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  1. Hoping labour can squeak it in England and Wales, they wont get a majority but the only show in town can prop them up and get what they want on the terms they want. Plus for all that's wrong with them the alternative is terrifying. Hoping to see the lib dems get emptied as well but that's being greedy
  2. No SNP round my way, so my vote has gone to labour as has the mrs and the brother in laws proxy vote. Polling station was busy as well at ten to 9 this morning.
  3. Thats a shame about Miller I think he's been an absolute find not only has he filled the void at RB he chips in with goals. I'll take hendry back though he will make a world of difference.
  4. That trailer is already a better film than the still birth that was released 3 years ago.
  5. I'm getting mine delivered, take it I won't be disappointed? Next week is an interesting one, Falkirk despite ditching the snake oil salesman they are still a mess, its must win for them. We are absolutely fucked with injuries, suspensions and playing shite yet have some kind of witchcraft behind us meaning we are unbeaten. It's a massive game for Falkirk.
  6. This is it there are times to play the game on deck and pass it around, then there times like today where we are well short of starters and need to grind out results. Shithousery is under appreciated imo.
  7. That was peak scottish football and another clean sheet. Davo is a twat etc
  8. There is nothing better (in the world of bru) than eating a chippy tea and tanning a it straight from a cold glass bottle. Yes I am a fifer but I'm not wrong about this
  9. I've got someone acting on my behalf and I'm expecting a cross border shipment. Royal mail please dont f**k up😥
  10. Please lord let it be immense and let them send it south so as those exiled will be illuminated by its glory
  11. That's the 3rd game we've been absolutely shite in and we haven't lost one of them or conceded a single goal. Some would say that's the sign of a team that could go all the way.
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