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  1. Rovers twitter now saying Morton's card machine is goosed so you'll have to take cash.
  2. How long are they going to give him? Hopefully we can get 1 game in against them before he's punted.
  3. This season has the feel of being a write off already and fallover the line in 7th place. We've lost players as we always do we haven't done a good enough job of replacing them. Injuries are kicking in already and the loans we have brought in are a bit uninspiring on the whole.
  4. My cats an arsehole. He woke me up at half 5 this morning screaming like he was half starved so I came down to find a bowl full of food from when I went to bed. We then had an exchange of opinions about said food which the fucker eventually ate. About 40 minutes after this he came into bed howling about something at which point I shouted at him calling him a "cock". My Mrs then speaks from her sleepy state saying "it's too early I don't want any cock"
  5. I agree with this the bottom bit especially. Will he be a long term manager in terms of 5 years or more like Jim mcinally at Peterhead. Personally my feeling is short of their being a huge bust up with the board or health reasons (touch wood) he will stay on for years. He will continue to develop the youth system and get the best out of underperforming senior players. He's left before for other jobs and seen that go tits up but he left a cushy scouting job to come back and said this is the only club he would come back to.
  6. I liked Ant he explained things well and knew his cars. It did however flag up that despite the mechanic being the actual talent behind fixing the cars it is brewers show and the mechanic is easily changeable.
  7. Amanda holden strikes me as one of those c***s who uses the "don't you know who I am" line.
  8. My worry with Hendry is the occasional brain farts he has. That big Austrian haddy was fouling all over the park last night f**k knows how he thought he could ragdoll Hanley.
  9. Watched the highlights this morning. That penalty was lucky as f**k the keeper effectively jumped over it but who gives a f**k. We could have taken another 1 or 2 off them when we broke forward. Austria look to have real problems an absute shambles in defence.
  10. Ove not heard anything about a refund. I think it will be after the 12th which is the deadline before we hear anything.
  11. Zanatta and Berra have been the pockmof the bunch. My concern with Berra was that he would be too old but he plays an intelligent game e and uses his experience well. McGlynn seems to have a knack of getting the best out of Dario who has really upped his work rate and commitment so fair play to him. Other signings are a mixed bag so far. Haven't seen anything from Keatings. The loan boys are mixed as expected and connolly is industrious.
  12. Fucking hell. To quote Ally McCoist "I was quite unwell there"
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