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  1. 90 minutes of booing Jack Ross for the Saints fans to enjoy. I suspect by the end of the match the rest of the stadium will be joining us. 0-1 St Mirren (Scott Allan own goal).
  2. Harkes was best player on the park before he got shifted to right back, terrible decision.
  3. That ref is comfortably the worst in Scotland. He has never been involved in a good game - ruins it at every opportunity. Dallas seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, Steven should be next. Utd should've been well ahead in the first half, we were all over the place. A lot of tidy players in midfield but all too similar. Second half we were better, instead of Utd causing us problems we caused our own.
  4. Having nullified the threat of Ronaldo etc. (Stephen Kenny will rue the decision to take McGrath off), McGrath now has to compete against diddies like Nicky Clark. What a bump back down to earth that is.
  5. He does say as open as he can be in that first quote. The issue is obviously a sensitive one, probably embarrassing for those at the club given it’s H&S related. It cost however many people attending 2/3 games but has been rectified now. We’re not going to get every little detail of the ongoings. Heck, the contracts situation I was bumping my gums about shouldn’t even be in the public domain.
  6. I don't think the issue is with the switching of contracts, it would be negligent not to re-tender every few years at least. I think the issue is with the manner in which this twitter account has alleged the club/Kibble have done so. It reads to me that these contracts (catering & stewarding) have been awarded and then are to be sub-contracted which is probably not a bad model for the club to pass on the management of the service but not if these are given to line the pockets of mates of Kibble chiefs. Why Renderworks would be awarded the refurbishment works and catering services contracts is beyond me, if that is the case. I had thought the catering within the stands was a lease agreement for the kiosks with a contractor to go about their business rather than a service agreement. This Gillespie chap setting up a company soon after becoming vice-Chairman is certainly not a good look. In any case, there is plenty SMiSA representation on the board to ensure all is carried out in the best interests of the club.
  7. It would appear he took the huff having been told not to chase, allowing Mas his more comfortable podium position. Guess his days at Movistar are numbered now, the next Carapaz to them and they’ll be out to spite him in any race when he does move on. I can see the argument for both sides but I don’t think it says much for having dual/trio leadership for grand tours instead of a dedicated leader at least as plan A.
  8. Struggling for content in the 3rd Netflix series IMO. Yesterday’s stage was tremendous viewing with the attacks from everywhere, Ineos and Bahrain mainly (until Haig was flagging later on). Today’s time trial should really be a procession for those in the top 10 barring any mechanical or bike handling disasters. Tour of Britain also starts today on ITV4 all week.
  9. I would agree. I'm not on B&W army so this is the first I have been aware of it. I'm happy to admit I voted against Kibble partnership as I saw no need for the process to accelerate and I didn't see anything pressing wrong with the club that required these additional skills they brought. I don't think the questions have been raised in the right manner but they should definitely be asked if it is jobs-for-the-boys type stuff. I think the point about this Gillespie chap setting up his own company (a month after the Kibble vote) is perhaps the most damning. It may just be a coincidence of happening when he now has an involvement in an unregulated environment. Edit: It could, of course, be that this twitter account was beaten to a contract by Renderworks and they are out to besmirch them and all involved.
  10. One of the worst statements I have had the misfortune of reading. They did to keep it error-free for the first 4 words. The same thing the onion bears have complained about in their horrendously written statements.
  11. Probably but also means we get him for at least another 5 months. His performances thus far show that he’s not downed tools despite the interest & want to move. He’s done himself no harm with his performance tonight. He’ll certainly be able to get himself better than a last-minute desperate move to Hibs.
  12. I don't think it is a bad move for all parties involved, I wouldn't have Macpherson in ahead of any of our remaining central midfielders. He has been subject to the same elevated ability Magennis & Flynn suddenly had when they were out the team and we were struggling for form.
  13. I think shit hit the fan a long time ago this season already. I don't think it is in Goodwin's nature to complain like that, we had the debacle involving Magennis this time last year which dealt Goodwin a worse hand than he has now, as we lost a player, & he got on with it then. He has been well backed again and has made obvious moves to fill the gap we currently have on the right wing. Hopefully there is a free agent out there we can pick up within the next month to assist us for the season. Jack Ross, however, is a p***k. I will take great delight in seeing it fall apart for him at Hibs.
  14. I don’t think Scott Allan fits in any Goodwin system, Goodwin would’ve likely had him on the bench the majority of the time. He wouldn’t work hard enough regardless of how talented he is. I’d have him at Saints no problem but it’s hard to see how he wouldn’t suffer a similar fate to McAllister. Andreu was a square peg in a round hole while he was here under Goodwin too. That deal would’ve been a disaster for us, they are lucky it was Jack Ross shitting the bed at the last minute. We just need to continue to keep McGrath sweet and allow him his chances to get in the Ireland squad as he is probably away come January never mind next summer and we do rely on him & Shaughnessy for goals.
  15. While it was a horrendous deal to be had, we shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get it up Jack Ross as a result of it falling through (for now).
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