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  1. need to get yourself down to training and get him told. thats one way of putting it lol
  2. @101 anything interesting in the questions or was it stuff they have already talked about through the press conference and other interviews?
  3. no not his son, relative, friend i wont share the quotes from every interview he has done, ill stick with my own opinion thanks. anyway, i see on twitter will be an interview with 2 of the new owners at 5pm.
  4. it isnt naive at all when you look at the full interviews and comments which can be long but there is far more to what was said than just one line that people keep selecting.
  5. Todorov attemted to mark him after that but looking at the 2nd goal he didnt even bother there either. a different issue, no one on the back post has it gone out of fashion? Watson was on Holt or meant to be, not the last time he will lose his man far too easily at a set piece.
  6. is he better? remains to be seen although its amazing how much better a player gets when they dont play. the one thing he definitely isnt is left sided which is what Grant wants which is why Graham was signed and also why Breen was brought in, it is up to Breen to earn the spot now. can get this pish about "our" players binned too. and it is slow because there is no movement, its been like that since half time against Stenny for some reason.
  7. Crawford got slated for saying top 4 was the aim, not ambitious enough and sets the wrong tone. Grant says the aim is to try and win the league, 2 games in and he shouldnt have said that., adds too much pressure and expectations, what do you want then? he also said he wants to win all the cup competitions, so when not if we lose at Ibrox he should get the sack then as he hasnt delivered what he said? dont beat Raith, he should be sacked then?
  8. it could take a month, two months and/or changing the players in there for it to click if thats the right term. a lot of people dont have the patience for that though
  9. watching folks heads explode at the idea of 3 at the back is quite funny actually.
  10. the Partick away game before the first lockdown. it sounds pretty standard really with the window open for another 3 weeks, get a long term injury they will try and replace them and if someone far too good to turn down is offered they will do it but i wouldnt be expecting one today
  11. which is partly why the signing another winger rumour made close to no sense but id say all 3 can be just as influential playing in the front 3 if it is that, as a no10 or in Thomas and Dow's case in the middle especially if its a 3. im pretty sure you will see a middle 3 of Thomas - Dorrans - Dow at some point. i wonder on Martin considering the length of time he has been out, if he gets fit before the end of the month and with no reserve team, is it worth loaning him out till January to play?
  12. might mean Comrie can move to wing back which some people will be happy about.... but they can moan at the same time its still 3 at the back
  13. the Cowden end concourse is still used by the away team so the stand wont be opened, they are having to open the North East to get even the maximum 2000 in because of social distancing and how the tickets have been selected.
  14. yes on the first one today, can only guess he was trying to head it back towards Mehmet? but the second is harsh and probably Partick too, i wouldnt drop him just yet but if there are another couple of costly mistakes then its up to Breen to show in training he is ready to take the spot. the three strikers can work if any of them perform, none of them did today. going 442 is always the answer whenever a side doesnt play it but i dont think Grant will change from 343/3421/352 for a while yet.
  15. Graham was brought in to play on the left side of the defence, his competition is Breen not Gaspuitis who wouldnt have done any better against Ugwu if he couldnt cope with Jack Hamilton last season against Arbroath and got hooked as a result. Macdonald is a better option as a wing back than Comrie in my opinion, Comrie adds more pace at the back playing in the middle than the other options. they could have played any other system today, too many individuals not turning up was the bigger problem, both on and off the ball. some fans did, Grant wont have if you ask me. teams/players have an off day, it happens, if it continues to happen then its a problem.
  16. Grant's video interview which is done at the start of the week, says he is not hoping or looking for any more players at the moment but will always keep an eye on who is available and might make a move if someone better comes up or basically if someone gets injured.
  17. that was my first thought too, crazy. 2 other ones, Rosyth for the training ground is well known about but i cant say ive seen/heard anything on anywhere else as possible locations, i wonder where else also the physio, the guy they announced as taking the role hasnt been at the club as far as i know and was taken off the official website listings weeks ago. Karen Gibson, ex Hearts physio, has been doing the job in the meantime so when Ross says a new physio is in place, which one?
  18. missing Dow for the no10 role if want to call it that too, him and Kennedy the most suited for it.
  19. no chance Dow as an option in a midfield 2, if its 3 then yes. i dont include Fenton and Todd in the squad so they have never been part of it but if we do sign another winger as rumoured then certainly one of Allan or McCann, if not both should go out and play. having options is one thing but you can have too many sometimes and that can lead to problems especially with no reserve team.
  20. not an out and out wide player unless someone was moved on/loaned out as a result i would say. McDaid, Hastie, Hammill all seem to start from one tweet saying Grant wants another wide player (is that even right?) then its names thrown about in reply and are sticking with some folk.
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