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  1. Why would any Rangers fan want Dyche? I thought one of the gripes with van Bronckhorst was shite style of play.
  2. We’ll make a San Marino World Cup qualification campaign look successful with the record we are about to set in these 5 games.
  3. I would imagine someone is feeding these stories to the Record to get his name in the frame. No sooner have these jobs come up than Robinson’s name is in the paper under consideration. A good agent IMO, one will land eventually.
  4. The back 4 was beyond dreadful in the league cup, that being said I think he should’ve stuck with it once in the lead last night given the circumstances. I think 3-5-2 works for us, certainly at home, perhaps a 4 at the back might be worth a try away from home. We have shown we know how to defend with a 3 at the back, so I don’t think that’s the issue. More a real lackadaisical approach to defending crosses both in wide areas and in the box in recent times. The likes of Clark at St Johnstone, Anderson at Livi and Henderson at Hibs shouldn’t be comfortably winning the ball in the air when we’ve got 3, 4 or 5 defenders in the box. We are adept at closing down players when they are in central areas nearing the box, however when out on the wing it’s half-arsed even in early stages of the games so fatigue can’t come into it.
  5. We don’t half concede a lot of goals from crosses. Livi, Dundee Utd, Hibs (in the build up to their penalty), Ross County and St Johnstone all scored from crosses in recent weeks. When you consider the height of those players that have beat our defenders to the ball in the air, it’s ridiculous. A combination of full backs not stopping crosses and centre backs passing on men instead of taking responsibility is a huge issue. I had been unfair on Tait as I was so used to him saunter out to about 10 yards away from the player crossing only to then stop and wait to turn his back on the cross but it’s every full back doing it.
  6. Harsh, Lex. There are definite signs of progression, we are a much better team at home. Terrible away from home right enough. Tonight was the equivalent of Tait fucking it last season in the last minute against Motherwell, except it’s on the manager.
  7. Hopeless game management. Robinson shouldn’t have gone so defensive after we went 2-1 up. It was our 3 strikers against St Johnstone 3 at the back, brought that on ourselves as we had them pinned back. Also Tanser has the most pathetic throw I’ve seen, can’t throw it the length of himself - Robinson should never be calling on him to take a throw again. Two excellent goals in the second half. Is there any need for an on-field referee if they aren’t going to give any decisions until the tele tells them what to do? Hope their ludicrous fee is vastly reduce as they do half a job now.
  8. That would make Baccus a waste of a jersey as well then? The harsh part is the language used to single out Erhahon after a couple of games in which he hasn’t played to the standards he did earlier in the season.
  9. Baccus being described as a form dip yet Erhahon described as a waste of a jersey is extremely harsh. Some things never change.
  10. Saints were atrocious. Tait should’ve been left on to get sent off if he could get close enough to a Hibs player to foul, failing that another handball. He’s far too slow for this level and stands off players too much, point and case being the penalty. The goal chopped off for Hibs was a great move.
  11. Strain is the most talented player in our squad IMO. I am amazed he’s not been involved in more Australia squads than what’s mentioned on his wiki page. He must be a shoe-in to make the final squad.
  12. Popcorn out for the new SMiSA board candidates. Well, one of.
  13. Great win, well deserved and should’ve been by more. That initial decision for the goal was one of the very few the referee got right in-game. The decision to over turn it was farcical. Dundee Utd are truly rotten, if they can’t throw themselves to the deck they haven’t a clue what to do. What a player Curtis Main is!
  14. Armstrong is fast becoming Martin Boyle 2.0. Only he does it in nothing areas of the park, unsuccessfully, rather than in the penalty box.
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