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  1. Minter Sorry if I offended you when I mentioned people having more than 1 account
  2. “Two seasons ago, the club had a squad able to make a promotion challenge with Stephen Dobbie, Lyndon Dykes, Josh Todd and so on, but the Manager at that time, Gary Naysmith, did not wish to extend his contract early in 2019, and a subsequent downturn in form saw the majority of the squad leave the club at the end of the season.” It’s not like the board to pass the buck...
  3. You’ll have to show your working for that one I’m afraid. I have no affiliation with Frank Reynolds. I only have 1 account I’m not sad like a few folk on here
  4. I find it absolutely mental and baffling to say the least that people are dying every single day (yes even those in their 20s and 30s more so) and there people on here playing the comedian trying to make jokes for a couple of “greenies.” It’s utterly barbaric and shameful
  5. Easiest game we’ve had in a while which is nice. 3-0 Queens
  6. I’m not taking the piss. Believe it or not - I can support Ruth just as much as someone supports Sturgeon. Does it matter when I joined? No.
  7. Strange they have him cb when he’s played cm the last few games
  8. Ruth Davidson absolutely hammered sturgeon today. She’s in for a tough (impossible) ride come this May election.
  9. To be fair the results from last Friday to Saturday were lucky so that’ll play a big part in that final league table based on PPG.
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