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  1. He didn't seem awfully happy with where he was after his career, and seemed to regret certain decisions eg leaving Celtic, though of course he wrote warmly of Morton.
  2. Hearts "ruining all his weekends" by usually winning matches and being top of the league. Brave move to don his wife's pyjama trousers before posting a late-night rant.
  3. Just listened to this very episode and then coincidentally saw this thread. Good podcast- the third or fourth in the series I've listened to, and Jenkins comes across very well. Thanks.
  4. I taught English in Siberia for a few years and had to visit Mongolia to renew my Russian visa in 2005. Absolutely fascinating country, probably the most interesting I have visited. I also tried to get to view the North Korean border from the Russian side (not to cross it and get arrested) but had to turn back due to, erm, unforeseen circumstances.
  5. I’ve booked a sailing trip to Rockall in June 2022, overnighting at St Kilda. It’ll be two lifetime ambitions fulfilled. So far I’ve only visited mainland Shetland and Mull but hope to add many, many more when we are free to travel again.
  6. Paul Sturrock. I know he's been retired a while but still writes on Facebook groups and seems a good sort. Dick Campbell comes across brilliantly but I have been in a crowd at Partick where they, to a man, were chanting for him to GTF, so I guess not everyone likes him. Met Davie Irons briefly once and he seemed pleasant.
  7. I feel like Winston from Still Game when they sent him for the carry out....... I don’t want to watch again cos I’m so gutted at what I heard them say about diving...... but I know I will. AVFTT has been my favourite show for so long, I can’t give up on it now. Carry out for Jack and Victor? Pub with willing lassie? Nnnnnnggggg
  8. Long time reader, first time poster...... A View From the Terrace has been my favourite TV programme for the last couple of years, leading me to subscribe to The Terrace podcast. I had listened to all the episodes of 'Tell Him He's Pele' before AVFTT came about. AVFTT is a superb programme, a template which I reckon will be copied by other media firms (some of the short films are pure class) and the Last Minute Winners are excellent if they are about football (the Lambie McFarlands especially) instead of someone warbling a lazy cover. Then I watched the episode (19th Feb) where Joel, Shaughan and Fowler (who I'd previously liked and respected) said they didn't care if players dive. I'd like to hope they had tongues firmly in cheeks but.... what the hell? It was like being told Santa doesn't exist. The way in which the likes of Pawlett are rightly seen as diving cheats in Scotland is for me the best thing about the Scottish game. Someone tell me they didn't mean it, please.....
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