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  1. I remember that as well it was fucking Baltic there was a blizzard before the match.
  2. f**k knows what state any club will be in at the end of this but I would expect mcglynn to fully exploit all loan signings. I would keep most to be fair.
  3. To be fair those ones designed by kids are better than half the efforts created by professional designers
  4. The away leg was interesting to say the least. I think it was played at lunchtime, 2 sweepers deployed and Thompson had the game of his life (again)
  5. Is "on to victory" the new "roaring back"? That home one is bowfin
  6. You know the rules, we need a picture of said maw pounding the street.
  7. Oh that's a beast alright. I cant see much of a future for his window cleaner.
  8. I'm surprised no body has given him a chance over here. Just for entertainment value if nothing else, he would make big Dick at Arbroath look tame.
  9. Looking back at the videos from this era has reinforced 2 facts for me. 1. I remember all these things pretty well from being there which means I am fucking old. 2. Jimmy Nic mk1was by a stratosphere our greatest ever manager. What he achieved in that one season. The cup win against a Celtic team desperate for any silver ware and then to take a team pissing about in 8th place to push on and win the league in a tight helicopter saturday 3 horse race. To do this playing some of the best football ever seen by a Raith team do achieve this.
  10. My vivoactive 3 used to take ages but theres been a few updates and it's a lot better
  11. The end of the 95/96 season I'm sure there was a very nervy away game at Brockville we only just won 3-2, Bobby Geddes saved a penalty and I think Robbie Raeside netted the winner late on which effectively relegated Falkirk.
  12. As above Munro was a horrendous appointment. Don't know what happened behind the scenes with the management at that time. At the end of the previous season the janny brought in Thompson and Duffield the latter being a bit of a goal machine, then was allowed to spank a quarter of a million on Paul Harvey in the summer amongst others before being binned after 3 games the next season.
  13. He hobbled off for definite, put in a shift though.
  14. Is there any footage of the 1-0 win at East End Park in December that season.
  15. Showed my trainers to my neighbour who runs iron mans and marathons for fun and he says they are gubbed. So cash has been splashed on a replacement. Which is just a newer version which I'm looking forward to test driving.
  16. Yep that's the one Jimmy the Janny was in charge, the Rougier thing was a good bit of management.
  17. Joma that's a bit of a blow. Have you seen some of the absolute shite they've given the likes of east fife and dumbarton, even the pars looks like a set of kits from a Sunday league catalogue
  18. New trainers? I've had these for 18 months and they've done well over 400 miles of running and quite a few school runs. Seeing as all the shops are shut what do you guys reckon to this photo of the soles are they getting on fir changing or have got a decent bit of life left.
  19. Couple of things here. On the vitamin D theory has the recent good weather been a factor, had this happened in November would there be bodies stacking up in the streets. Easing of restrictions is going to be a suck it and see type scenario. The problem is human behaviour folk are fed up with it and that's one of the hardest things to manage.
  20. Greatest piece of business in many a year that
  21. They re did the terracing when we got promoted to the premier the first time,they took out the old rail sleepers and put in concrete. It was needed in fairness. On the new kit front, I've no issues with puma but a change would be nice and macron would be my preferred choice. The tops they've done for both Dundde sides and Hibs are class.
  22. These games are great I'm getting g so old I remember them first time. Old starks park was brilliant.
  23. 2 points for a win in the first season in the premier
  24. No they are a thing of beauty embrace its wild foam.
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