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  1. Callaghan honking. The two youngsters Baxter and Giocummani both look like players that can be real assets for us.
  2. Always a pretty solid player that would chip in with a few goals hopefully we get him.
  3. Heard he had a good loan at Forfar West End, but maybe SP will try and loan him to a SPFL club if he is any good and sign an experienced keeper on a 1 year contract.
  4. Surely it’s Ross Matthews’ time to make the step up?
  5. I think Baxter will be with first team next season, promising player
  6. I think it’s Gardyne. Bad influence on the squad, get him gone.
  7. We really need to stop making a habit of getting red cards. It’s getting ridiculous the amount of games in a row we have got red cards. We’re probably going to play the u15’s next week knowing how inept the SFA is.
  8. I was right in front of it, Blair jumped over the Clyde player who didn’t make any movement over the supposed ‘stamp’ until he saw ref running towards him. I guess it’s justice done as our penalty clearly came off his chest
  9. Still humped you with 10 men ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Does anyone know what has happened to Theo Leslie. Promoted to the first team this season but we haven’t seen him at all and he’s not on loan either. I presume it must be a nasty injury.
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