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  1. The artificial surfaces seem to be evolving at a rapid rate. QOS looks like a manky old carpet how old is it? The rovers which is a year old I think has received pretty universal praise from players. With Vaughan they are being so careful and won't chance him. In reality he will never play every game with his injury record.
  2. A cheeky half bottle og Glen's takes me back to my formative years getting pished as an inderager.
  3. This league is so cut throat I don't think it matters who you play wouldn't be surprised to see loads of drawn games until the end of the season.
  4. That is a wild looking thing there. Get him down to his gp there may be an infection or something else wrong.
  5. In terms of sentencing in English courts it's an automatic 3rd off if they go guilty and avoid the cost and effort of a trial. So young Justice there was looking at 30+ years.
  6. I would like to draw attention to the 4th goal. Not as noteworthy as the others, however it's great play and hendrys incisive pass just cuts open the entire defence and Gullan has so much room to take his time and finish.
  7. You should get a woodbine with every jag regardless of age or medical conditions.
  8. That was the perfect storm last night of the pars looking disillusioned and having no cohesion along with rovers hitting their stride with their strongest 11 playing to full potential. Fucking glorious it was.
  9. In a strange way the dead bodies are just organic matter. They get filed away in the memory because they have to be dealt with. What doesn't ever go away is seeing first hand what is left behind and the absolute devastation it causes. The howl of a bereaved parent is the worst sound on this earth and something that never leaves you.
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