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  1. St Mirren v Killie

    Tbh it deflects from the bigger picture which is our inability to defend corners. It seems that we’re set up to defend corners in one way only. Two Killie goals came from short corners. Killie weren’t bothered about going man for man in defence. First McGinn had to leave his man free at the edge of the box - he scores. Second, again, McGinn is the only one out for a short corner 2v1 easily beaten. Easy header at the back post. Schoolboy stuff. I think it was a goal but the linesman ran with all the conviction of a man who had just shat himself.
  2. Should be hung by the knee.
  3. When have you ever seen a keeper go in for a block like that? That is a red card, whether or not the Accies player got the shot away. Blatant 2 footed lunge
  4. St Mirren v Killie

    With lyrics such as those you should deeply consider not including “Kilmarnock” in any of your teams songs.
  5. St Mirren v Killie

    Think that is quite harsh, we didn’t look that bad today. Killie are a very good team. If that was under Stubbs we’d have been skelped. The difference between that performance and the one at Tynecastle is pretty evident. The first goal we had a warning just a couple mins before it and had been leaving Power free at every corner, it was only a matter of time. Losing Ferdinand at half time didn’t help one bit. Also, hitting a free kick on target is a freak goal? Guff Lex.
  6. St Mirren v Killie

    Paul McGinn at centre half doesn’t work. Killie looking good second half shooting into the almost, but not quite, full away end.
  7. Arbroath vs Edinburgh City

    That Shepherd is definitely hiding a premature balding with that awful head of hair. Needs to embrace it.
  8. St Mirren v Killie

    So much effort into one post only to f**k it by calling Neil McCann indestructible. Never has a word looked so out of place.
  9. St Mirren v Killie

    Agree with this however Ferdinand has yet to go up for a set piece, not that that will stop him. Reckon he’ll head 3 in from the halfway line.
  10. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    There’s been times when you’ve not sold out as well, can’t risk relying on waiting to see if Killie are doing well to make decisions. Add to the fact we’ve sold more season tickets.
  11. Aberdeen v St Mirren

    I’m only going to see Anton Ferdinand’s warm up - it is a sight to behold. Will be back in the Archibald Simpson for quarter past 3.
  12. Boxing Thread

    Ortiz had Wilder rocked before he got knocked out himself. Wilder's chin isn't all that.
  13. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    A role that we have no idea what the remit is and a role he has never carried out before - perfect fit. I have no grudge against Gus MacPherson,I enjoyed going to the games when he was manager. This new role specially created just seems like a waste of money to me. Money which could be better spent elsewhere. The only thinking I could possibly see behind it would be that Fitzpatrick is heading for retirement and they are looking for Gus to transition into that role.
  14. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Don’t understand the appointment and role of Gus. Just seems like pissing money away which should be used to improve the squad. If it all goes tits up with Kearney, you can bet Gus will be straight in as manager. Jobs for the boys type stuff.
  15. Accies - St Mirren

    Two. We need a similar performance to that of Friday night, don’t see any reason to change the team that played Friday night. Excellent to find Brock-Madsen is nowhere to be seen.