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  1. Doubt he will be coming back to you, his ego has ballooned tenfold.
  2. I bet as we speak Ross is bribing the Hearts chairman and manager for some talent to be coming to LP
  3. I think this is where we possibly bring in a loan signing.
  4. That’s the weirdest move ever. Maybe Arbroath awaits 👀
  5. Educated guess for why he isn’t signed up for next season yet.
  6. Well my source must be wrong then! I think it may still be on as he still hasn’t signed a deal with us yet. Either that or he goes to Airdrie
  7. No news as of yet. But I think our chances of having him in royal blue next year are practically null. Heard Morton are close to a deal.
  8. I always got the impression AQ was always a bit frantic with the ball, apart from that he was decent.
  9. Now we can all sigh in relief. He was really the main target in getting a contract extension. Bit disappointed it wasn’t a 2 year deal but any deal will do!
  10. I rate Rennie more than Rusty. Just give him time, he’s been injured a lot recently after all.
  11. He only scores screamers, not tap ins or headers. That’s why I wouldn’t be too bothered to see him go. If cammy went it would be disaster though.
  12. Brilliant signing for us, adds another winger to the squad which is what we’ve been needing I think. It means we don’t over rely on Webby as much.
  13. I wonder if they will raid some teams in league 1 now as they have heaps of money and the appeal of full-time football. Hopefully they haven’t offered Cammy Ballantyne or Rusty a contract so we are not competing with them for the services for next season.
  14. That’s probably us for the season then with a couple of loanees.
  15. Montrose have only released one player so far: Lewis Hawke
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