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  1. How does that switch give us more defensive cover? It's a myth Erhahon doesn't do a job defensively. If you want to be more defensive then you'd have to sacrifice either Ronan or McGrath, they play higher up than Erhahon and Power. None of the 4 deserve to be dropped. If Erhahon is injured from Saturday that should be the only reason he would miss out. I wouldn't like to see Goodwin make any changes from what has become our first choice unless those injured on Saturday don't make it.
  2. Will be writing to Saints today to ask that your seat be made a red zone for the rest of the season.
  3. Footballers refusing to celebrate a goal against their former club is a horrendous trait and all too common. Marcus Fraser did the right thing, as he often does, however not quite in the manner you suggest. The only time a player should not celebrate is if they intend to do that cringeworthy love-heart thing or kiss the badge. Both of which should be a bookable offence.
  4. Spot on. We should be doing everything in our power regardless of how slim the chances are and I don't think anyone believes it will go further than an offer. St Mirren's best offer will peanuts for a club down south to afford. The offer should be left on the table until McGrath signs elsewhere as who knows what could play out in the rest of the season. The same efforts should be put into renewing McCarthy's contract, although I'm sure he is in a similar boat and will move on come the end of the season.
  5. Can’t even imagine what that figure may be given the contracts we have handed out in recent times.
  6. I see Opi-Omi woman is in court tomorrow facing up to 15,000 Euro fine and one year in jail. I guess she might be getting made an example of for scenes we see mainly on the climbs, but she was daft enough to do it on a single track flat road. Next year's Tour route is due for release this week, rumoured to include Alpe d'Huez & cobbled stage with the first 3 stages in Denmark. I think all the grand tours are starting in a foreign country next year. I follow a Pyrenees cycling accommodation page on twitter as i was hoping to go out there pre-covid times, they have a couple of videos of routes also rumoured to be included and look pretty spectacular.
  7. Definitely. Think that is about as well-written and as reasonable an article you can get about McGrath. He can go higher than Hibs & would be daft to even consider it next time around.
  8. Great win, finally. Goodwin’s subs were excellent as well - good management to take Fraser off after Aberdeen tried to hound the clown referee to get him sent off. Pathetic from Glass who spent the last 10 mins greeting about the concussion sub having had a perfect view of Bates fly through Brophy. He did that every time he got near a Saints player, he’s a terrible centre half. Last couple games our defending of set pieces has been unbelievably shoddy. At least we look like scoring now and posing a threat. It was always going to take time to get going but certainly look like we are getting there in the past 2 games.
  9. Good to see Tony Martin go out on a high especially after his crash-laden Tour in the summer. I see Astana are getting the old gang back together with Nibali & Lopez once his Movistar contract terminates next week. I was about to post likewise - couldn't think of a viable move at his price and to a team who could support his ambitions.
  10. It is impossible to put into words just how dreadful this referee is.
  11. Can only assume you have a grievance like that Killie fan, who's boy got punted from the academy, against Erhahon to explain your irrational dislike of him. Reid did well last week and probably deserved his start again yesterday. The game passed him by a bit yesterday and Goodwin made the change at the right time to bring Erhahon on. He certainly helped us change the game as we were getting battered straight after half time.
  12. We should have won that - barring a daft 15 minute spell after half time where was lost the ability to attack and Scott Allan running the game, we were comfortable. Sportscene doesn't seem to have shown it but McAllister more often than not would score the chance he had. He did the hard part as Doig let him waltz inside, instead of lashing it towards goal and ending up scuffing it he could've passed it in to the keepers right side. Hibs' keeper by the way is hopeless. That attempt at the Brophy shot was what we became used to seeing with Samson against Leigh Griffiths. The penalty incident was crazy considering the ref had wasted 5 mins lecturing everyone at the penalty spot. Joe Shaughnessy for the goal was tremendous, I think he is the best headerer of the ball Scotland has even seen. Definitely should've been our first win of the season but a lot to be positive about. We look a much better team with the 2 up front as well.
  13. In that case, McGrath will likely take the penalty.
  14. 90 minutes of booing Jack Ross for the Saints fans to enjoy. I suspect by the end of the match the rest of the stadium will be joining us. 0-1 St Mirren (Scott Allan own goal).
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