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  1. All kart racers are shite. So is Smash. The two Nintendo franchises I've never "got".
  2. "If you go on the coach or car it doesn't make much difference when game is." That's exactly my point, most people go to games by this method, so the only thing you might have to grumble about (public transport times) is diminished given the majority of fans wouldn't be using PT anyway. " Night games are shite for away fans. Or at least those of us who want to make a day of it and don't just wanna go straight to a game in the car or a coach and then straight home again without taking in the surroundings." They're shite for you. Even then, it seems like an incredibly minor inconvenience, the only difference is you get home later. On the flip side to that same coin, another batch of people will be delighted they don't have to get up at 5am anymore. I think most people will prefer these times. These allocations will sell out no problem whatsoever.
  3. 12.30 is a morning kick off. Plenty of public transport still operates after 10pm. The majority of fans travel to games in supporters busses anyway. I think you're making a bit much of it. I think the vast majority of people would prefer to be at a night match than a lunchtime one. Night matches are great, people love them.
  4. Greenwood isn't even involved in that goal and Neville is trying to incite his influence The guy is insufferable
  5. How is a 7.45pm away kick off on a Saturday absolutely shit for away fans? I don't get how that's not miles better for them than a morning kickoff.
  6. Never, ever a penalty. Can't understand the commentators surprise at the overturning.
  7. Market was halfway into a recovery until he tweeted again about Bitcoin energy consumption this morning . No one will ever convince me that anytime he tweets about crypto, it not purposely just to f**k the markets up for laugh. He's 100% a sociopath.
  8. Musk manipulating the the market again. This time manipulating it right down the shitter by halting Tesla's stance on accepting Bitcoin citing environmental worries. I hate this c**t so much.
  9. Tuchel clarifies Billy Gilmour's half-time substitution and refuses to talk about loaning him before the season is over 41 minutes ago23:20 "Well that was an absolutely okay performance," Tuchel told reporters at Stamford Bridge after his side lost 1-0 to Arsenal. "We saw they defended so deep and we wanted to have Mason who has a better shot from 18 metres to be more dangerous from distance, have an offensive player like Mason there. "It wasn't that Billy was bad, we just wanted an offensive change for tactical power. For Billy's situation, we will talk after the season but right now he is here and doing his job. It is clear that it is very hard for him. "Today, we lacked N'Golo and Mateo Kovacic in midfield. It is unfair to put it all on his shoulders and he had a fantastic game against Manchester City. It was an okay match today. He was by far not the problem." Sounds like he isn't 100% in Tuchel's immediate plans for next season. Shame for him, but it was always going to be hard to displace the teachers pet Jorginho when they fil such a similar role. Needs a good loan, then see where he's at next summer.
  10. The balance wasn't right with the two of them, but If either of them is inflexible it's Jorginho. He just wants to hog the middle of the park by himself when they're in possession. I'd doubt if he's moved outwith the width of the centre circle the whole 2nd half here. But he's the senior player, if the manager has to upset one of them it's going to be Gilmour. As an aside, Tierney has run Reece James ragged and, forward and backwards. James has resorted to just kicking him now the big diddy.
  11. Hooked at half-time for a change of gameplan Wasn't really working playing Jorginho and Gilmour together, but still incredibly harsh tbh. He played well.
  12. Really good game this for his experience playing with Jorginho against an Arsenal team sitting back. Getting to see so much of the ball. It's like watching a young Xavi. You can't get near him to tackle him, and never gives it away on the pass.
  13. Can I ask the forums opinion on what is the upper limit for an acceptable time to be absent from work due to a parent dying?
  14. Anyone ever get sore/uncomfortable baws from wearing loose boxers? This has been the case for me for as long as I can remember, but it's been taken up a notch recently. Really quite uncomfortable down the back/left side at times, especially if I'm lying down or sitting cross legged. Always thought it was normal, but perhaps not now.
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