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  1. Off you f**k Wales, that team and Bale look absolutely finished. Fancy the US to beat the Dutch who have been underwhelming.
  2. Old enough to have been there and remember quite a lot about it, played on a Sunday as well.
  3. https://metro.co.uk/2022/11/21/fifa-bans-belgium-shirt-at-the-world-cup-because-its-too-colourful-17802066/ The progressive alliance that is fifa and Qatar now getting their collective knickers in a twist over the word love and a bright t shirt.
  4. Teams here have missed a trick, they could have had a kit that was a massive rainbow flag.
  5. Think we should go 2 up top for the cup game and hopefully give all 4 strikers meaningful game time if the score allows. I'd actually start big John in this one but I'd be apprehensive to playing Vaughan against a bunch of joiners and posties. Possibly even go for a 442 or a 4132.
  6. It's shambolic and we're getting pulled about the place and Queens Park were worthy winners. That said I don't think this will happen again, every shot on target went in and everything Queens tried worked. That never happens to any team in any league. Murray has to rebuild the teams confidence through the week and we really now need to win a Scottish Cup banana skin.
  7. This will help my trauma over the number 5 this afternoon.
  8. The point is every shot has gone in that's either dumb fucking luck or a serious failing on the goalkeeper/defence.
  9. 5 shots on target and 5 goals. Despite our arse collapse how the f**k can every shot result in a goal.
  10. Yep South Africa was gash. Although Germany skelping England 4-1 was good but not as good as seeing their perfectly good goal chopped off and the subsequent seethe. Also France giving it some banter years as well raised a smile.
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