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  1. The police have gone early with their annual raid on the Bahrain Victorious hotel. I was surprised they weren’t one of the teams partaking in the Netflix series being filmed this year.
  2. I’d find it highly unlikely a board, supposedly, looking for £350k for Dunne would be promoting Erhahon going for a pittance, or nothing. I also don’t think Erhahon would be at the bottom of the pecking order for the places in midfield. He is a good talent linked with decent moves already when he’d cost a fair amount. I wouldn’t have given Flynn a new deal, but by the sounds of it he is starting transition into the coaching side of things so I’d count him out be a regular barring injuries.
  3. Jumbo Visma squad also looks vastly talented although I’m surprised Dennis has missed out. Roglic will have Vingegaard and Kuss to look after him in the mountains. Both of them look to be better climbers than any in UAE’s team. They could probably have any number of climbers trying to isolate Pogacar and he’ll still distance them all. I’m hoping Thomas will stay upright and get close to rekindling the type of form to mount a podium challenge in his last tour.
  4. I believe Tannadice was deemed to be sufficiently close to Northumberland by Mrs Ross. Dens Park, however, was too far to travel. Good appointment IMO.
  5. Takes some doing to get that accolade but he manages it. The guy who used to claim his scarf was used for new signing photos every single time, as if there was a shortage of scarves, a close second. Especially now he has turned into a George Galloway shagging, nasty Russian mouthpiece.
  6. Ludo’s elaborate lies for each time Jack Ross knocks Dundee back are getting more and more wild. Firstly Neil McCann was the manager they always dreamt of, now Jack Ross’ wife won’t let him travel outside of a 20 mile radius.
  7. Tom Dumoulin to retire at the end of the year. Shame for him with his troubles as he has looked a good contender, still achieved a lot in his curtailed career.
  8. In a world of ridiculous transfer fees, £350k for Charles Dunne is by far the most outrageous. I’m all for ripping off Goodwin but at least make it realistic. Hopefully Dunne kicks up a stink about being held back or priced out of a move and player power pulls trump.
  9. TGH had a heavy reliance on Rohan Dennis in the mountains too. Hindley must be in line for years as team leader at future grand tours now. Hugh Carthy also been in great form over the last week of the Giro.
  10. Surprised no one has mentioned Robertson’s part in the goal, nowhere to be seen. Overhyped pish.
  11. Hindley seems happy to match Carapaz over the past week, I can’t remember him attacking much if any. I would imagine the bonus seconds will go to the GC contenders for today which could be crucial. From hearing about Hindley’s time trialling ability and equipment compared to Carapaz’s then he will need to put a fair amount of time into Carapaz today to stand a chance. In an ideal world Hugh Carthy takes the stage by 18 minutes. The Dolomites usually put a spanner in the works.
  12. Agreed - I wasn’t meaning the more fans the less likely we are to get a result. More that we have competed and got results before with a budget similar to what would result from this change. The West stand was absolutely decimated the last game against Rangers in April, no one in the directors box could have been looking across from their position and be thinking the financial benefit outweighs everything else. Motherwell have drastically cut the allocation they give Celtic and Rangers in recent times, they haven’t fared too badly since.
  13. I voted to retain 3 stands at all times and to the detriment of the first team budget, we managed before and even won home games against Celtic/Rangers. Championship is a much better league and if it comes to that without this coveted £100k (sounds like how drastic things will get given the boards insistence on this figure) then I will be at ease with my decision.
  14. Porte ill and straight out the back today on the first climb. Might be the reason Bora appear to be taking ahold of the chase today ahead of the tougher climbs still to come.
  15. Probably how they should have billed their squads in the past few years instead of the nonsense dual/trio leadership roles when Bernal has been injured. Their best hope of a GT is the Giro as I’m sure Pogacar is off to both the Tour and Vuelta this year, barring any disaster he’ll likely have a clean sweep with the both of them. Jai Hindley in fantastic form at the Giro, Carapaz will be doing well to get a fair amount of time on him before the Verona time trial on Sunday. He’s at least shown that his 2nd place at the Giro was no fluke when the field was pretty depleted, unlike that year’s winner Geoghegan-Hart. Not sure how Hindley/Carapaz compare on their time trialing ability but Hindley to lose it twice on a TT would be pretty cruel if it comes to it.
  16. Alex Rae was insufferable for 120 minutes tonight but the commentary should have been handed over to him for the trophy presentation. That was his time.
  17. Nasty for Girmay, sounds it won't develop into anything serious and just requires rest. Screw top bottles from now on. I hope today's stage end has the crosswinds required to split the peloton.
  18. I don’t think you can pinpoint that on McCarthy, that was the week Dunne was dropped and he was linked with Aberdeen. It could’ve been any one of them. It was a daft comment regardless. McCarthy was linked with teams at the start of the season and got dropped by Goodwin. Probably overshadowed at the time by all the nonsense about McGrath. Alnwick and McCarthy both moving on through their choice doesn’t suggest Robinson had an issue with either of them. 1 or 2 centre backs required as replacements especially if Robinson is to maintain 3 at the back as Dunne can not be relied on.
  19. If it weren’t for homegrown rules Curtis Jones would be nowhere near a team like Liverpool. Absolute rubbish.
  20. It was tremendous viewing from start to finish, I had it on GCN+, compared to the midweek stage when literally nothing happened all day there was hardly a moment of rest today. One hell of a crash by Tesfatsion, not sure what line he was attempting to take with a left-handed turn coming up. Just need it to remain this close going into the final time trial. Just noticed Yates lost 11 minutes, must have blown up big time. Whatever the knee injury he sustained before the Giro must be pretty troublesome. I would imagine that might see him head home after today.
  21. But it was only an interim manager while everything was made perfect for Jack Ross to manage his boyhood club
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