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  1. I don't see Patterson or Gilmour starting though obviously both should be. Dykes has a great chance as he is big and strong and can play with his back to goal and hold it up. Adams is obviously a higher quality players but Dykes is better suited if we're going to play one up top with someone off him, so I think it might well be him.
  2. Aye totally eh. Guys from Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Aston Villa would struggle against a team who are a mid-table Championship side. Rangers have what maybe two players who would stand a chance of getting a game for Scotland, if that.
  3. Aye except this Scotland team would absolutely ride Rangers. Apart from that you make a lot of sense.
  4. Aye I suppose, he only had players who play at a higher level than they ever have for teammates. Good point.
  5. Steve Clarke has the air of a Glasgow hitman. He's the guy that comes to see you if you don't pay on time.
  6. Rangers fan actually. My dad grew up with him. So there you go.
  7. Gone off for safety but looks fine He and Patterson should be in the team, both look quality
  8. Silk from Patterson there, clear upgrade on O'Donnell
  10. He has clearly improved the team immediately. Should absolutely be first choice as of now.
  11. Here comes the white Cafu I think I'm gonna jizz in my pants
  12. Gilmour is sex on legs
  13. He should have left Celtic a couple of years ago. Been stagnating there for a while.
  14. Gilmour contributes more in three minutes than McGregor has in a game and a half
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