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  1. I'm not sure about these pictures of good looking fit nurses. I want some more of Albert's readers wifes.
  2. There is no mass testing the government are lying about all kinds of stuff. There's a chemical shortage. Chemical companies "erm no there isn't, you can have anything you neeed". Oh there's not enough labs. Private lab owners "please use our labs we're desperate to help" Then there is the ventilator fiasco, government line is they can't get any and Dyson has been commissioned to build something they have never built before which might be ready at some point in the future. Ventilator manufacturers " we've got loads but government haven't even phoned us" There is only so long you can keep a country on "lockdown" while actually doing f**k all to tackle the problem. People will just say f**k this and we'll be back to square one.
  3. I still can't taste anything, this is the longest I've been sober in decades.
  4. Our silly b*****d got himself shut in the garage last night. When he was liberated there was a lake of pish and an angry looking and dusty creature. He ate 2 full sachets and retired to bed where he has stayed since 8 this morning and will not budge.
  5. I do believe you are fucked. Hopefully it's just mild which is like a bad cold.
  6. Back to work today and it was needed, things there are weird but at least the going there and doing stuff although it's quite quiet has been good.
  7. Well my neighbour across the road has succumbed to this. Last week an ambulance turned up sharpish and he was carted off. In his 70s and probably had some kind of health condition that was none of my business but he looked fairly well prior to this and was quite active.
  8. Get your star wars pish tae f**k away from this thread.
  9. This is like a longer term version of a problem from a few years ago where that volcano went off and none of the airlines would fly until one of them went f**k this and sent some flights up to see what would happen. The governments will not let this drag on for months on end, I reckon boris will get his 4 or 5 conference centre hospitals up and running, wait for the peak of this thing and hopefully have some sort of testing programme in place. Then it'll be getting back to normal as quick as they can and we'll swallow the risk/loss of a number of the weak and elderly that will be deemed an acceptable level by the powers that be.
  10. They are saying normal life may not return for 6 months. Just for arguments sake would you rather 1. Say fair enough and slog it out for the full time Or 2. How long to you leave it before you say f**k this, get back to normal the old folk have had their time they can either sit it out or take their chances
  11. I cannot wait to go running again but this pox has fucked me up. There was a freezing cold wind today and that just about killed my lungs when I was out for a walk.
  12. I'm starting to feel like the bit in dawn of the dead where they are just existing in the flat they make above the shopping centre. They've had a great time helping themselves in all the shops and having a party now just sitting there in dread each day the same. *obviously without the trolley dash bit or the party.
  13. Easy jet are missing a trick here 29.99 flights to Minsk and Stockholm
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