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  1. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    The ambulance usually sits towards the family stand add to the fact that camera trucks usually sit across the corner between the West stand and the away stand would make it difficult access. I can see the logic in wheeling the guy out by W7. Spitting is deplorable and the route taken to wheel the injured guy out should not even be up for discussion.
  2. Barcelona

  3. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    I agree completely. There were already calls for Stubbs to go this soon after the summer transfer window. Kearney has had a free run, probably because he comes out at the end of the game and claps the fans after they've just watched another brutal 90 minutes. I'll give him longer purely because its his team. I was of the opinion that we should give Stubbs (and even Rae, at the time) more time which probably means we should bin him. His team selections are strange and he doesn't seem to learn from these mistakes. Why sign McAllister to have him sitting on the bench for the first 60 mins of each game. I think it was the Celtic game in January that showed just how out of our depth we are in this league. While I wasn't going there expecting us to get anything for the game I was at least expecting some fight and effort put into the game. Aside for Popescu, no one in the team gave that. We have made some decent signings this January. We are not playing these signings in any sort of decent formation that gives us a chance in games. Players are blowing out their arse after 45 mins of chasing the opposition around. Staying in the pub is a far more attractive proposition for a Saturday afternoon these - far cry from this time a year ago.
  4. St Mirren v Dundee United

    Never made it out the pub in time for the game - missed nothing going by those highlights. If one good thing can come from today's game it will be Paul McGinn getting cited for that challenge and banned for 3 games.
  5. St Mirren vs Motherwell - 06/02/2019

    We’re not streetwise enough. Allowing a 4’0” boy to waltz into the box for a free header is abysmal. Stubbs was an awful manager, Kearney looking every bit as bad. If McGinn is out for any length of time we’re humped.
  6. St Mirren vs Motherwell - 06/02/2019

    Decent enough team. Right changes made with Erhahon & tansey out. No idea where Dreyer will play.
  7. Absolute farce. The sooner we get relegated the better.
  8. Rangers vs St Mirren 2nd February

    Really? What causes the upward trajectory of Candeias? If he’s getting pulled down then he’s only going one way.
  9. Rangers vs St Mirren 2nd February

    How is it possible to get thrown forward when you are being pulled back? Watch it again.
  10. Rangers vs St Mirren 2nd February

    You’re deluded beyond belief. VAR won’t help with your blinkered interpretation of incidents. You’ve got it wrong more often than not in this thread. You could well be this daft compliance officer they seem to have put in place for this season.
  11. Rangers vs St Mirren 2nd February

    Exactly. Stewart went on to say it wasn’t simulation. He then put forward a very strong case for simulation. It was clear as day a dive at the time and with conclusive evidence on the tv it is an obvious dive. Of all the penalties this should be the one with the least debate and definite repercussions.
  12. Rangers vs St Mirren 2nd February

    Neither of these things happen. Defoe went down anticipating contact, according to Michael Stewart. No contact was forthcoming so he bounced straight back up. It is a dive he has conned the referee. Whether he gets up straight away or rolls around for 5 minutes is irrelevant. He should be banned.
  13. Rangers vs St Mirren 2nd February

    McGinn was booked for a challenge on Coulibaly that first game. McCrorie was correctly sent off - see the Ajer decision today. It amazes how often McCrorie gets caught out any time I've seen him he has always looked a poor player, including yesterday. Candeias was bizarre, however he should never have got involved. Blame Candeias, not the referee, considering he was only on the park for the final 10 mins. Yesterday was a whole other level of incompetence.
  14. Rangers vs St Mirren 2nd February

    What happened during the week is irrelevant. Rangers were gifted 3 goals yesterday. These penalty decisions hide the fact that you are an average side. The first was a penalty the rest were Dallas’ incompetence. He has shown over many games that he is not good enough to referee in professional football. I don’t think he’s biased in favour of one team, he’s an extremely poor referee however. What should happen now is Dallas & his main stand linesman demoted to junior football & Defoe given a 2 match ban. Neither of these will happen, no doubt.
  15. Rangers vs St Mirren 2nd February

    Dallas’ performance will deflect the attention away from what were two poor football teams. I don’t Saints even had a shot on goal from memory & Rangers, for what they’ve spent this year, have a one-dimensional ordinary team. Defoe isn’t anywhere near the player he was, Morelos is far better. Only Celtic’s slacking has kept them remotely near the top of the league. Erhahon needs a stint out the team, he’s been decent enough but it’s time to have a proper left back in the side. The first penalty was a stupid challenge with Defoe’s going nowhere. He also got down the line in the second half quite a few times and didn’t once throw the ball in the box. Compare that to Barisic who motored up and down and threw the ball in at every opportunity. Our Keeper had a very good second half and big Ferdinand played well.