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  1. Naismith is a cracking player to have at wing back. Durmus has a shift on his hands rest of the game here. We’ll not get half as much joy now County have changed their formation.
  2. Pretty attacking line up from Goodwin. I just hope Durmus is on the left & Connolly on the right, not vice versa. Happy for Erwin to be given a shot up front. I would imagine that both McGrath and McAllister will be central just off him so hopefully they can link well. Possibly harsh on MacPherson being out the team again.
  3. Arguably we all should have been sectioned there and then for continuing to turn up to watch the shite those 2 diddy managers were serving up. Particularly Alex Rae’s team because it’s Alex Rae. I’m not pinning all my hopes on top 6 - it would be good to go into the post-split fixtures without a care in the world but we’ve had a tough run and a number of factors have disrupted us including our own misdemeanours. Between the current league positioning and league cup run we have had a very good season thus far.
  4. Sweet dreams welldaft. Hope it’s just a one day hangover you suffer.
  5. We are miles off it tonight. I’d take a 0-0 right now as this game is only going one way currently.
  6. Clancy giving out yellows based on screams from YouTubers - what a hopeless referee.
  7. Has anyone established the homesick status of Shaun Maloney's wife?
  8. Settling for a point with Erwin coming on to shore up the defence.
  9. Livingston have put in a number of quality crosses. We’re obviously feeling particularly generous today as we’ve let them do so with ease every time.
  10. If Alnwick can start getting his punts on target that might be as good as any chance we’ll get first half.
  11. Wonderful news. No coincidence Goodwin’s new contract expires at the end of the 2024 Euros* campaign.
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