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  1. That was probably one of the worst Peterhead sides I’ve seen. Mo should have easily 6 or 7. Peterhead had massive holes everywhere, (which we didn’t exploit) it really looked like they had never played together before. After we sharpened up in the second half they didn’t have one shot at Ross. That Peterhead team totally deserves to be at the foot of the table.
  2. Think we need to get Tristan, Luca etc. out on loan next season to HL teams and not this Forfar West End rubbish. The quicker we can get them into high level senior football the quicker we will see them appearing. I’ve got to say I think Tristan could be the real deal for us after watching a couple of the u-18’s matches.
  3. If you had Paul for a couple of weeks you would want to send him straight back, absolutely mince these days with no running about him.
  4. A youth boy that we released has been signed by Aberdeen.
  5. Got bloody hammered. Paul should never play again. Steevesy had a honker. It was obvious when we brought on our subs that they had the desire to get back and help out defence and actually put some running in. Not sure how anyone can be happy with that performance.
  6. Happy to have Bally back no matter how short the time
  7. Just out if interest does anyone know what we are going to do with Ross Matthews now as he’s an academy graduate apparently?
  8. Ronnie will ghost most games but always manages to chip in with goals.
  9. We have too much dead wood in this squad including Ronnie. Watson, Callaghan and Allan should all have gone but SP always feels the need to keep the core together but there is no point if they are rank
  10. We got that saints keeper on loan, can see Ross Matthews now heading out on loan when Aaron is back fit
  11. That’s a real shame if ballantyne, never really given a chance at saints but is more than capable of making an impact.
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