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  1. No. People die every day. She’s not related, a close friend or a colleague, so i have no time for virtue signalling someone I have never met.
  2. This maggot needs to be booted ASAP. The signs were there that he wasn’t fit for purpose in pre-season when we lost at Fleetwood a EFL League 2 relegation favourite.
  3. I will spend most days fishing, you never know what whoppers you’ll catch. When I am not bating my hook, I’ll probably go to the beach. I live on the coast.
  4. I can see relegation has hit you hard. You are so bitter.
  5. But, it does get to you. So, how subpar can it be, really?
  6. I didn't delete it. I don't need to. If it was deleted then it’s probably because European qualifying teams aren't allowed in.
  7. You can start your own threads in the Championship section. You do know this, right? You can chat about how to survive the cold in Arbroath, or Morton, are they better than Dundee. Come on lads, don't get yourselves overwhelmed.
  8. Anyway guys; the Premiership is over for you. Time to move down to the Championship now. This section is for the top teams. Your section is with Raith, Cove and other lower level clubs. All hanging around here does, is make you remember what you had. Like the great Jim Bowen used to say "take it away lads".
  9. I know, right. Still, just as well artwork doesn't win football games, or we'd have got relegated too.
  10. It's been lovely to see you this season, but I guess it could never last, we all have to find our natural level eventually. I would wish you luck for the championship, but I am sure you don't need the pressure. Just watch the League 1 trapdoor though. It's hard to get out of, ask Falkirk who are bigger than you.
  11. Congratulations Rangers on your first title. Such a shame Celtic are awful the year you do. At times this season, watching Celtic was like watching Yeovil.
  12. If I was a Celtic player, I would be doing everything in my power to get to the R*ngers game with, on paper at least, the title still winnable. Giving a guard of honour, at home to your biggest rivals is not an option. That said, I ain't, I don't care and come on you Terrors...
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