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  1. No happy about this Murray celebration business. He needs to try harder. How about he runs along the front row of the stand high fiving everyone. Or a triple somersault by the corner flag.
  2. I think brown keeps his place which is tough on the boys coming back. He's been one of the best players in just about every match and for me its his jersey until he goes off the boil, gets injured or is most likely suspended. Although much improved yesterday Stanton is the one who I would be inclined to drop for Spencer depending on the opposition.
  3. 3 nicely worked goals in fairness. Rovers have cut open the defence and dick is more or less got a free header the defender does f**k all. The 2nd is the best such a sweet low cross in and a cute finish into the corner bu Connolly. I was so cynical last summer when he came back but he gets better than pass marks every game he plays. The morton goal is well worked and a great looping header, but Murray will not be happy with how we've set up to defend it. Some good spells of football in isolation yesterday which is always nice.
  4. That club must be a fucking mess overpriced shite players on big contracts that they'll never shift and all the time their stock is drastically tumbling getting turned down by more and more players. Ten Haag is in a world of shite there but I don't ma y who do better in fairness. He won't last til halloween at this rate and it'll all begin again.
  5. In fairness over the last year playing behind a team desperate to chuck in countless late goals I'm surprised he's only shouting.
  6. I love a bit of seethe and an opposition player getting dugs abuse. It really helps build a bit of camaraderie amongst the support.
  7. Really got to see this out here. The win and the boost it will give will be remembered and built on far more than the poor game it came out of.
  8. Standard forward thinking marketing from the club. The shop in the main stand was open last week as I walked out at full time and folk were in there.
  9. The South stand shop never has anything it looks like it's closing down. The main shop will be open after the match.
  10. Mine got up to 9 amd sounded like a 747 on the runway so it's been switched off.
  11. Once again the heat here in the core of the earth that is south Englandshire has caused my perfect draft to go into melt down. Helpfully though I've torn my calf muscle and codeine is doing the heavy lifting for my intoxication.
  12. Quick question on the replica shirts and the sizing as I am told they are tight this year. Last year I would be a size large in the training top and the 3 quarter zip top. Any ideas what size home shirt I would need is it just one size up or potentially 2?
  13. I can understand trying Zanatta up front, he has got a good shot on him and he's a big strong guy with a bit of pace. Ultimately Murray is trying things out to see what he can do with what he has got.
  14. Don't forsee any more signings until later in the month as Murray will want time to see the ones that have come in and have a tinker with them.
  15. Can Easton play as a forward? Not an out and out striker but in a partnership with Gullan. Thinking a 4 1 3 2. Macdonald Millen O'Riordan Nolan Dick Brown Connolly Arnott Ross/Zanatta Gullan Easton. It could be very fluid with the front five and pote tially give Connel a decent amount of time from the bench depending which of the 5 are not performing in the match.
  16. The marketing and promotion side of the club is half hazard in my opinion. There's no obvious structure to it and things are either publicised and promoted at short notice or you have to get hold of the club and do some digging yourself. This is for things like sponsorship, hospitality and the online club shop. I'll give an example the online shop says that the home shirt and other items have sold out. If you go into the ground yes they have sold out of certain sizes but they have plenty stock of these items and in popular sizes. Now not the end of the world granted but its a revenue stream that isn't being exploited especially in this day and age where people either can't get there or just don't want to but would happily spring for it and pay postage too.
  17. How has this child ended up in the condition they found him in? Losing a child is truely awful, however nothing about this has involved anybodies dignity.
  18. I'm going to hang off on the "knicker wetting" until we've seen a quarter of league games. I think a lot of us underestimated how big a rebuilding job it was from last season. I think Murray is the right man at the minute and he is trying to get players in but is in the same boat as most other teams in that they're simply isn't the player pool that we have been used to. Also we've had a poor pre season which doesn't help, the Berra situation is just ridiculous packing it in 3 days before the season starts. I think recruitment wise the 2 centre half's will be fine and both look like they will do a job once they've played a few games, more so Nolan is in desperate need of minutes. The Negenwya situation is a little but of an odd one and he didn't look comfortable on Saturday he may well be a decent left back if given a run. Millen for me is a less dynamic Liam Dick but it is what it is. Brown looks the best bit of business so far he is capable and gets wired in as well as playing a few positions. Easton I think will frustrate at times and be sublime in equ measure. Recruitment is ongoing so we'll just have to wait and see. As for behind the scenes I don't know enough about that but I don't see any real change from last year.
  19. I think we will see a Millen Nolan Dick Ngwenya back four with brown in front of them. Think there will be shuffle of the pack further forward as well.
  20. I sampled many pints of the T from a number of vendors last night in the cultural hub that is Kirkcaldy. I fear one of them might not have been as pure as the other 8, as I am less than radiant today.
  21. I thinkmatthews and brown could be a solid midfield pairing that will do the ugly stuff.
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