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  1. Congratulations Rangers on your first title. Such a shame Celtic are awful the year you do. At times this season, watching Celtic was like watching Yeovil.
  2. If I was a Celtic player, I would be doing everything in my power to get to the R*ngers game with, on paper at least, the title still winnable. Giving a guard of honour, at home to your biggest rivals is not an option. That said, I ain't, I don't care and come on you Terrors...
  3. Forget where they could potentially be, the bear facts are, at this moment with the squads they have, they would likely be mid-table in League 2.
  4. I can see why Celtic have given R*ngers their first title on this performance. Awful, and Explains fully why they came a distant last in a two horse race. They're gonna get pumped in the Ugly Sisters Derby.....
  5. Nah, we'll beat them 2-1. Celtic are rubbish this season, Broon is way past it. If we win, Bantzzz central, if we lose, well were expected to. So banter because they lost a two horse race against a club founded in 2012.
  6. Don't know about that, I have never got a hard on from watching rugby.
  7. It's complicated. I have United on, the rugby on, and Torquay on the wireless.
  8. Should get three points today, but I have backed us on an accumulator, so there's the kiss of death.
  9. Imagine being one of the biggest and most well known clubs in the world, your closest rivals die and within a few short seasons, the Tribute Act that replaced Rangers are embarrassingly in front of your club. Fail Fail, the Celts are here...
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