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  1. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Goldson is a brutal centre half.
  2. Livingston v St Mirren

    Dallas is the referee, game is ruined. Hammill will probably be ruled offside for it.
  3. Hibs vs St Mirren

    Didn’t look like it was an injury from Cammy Smith’s reaction. Either way I think that could signal the end for Cammy Smith in January unfortunately. Wonderful player when played behind the striker.
  4. Hibs vs St Mirren

    Aye, taking a doing.
  5. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Think this is probably a good time for both parties to go their separate ways. Samson has been great for us but, like every other player this season, he hasn’t performed. He’s earned himself a decent gig down south - probably the highest weekly pay he’ll have received all career - so who can blame him. About time we get to see what Rodgers can do. It will free up a wage to strengthen the team at least.
  6. The Statement Thread

    Something you’ll need to inform whoever thrashed together that monstrosity today. Wise words bennett.
  7. St Mirren v Rangers (deceased)

    Scottish refs will be counting themselves lucky that Bob doesn’t attend games as he’s showing all the signs of someone who wouldn’t hesitate in attacking a referee for a decision he doesn’t agree with. That statement is a shambles, straight from the Club1872 Neil Lennon templates folder. Maybe the Rangers player will think twice about getting involved in stuff when he’s already been booked. Something Gerrard and his scribe have chosen to forget.
  8. St Mirren v Rangers (deceased)

    No they didn’t. Had you been anywhere in the vicinity of Ibrox back in August you might have known. This is whataboutery at its finest. The saints fan was wrong for throwing the coin at Morelos & throwing objects at football is unacceptable. You’re correct in saying Rangers can’t take the moral high ground with this having thrown objects at Aberdeen, Livingston etc. However to call Saints fans liars after so many witnessed what happened to the girl at Ibrox is a lie in itself but understandable when all you saw of the game was the 4 minute highlight reel on sportscene.
  9. St Mirren v Rangers (deceased)

    Given what we've watched so far this season I don't imagine they will be struggling for applicants.
  10. St Mirren v Rangers (deceased)

    A lot of this deflecting away from just how poor a side Rangers are and how much they have regressed since chucking Warburton.
  11. St Mirren v Rangers (deceased)

    Rangers did win. Can only assume you are up there with the thickest of Rangers fans. Some feat.
  12. St Mirren v Rangers (deceased)

    Who’s the rocket complaining of a punch?! f**k all punching going on in any clip. Collum seen the incident Ferdinand got booked. Where do these rangers fans come from - thick as mince.
  13. St Mirren v Rangers (deceased)

    Rangers are comfortably the worst team we’ve played in Paisley this season. They’re shockingly bad, long may Gerrard get lauded as some sort of hero for achieving f**k all. Saints have been decent, nothing special. Defending has been all over the place at times.
  14. St Mirren v Rangers (deceased)

    That saints team is 10/10 garbage. I just want shocking challenges from the off on anyone in a Rangers kit.
  15. St Mirren v Rangers (deceased)

    Words can’t describe how bad we are. Will take a defeat with McGregor and Halliday being stretchered off the park. Anything less, sack everyone.