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  1. Just out if interest does anyone know what we are going to do with Ross Matthews now as he’s an academy graduate apparently?
  2. Ronnie will ghost most games but always manages to chip in with goals.
  3. We have too much dead wood in this squad including Ronnie. Watson, Callaghan and Allan should all have gone but SP always feels the need to keep the core together but there is no point if they are rank
  4. We got that saints keeper on loan, can see Ross Matthews now heading out on loan when Aaron is back fit
  5. That’s a real shame if ballantyne, never really given a chance at saints but is more than capable of making an impact.
  6. https://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/scottish-semi-professional-footballers-to-be-sentenced-for-appalling-assault-in-dublin-1341478.html Just brilliant
  7. No I misread in the courier as six figure sum when it was actually a five figure sum
  8. Unfortunately he’s off to Brechin who’ve managed to fish 100k out of somewhere
  9. The stars are aligning. MacAllister will come to Montrose, there is no way he wants to go to the shambles that is peterhead, plus I’m confident we will be able to offer him a good wage due to our tiny squad.
  10. Rory Macallister transfer listed by Cove. I’m pretty sure we will be pulling out all the stops to get him, even though he might be looking to go back to Peterhead.
  11. Doubt we would get him, he’s a level above us and United probably looking to send him to the championship
  12. Agree with most of that, winker as much I love him should’ve retired last season. Callaghan should’ve been punted after we won league 2 because we all knew he was dross even back then. I think when Milne has the confidence he is one of the best players on the team and Brown looked like he could do some running against killie but not stenny it seems! And Dennis has been out of the game for too long unfortunately to be of any use.
  13. Bit concerned he would pick city over us, we’re going to need to make some signings ASAP or we’re going to be in a scrap in the lower half of the table.
  14. Callaghan honking. The two youngsters Baxter and Giocummani both look like players that can be real assets for us.
  15. Always a pretty solid player that would chip in with a few goals hopefully we get him.
  16. Heard he had a good loan at Forfar West End, but maybe SP will try and loan him to a SPFL club if he is any good and sign an experienced keeper on a 1 year contract.
  17. Surely it’s Ross Matthews’ time to make the step up?
  18. I think Baxter will be with first team next season, promising player
  19. I think it’s Gardyne. Bad influence on the squad, get him gone.
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