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  1. Good Trainers For Fives?

    What's wrong with sambas like
  2. 24 Hours in Police Custody

    Aye the area around Luton police station is definitely twinned with The Kings Road
  3. 24 Hours in Police Custody

    In the coming weeks it's about a stabbing in the main shopping centre. Essentially a young aspiring rap artist/architect/why are you lot hassling my boy, stabs a competitor in the leg causing them to run through the middle of the centre with an arterial bleed pishing out blood until they just drop in front of a load of Christmas shoppers.
  4. P&b Running Club

    Had 8 days away from any running due to work and some kind of horrible virus where I was utterly fucked for days my whole body was aching. Anyway went for a wee recovery run to ease back into it this afternoon. Ended up fucking flying out the blocks (well for me anyway) did 5k knocking 90 seconds off my personal best in the process 30:05 which I was amazed with.
  5. 24 Hours in Police Custody

    It's also quite a fair representation of Luton and its endless problems.
  6. 24 Hours in Police Custody

    It's not frustrating in the least it actually makes it easier for the police to charge certain cases. No comments are done for a number of reasons usually under legal advice, if the suspect is fucked the solicitor doesn't want them to incriminate themselves any further. If the police haven't got enough or there's outstanding enquiries they will take a chance those enquiries will be negative or fall through. There's a high number of people go not guilty all the way through the process only to turn round on the morning of the trial and go guilty when all the witnesses turn up.
  7. P&b Running Club

    I got my first pair of running trainers for Christmas and I've covered 100 miles so far including a good few 10k runs honestly its the best money I've spent on running gear my legs and lungs are fucked but my feet never have any issues at all.
  8. Favourite MILF Thread

  9. P&b Running Club

    Pretty much really, if you went to a running shop and had your gait looked at and likely spent a few quid they will be ready to go.
  10. Show us your pussy..!

    Aye mine does that now and again I swear he's unhinged
  11. P&b Running Club

    Just do a brisk 5 minute walk before hand to get the blood pumping.
  12. P&b Running Club

    I ran today it was either Baltic gale force wind where wheelie bins and shop signs were strewn across my path and when that died down for a couple of minutes it was scorching hot sunshine. Fucking miserable experience sacked it off after 25 minutes.
  13. Car advice

    Insurance fraud
  14. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I'd have them back now even if they are knocking 50.
  15. Car advice

    Might be the alternator