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  1. I'm sure they were recently discussing Lafferty's willingness to stay at Killie, regardless of division, on Radio Scotland. That may well come down to finances but I think Killie will be fine and Lafferty will stay with them next season. I saw Aberdeen's release list and if Goodwin was looking to add to the ROI representation then I would take Hoban from Aberdeen to strengthen our centre half options.
  2. I agree - I think Erwin is much in the mould of Billy Mehmet. He has a decent touch and link up play and is by no means a bad player. I think it is probably the right time for Obika to move on, he has been a good player for us over the past couple years. He looks as if he can be a nightmare to play against when he is on his game. Goodwin has improved our attacking options greatly since he took over, comparing the options he had when he took over, & the season prior, to what we have now is night and day. I think we are well placed with Goodwin in charge to add another decent striker to Dennis, Erwin & Brophy along with any youngsters.
  3. Better luck next season lads, I know how much finishing above Saints meant to you all. Thinking of you all x
  4. Obika got that skill move honed to perfection. Red card has made the game a bit more open and watchable.
  5. In the only way we know how - booed while on the pitch. Durmus been great to watch at times over the past couple of seasons as has Obika & I’m sure both will be fondly remembered.
  6. Personally I’m looking forward to all the **** cleaning up george square, repairing the smashed windscreens/shop windows and treating all the black eyes first thing tomorrow morning. Class, but expected [emoji1319]
  7. The Motherwell fans have them still going for their much sought after finishing above St Mirren trophy. I’d be surprised if we were to beat them to 7th, you can only imagine their players will be more than up for the occasion.
  8. Almeida well out the reckoning after today, although plenty stages to make time up, didn’t look particularly good in the first real challenge. Can only imagine he’ll have a domestique role to assist Evenepoel going forward. Bernal, Carthy & Landa all with strong finishes today.
  9. I’m no fan of McBurnie and violence is never the answer but videoing yourself abusing someone then getting kicking only to then sell your story to the sun. No case to answer for McBurnie. Other boy is an absolute embarrassment from start to finish.
  10. It's fair to level criticism at him for individual games but not to dismiss as a dud having played well more often than not this season. I thought he started very slowly yesterday as well but thought he was decent second half. He does have traits that can get him in trouble like arguing with refs or tendency to try win free kicks and not always being successful. There is definitely a very good midfielder in there and I can only imagine he is well placed to learn in that position under Goodwin. I think he is destined for a move down south eventually.
  11. I'm not so doom and gloom this morning, I think there were many positives to come from yesterday and the season as a whole. It was a lot better than the overly-cautious Livingston game. Durmus - we need to get signed up, he shouldn't really have been left to this late while we have been dishing out contracts to others. Although, he may well already have an offer for all we know. Erhahon is a fine young player - absolutely not one who should be getting dug out for criticism. He has shown his ability over this season in his natural position & it says a lot about him to come back from the loan move which might have promised more and perform as well as coming back from Oran Kearney trying to ruin his career before it even started. Connolly's effort, or lack of, first the first goal having just come on should see him chased out the door as soon as his contract is up, we can do better. He has pace and little else. I think the best thing we did this season was sell to Magennis, it's allowed McGrath and Erhahon to show how good they could be.
  12. I was of the opinion Connolly should be given another year, I now believe he should be punted. Henderson is a better option.
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