  9. Despite all our woes this forum has made me laugh over the last few days! Everyone has their opinion and that's what makes football great. The news is there is no news and it's giving us a taste of what it's like to live in North Korea.
  10. He's not been well, give him a break for this hazy thinking.
  11. He is one of BF's boys but like many others isn't used often on the carousel team selection machine!
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