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  1. Big plus for accies is no Want. Keep the slack passing to a minimum and we will have a fighting chance here.
  2. 1st half we made alot of errors gave the ball away cheaply and put ourselves under pressure. Though O'Reilly and Lawson were poor 1st half. Want shouldn't be near the team again absolute stupidity on his part. Not entirely convinced the initial challenge was in the box. 2nd half we were good. Impressed with Winter and Shiels in particular. Winter looks a proper forward now. The defense seemed to settle also, make of that what you will. The ref lost all control and I think let his emotions get in the way in the 2nd half. He was determined to give us nothing. As clear a penalty as you will ever see the hand ball towards the end. Morton look poor. 1 dimensional thugs who look for the man before the ball every time. Big save from Fulton and a couple of big takes at the end. Well done him. All in was a good performance considering the ref being a farce. Definitely a different energy and steel about this team this season
  3. Fair point, we lost a few young fans to rugby after the 10-2 game, chasing the high scoring buzz of that day.
  4. Found it odd before the tie that Well fancied themselves so much. Craigans narrative during this match has followed up on this. You'd think it was Barca going out to some non league team the way he is going on. "A historic result" I am perplexed.
  5. Shove your well wishes, hope you lot rot in hell where you belong. Supporting a badly run accies getting thumped every week is still a world of upgrades above being involved with A*rdrie in any form. A crumb of comfort to galvanise the accies support.
  6. 50% sound is a bit generous. Unless by sound you mean just waltzing through the train shouting "tickets please" then ignoring all tickets. At least they earn their millions
  7. Can we get the last few hours moved to the politics forum. The rest of us want to get back to some scotrail bashing.
  8. Have you been asleep for the past 2 years?
  9. Any news on when the third round draw is?
  10. Are the TV games until the end of the season decided? Can sky still pick up any of the final two rounds of games in the relegation battle is what I am getting at?
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