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  1. Can't understand this line about play like we did against Motherwell and we'll be fine. Completely overlooks Ross County being a better team than Motherwell and that we're unlikely to play against a worse performance than Motherwell, even when we face Motherwell another couple times, yet we still couldn't get a result. This will be a much tougher game than Motherwell and a very difficult one to face for a 'must win'. Don't fancy us much for this - I like the look of Ross County again this season. They should be up challenging for top 6 again.
  2. That post is genuinely tragic. You’ll be the first to cry about football fans being victimised and how we all can’t have this or that as well.
  3. I worded that poorly - I had it in my head he had a 1 year deal option at Motherwell versus 2 year at Saints. Now, this additional year on top of it.
  4. Both Tait and Flynn new deals were crazy. Tait was done last season, Flynn barely played last season. If Tait had the option to extend the year then I can’t see why we couldn’t have done what Hibs did with McGinn. Robinson didn’t think he was worth the risk of an extra year when he was Motherwell yet someone at Saints has him down as worthy of up to 3 years. Flynn’s deal mixed in with coaching is nonsense - we haven’t the squad size to warrant ageing players a transitional year into coaching when they aren’t up to it. We’ll struggle this year, one or two injuries/suspensions severely weakens the team.
  5. Marcus Fraser would probably be the best option to replace Gallagher. I don’t see Robinson changing formation again so soon but it would probably be the best time to given we’ll be without one of the first choice centre halves. We looked pretty reasonable with all 11 on the pitch yesterday albeit only 20 mins - I wouldn’t be rushing to do anything but a straight swap Fraser for Gallagher.
  6. Why was Gallagher only a booking for the handball? I thought it was the rule of straight red denying a goal bound shot. I didn’t have a good view of where Carson got to as he was chasing the ball towards the post. Incidentally, attacking fans/buses is ridiculous. I have no idea what led to Aberdeen fans doing it today and I presume they got the wrong bus, in any case shouldn’t be done to any bus.
  7. Tanser is one of the most important players in the squad IMO. We miss him hugely when he is injured, I think Strain looked like he could give a decent balance on the other side. Not sure what Kiltie’s situation is for tomorrow but if he’s not available then I hope Robinson plays Reid instead of Flynn.
  8. So I’ve been told, ban not very well enforced as long as staying away from normal seat & not shouting I would imagine.
  9. Currently banned from the ground for an incident at or since the Arbroath game I believe & not before time.
  10. I’m sure not much can be read into Aberdeen’s result at the weekend, I can well imagine a James Goodwin-led team was ultra-defensive when going away to Glasgow. That will soon get on the nerves of Aberdeen fans. I’d have Grieve benched and can see us potentially having a problem at left wing back with Tanser out and Tait possibly cited going by the Motherwell tears on Twitter. And finally, unlikely given our record at Pittodrie but:
  11. Half the stand was free over at the main stand side, it wasn’t a case of single seats here and there. Well bois are also to blame for that section of the stand being closed off due to what happened last season.
  12. Lamie was ridiculously aggressive going into every challenge, if Grieve’s first instant wasn’t to hit the deck he’d have probably broken him in 2 at some point. Fair play to Liam Kelly made a number of brilliant saves. Losing Tanser again killed us down the left, everything had to go down the right. I would fear for us if our go to options continue to be Tait and Flynn off the bench.
  13. If anyone fancies making themselves some cash - Connor Ronan to score first and get sent off, in no particular order, is 750/1 on bet365.
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