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  1. We might just utilise the loan market for key positions if there is nothing available.
  2. I got into football in the early nineties and I was a goalkeeper. So I was well aware of Scotlands number 1. His ridiculous shot stopping ability despite not hitting 6 foot was incredible the man was some sort of contortionist witch. 2 games stick out for me the champions league game against Leeds and euro 96 against Holland. Then there are the countless games where he broke people's hearts most famously Tommy Burns as Celtic manger. People die at a young age far to regularly but this one struck a chord perhaps because he was one of my earliest footballing memories. I found this from the bizarre loan move to Manu Utd. He got a league medal out of it and noise up Roy Keane into the bargain. https://www.otbsports.com/soccer/andy-goram-manchester-united-895596
  3. It'll be interesting to see how Vaughan is utilised by this manager. Will he be saved for certain games, will it depend on the surface we're playing on or will Murray play him in a different role?
  4. f**k me that new kits flown off the shelves. Sold out in all bar 1 kids size.
  5. I thought the dinosaur deniers were on strike/gathering pallets this time of year.
  6. f**k sake why are we cursed with injuries. Looks like all the midfielders will be getting game time. I agree we need to see more from Stanton this year.
  7. Glad we lost that on a way and that the inherent flaws we all know about were exposed. I'm sure Murray was already aware but it will hopefully focus things.
  8. I was trying to remember when that was. These days he'd have been cancelled to f**k regardless of the verdict.
  9. Did anyone's bairns grill Murray about his transfer targets at the open day.
  10. Fucking hell when have we ever sold out a shirt? Imagine it would have been an order to cover the launch and more will turn up through the pre season.
  11. Getting to play on the pitch with the first team players would have been great for the kids and that might be all it takes to get a supporter for life so. We are lucky in a way that they can have access to the team like that and doing all the kids coaching at starks bigger teams can't give that to supporters. New top is cracking and I think get one quick I'd you want one I can see it selling well.
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