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  1. Build the team around McGrath in his preferred position, play Connolly and put Foley on the bench.
  2. The more weeks of having to suffer club TV and their chosen commentators the more you appreciate those professional broadcasters rather than the diddies employed at club level. Clive Tyldseley falls into the latter category following his summer video and employment by Rangers. Foley has been absolutely hopeless this season.
  3. Can’t help but feel Flynn & Magennis have become infinitely better players while injured & too much emphasis is being placed upon their return. They’re good players and will better the team, granted they might not improve the infamously poor xG statistic. They are both coming off a long injury so they will take a good while to make a regular impact. We’ve decent players throughout the squad and looked a good team in the early couple weeks since then there’s been too much messing about with personnel and formation. Suspension and injuries (including isolation) have disrupted our team quite a bit in the early part of the season, not helped by Tait’s recklessness on Saturday. Goodwin needs to return to a settled team, last season you could pretty much pick the starting 11 this season it’s a lottery. There wasn’t any real reason for changing the team that played Wednesday - I’d have even played Morias ahead of Obika especially in the wild setup Goodwin plumped for.
  4. Not too much credit - he is an abomination of a referee. Really poor decision by Goodwin not to play Connolly from the start, he played well on Wednesday. McCarthy has been all over the place today.
  5. Goodwin seeing out the 2-1 defeat with extra bodies in midfield now.
  6. Harsh on Zlamal there, he did well. What a pass to set up the first chance although think he was looking for the striker already in the box. Defence been hopeless today.
  7. Butcher was a penalty waiting to happen at both of those corners.
  8. How hopeless was Kearney to persist with Erhahon at left back/left wing back. Doesn’t look out of place in midfield.
  9. Too much of a knee-jerk reaction to the defeat at St Johnstone. That defeat was all down to Goodwin messing about with the shape to accommodate a distinctly average team. We’ve decent players when played in their natural positions. As in January we are probably short of a left sided defender to fill in at centre half or left back as the suspension for Shaughnessy showed and any suspension/injury to Tait would do. I would agree with opinions on Connolly, I think he played well tonight and certainly looks to have a bit about him. McGrath is a wonderful player, must be destined for bigger things in the future.
  10. Not sky’s fault this game isn’t on tv. Quite the rant for something caused by a Celtic player.
  11. I’d sooner see Urminsky in goals, he’s got to develop at some point. Hladky was thrown in at Parkhead, early on or maybe even his first game, and chucked one in the net then turned out to be great. Urminsky may not get a better opportunity to perform with Alnwick being out best player thus far and, barring another episode, unlikely to be out for many future games along with Lyness.
  12. It wouldn’t have made a difference to the end result, as we’d still deservedly lost 2-0/2-1, but Collum missing those 2 handballs. A few weeks ago he was only too keen to get involved in everything and anything as 4th official now he shys away from decisions when he is responsible. He’s best sticking to being a 4th official. Hopeless.
  13. Erhahon been best player on the park for saints, anytime he’s received the ball first thought has been to go forward. Passing has been very accurate as well. Would have Foley in midfield with them, Shaughnessy back in the team with Sheron & Les dropping out. Hopefully only a knock for him today although he was struggling towards the end of the first half.
  14. No way is Durmus deserving of being hooked at half time, he’s been a decent out ball and linked well. Dennis first touch letting him down a couple times now getting himself into decent positions at least.
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