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  1. It was a general comment on stop and search. The whole point of stop and search is its a tool to iliminate someone from an enquiry and the goal is to stop arrests by using it. The whole thing came out of the enquiry into the Brixton riots in the 80's. Not all cops are decent and a lot of them don't know how to communicate effectively which is ridiculous as that should be their greatest asset.
  2. There are a few issues at play here. As has been mentioned the handcuff position is one. The back to back is easier to get on but allows movement, The rear stack is trickier and not everyone can be put into it successfully as such there are various improvisations that could have happened. There is mention of special constables being involved. With the best will in the world they are volunteers who are barely trained and don't see the daily grind of regular cops and don't come across as many dangers. The searching is going to be hugely scrutinised both at the time of arrest and the process attempted in custody. There is also the firearm used. Good quality handguns are still hard to come by, however there is a growing market of converted air guns and starter pistols. The issue with these is that they are hugely unpredictable to use and you are in as much danger pulling the trigger as having it pointed at you. The death of an officer in England and Wales has been coming sadly. Due to a perfect storm of media scrutiny, social media keyboard warriors as well as police management scared to upset community panels and meetings. Officers are reluctant to use their powers to stop and search and 7se of force. They are wary of being dragged over the coals for perceived discrimination
  3. We are in the midst of an extension out the back and the inside of the house is getting ripped apart and rebuilt just for good measure. My boy is not happy despite the builders putting a cat flap in the temporary shuttering he has fucked off to the neighbours house.
  4. John Snow is an absolute legend of the reporting world and one of the few good guys left.
  5. I thought the main stand was grade 2 on account of its L shape? What architectural relevance is Balwearie? I thought it was a standard 1960s school building which is probably showing its age by now. It definetly was 25 years ago when I was last there.
  6. We've played dross apart from Falkirk who gave us a doing so it's hard to make any judgements. The niggles and strains are a bit if a concern just hoping the long lay off has affected onditioning and they will clear up.
  7. From the highlights we look ti have a great deal more physicality in the side. Mendy had an absolute beast of a greater that came off the bar early on.
  8. Is Musonda injured? I think a 3 at the back which includes an ancient Davo and Mendy is certainly interesting.
  9. As mentioned by others Mendy has no positional sense. He ca t track his man and looks like a dug chasing a car. Our defence today were getting turned inside out. Thomson looked l iver the show with that early one on one but ti be fair he made some decent saves. Midfield lacked a bit of dig as well but it is only a friendly in fairness.
  10. Was there many changes or did mcglynn leave a lot of them on to get a 90 minutes?
  11. Mendy was done in that photo. I wonder if mcglynn is giving him pre season to see where he's at.
  12. Might splurge on a hoody and a training top for running.
  13. Johnny is the man dies not understand or give one solitary f**k about the modern world.
  14. If its pre dpf then happy days that seemed to be the sweet spot for diesel engines. Vw used to do a 1.9 with a 6 speed box and they were indestructible i ran one to 160k and was still going strong. Issues will be injectors and dual mass fly wheel. Just change the oil regular as clockwork and give it a good hiding regularly.
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