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  1. Quite the outburst. Reilly was decent, not as good as Danny Mullen. Mullen can cut it in the Premiership Reilly probably couldn’t. Rory Loy was a considerable upgrade on the 3 you mentioned. Paul McMullan is useless. Shankland was uninterested in that season, he failed at Morton as well if you remember. Hardie was a decent player, we didn’t play to his strengths. He wouldn’t have fitted in Jack Ross’ style of play like Loy did. Loy made a hell of a difference to us that season. I think the main worry for Hibs fans should be that Jack Ross will probably have sent his CV round the houses already on the back on that 3-1 victory at the weekend.
  2. Owen Kearney >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Alan Stubbs
  3. I suspected they watched Ikpeazu batter Waters most of the game at Tynecastle and thought they could do the same. I think Waters dealt with it a lot better but to be fair at Tynecastle he was hung out to dry with no cover.
  4. It seems like this revelation is only making it harder for Rangers fans to take what has happened. Glorious. It would make for much more hilarity if the banter years were all for nothing however the club was only heading one way regardless of HMRC pushing the wrong button on their calculator or not.
  5. An “all-star” XI would’ve swiftly dealt with all 3 of those sides. Failing to contend with a Warburton-led Rangers side
  6. Yet it took Neil Lennon to get that team of superstars out of the second tier of Scottish football. Doesn’t say much for yer man Stubbs.
  7. We never really had him long enough to judge him as a manager however he is terrible at recruitment. The signing of Brock-Madsen more than merited the sack. He was up against it from the start following Jack Ross. It was like Moyes following Ferguson at Man Utd. Two large clubs at whom the manager couldn’t quite handle the pressure that comes with.
  8. A wonderful day back in 1986. The photo of the mullet man crying on the terraces. Iconic.
  9. I spent some time reading the twitter account of the Tory candidate for my area this week and learned quite a bit about the SNP manifesto. I learned nothing about the Tory manifesto so I went to Douglas Ross' twitter, being the only other Tory I know of up here, as well to see if I could learn more than just 'Get Brexit done' instead I learned of SNP's manifesto again. The Tories up here are pedalling nothing but anti-SNP propaganda and are really wasting a lot of time and effort in doing so. SNP vote for me in order to oust the slimy self-centred Tory we currently have in place.
  10. No one then. Boy doesn’t like running 10k in training. He’s going nowhere further than the Scotland bench.
  11. Who else would Clarke be watching there? Naismith wouldn’t be ready for it in a couple weeks time.
  12. Some of these free-kicks being awarded to Rangers are borderline ridiculous. All because their failure of a manager is whining on the touchline. That McGregor challenge however straight leg studs up.
  13. The referees deserve to be left behind with decisions like that. Terrible by the Tory.
  14. Mallan on the wing is a terrible move. He was only ambling back for that goal when he could’ve done more to put him off. Already let Bolingoli go in free at the back post. Big fan of Mallan however he’s never ever a right mid.
  15. He must've been concentrating on that all important corner technique when he forgot how to defend at Tynecastle the other week.
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