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  1. Have you been asleep for the past 2 years?
  2. Any news on when the third round draw is?
  3. Are the TV games until the end of the season decided? Can sky still pick up any of the final two rounds of games in the relegation battle is what I am getting at?
  4. Let us have this one please and we will roll over in the cup game for you. Any score you need no questions asked. Thanks Accies
  5. Definitely a pen Boyle was smart drew the contact. The other one mind you......
  6. Yeh fair play to Livi. Those 2 results today and a week off will give Killie the boost they need I feel. We need Oggy ASAP. Can we play our Covid card next week to get a few guys back?
  7. 7 or 8 by the looks of it. Is he even a left back?
  8. To be fair when he's been on the ball he has ripped us apart. Just painful that it's take 5 mins to take a thrown in.
  9. Absolute cracking show as per usual. Side not in the opening credits showing the accies celebration, is the footage from Fifa and not real life?
  10. Not sure what to make of this one could go either way to be honest. Hopefully Bruce has had a good rest and is back willing to run himself into the ground for us. Any news on Sheena? I presume Moyo starts as oggy will be a few weeks out yet. Livi are a team that are impressive but I think we can turn over on recent form. Any news on any of the other injured players returning?
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