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  1. I think it’s a straightforward selection in midfield - I don’t think MacPherson is suspended at least not mentioned in previews I have read? Going by his early season form, Foley hasn’t the legs to match the Livingston midfield. MacPherson wasn’t brilliant last week but then again we could probably make 10 changes if following that train of thought. I would go with: MacPherson - Erhahon Connolly - McGrath - Durmus Obika
  2. 100%, this game is made for Obika. He has an impeccable record at Hampden. He has to start. I think Goodwin will plump for but hope we don't have the Mason/Tait combination down the left, Durmus and one of Tait or Mason instead please.
  3. How will Green Day cope when this goes 3-0? Not very well by the looks of it.
  4. Hibs ought to have someone who can hit a set piece better than Boyle.
  5. Favourite one yet. Let's hope the players don't follow Lee come Sunday.
  6. Now we’ve got loser **** desperately attaching themselves to Livingston in search of some success the omens are looking good.
  7. Mallan is a wonderful footballer, would be a very good addition. Good statement by the club re supposed financial wrongdoing & reads to me like someone has leaked it wanting a headline or to get themselves a little earner. Not particularly clever by whoever it was that leaked.
  8. Tait isn't as good as he is made out to be. Fraser is a more dependable full back. Mason, if fit, should be given a shot at left back despite the rough time he got at Hibs.
  9. This could potentially be our last game against St Johnstone for quite a while with our lofty top 6 ambitions and St Johnstone’s defensive style leading them to an impending relegation. I certainly hope so.
  10. £10k fine with a further £10k suspended. Common sense prevails. It would now be very St Mirren to go on to lose these matches 3-0.
  11. Is there any word on the contract extension for Doyle-Hayes or are we waiting on the double announcement of no forfeiture punishment and 3-year extension for JDH?
  12. BBC article up saying the panel sits from 6pm tonight and could conclude as early as later on this evening or more likely early next week.
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