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  1. While I don't disagree how disappointing it is for somebody with genuine important inside info, betraying that trust, by blabbing it on here, what would be really moronic would be an opposing manager coming on here, believing it and then basing his own team selection and tactics around some "rumour" he read on a fans forum the night before a game....
  2. Lol, this is a strange one... I thought I was cracking up!! Walking down to the game on Tuesday night I looked at the line ups on the Sky Sports app and said to my son, that's good Paul Watson is on the bench, then also noticed and said shit, Kai Kennedy is missing he must be injured then never thought any more off it until Kai Kennedy was subbed on? Wtf! Then looked at the app again and Paul Watson was missing for Kennedy.
  3. Fantastic support and atmosphere today but a minority really let us down during the minutes silence, whatever your view is on the monarchy is fine but surely to f**k people can show a little respect for 1 minute for somebody who has died! And get those flares to f**k as well, wouldn't be surprised if the club end up with a fine, we can little afford. One of those flares also hit a Falkirk fan on the head who was standing at the front with his young son, could have been a lot worse if it had hit the young lad. It's ironic it took friggin ages to get in and some people missing the start of the game due to everybody getting searched and still managed to get a box load of them in? Some people either need to grow up or drink less.
  4. The SPFL will announce the suspension of all football below SPL for the mourning period of 17 days. All SPL fixtures to be allowed to continue as normal!
  5. Can you PM me an email or number so I can book 2 seats for a non member Cheers
  6. Cheers For future reference where did you get this from..
  7. Anybody know what time the supporters bus leaves from York Square Grangemouth tomorrow ? Unless I'm missing something somewhere I couldn't find any info anywhere for any supporters buses.
  8. Anybody know if there is any buses going(with seats available) to Dundee?
  9. Main point of the comparison to mccoist was the rewards of giving somebody a chance who "gets into the positions", like Alegria done very well yesterday, in my opinion. As also a child of the 80's I remember well the criticism Mccoist used to come in for when he first signed for them because he missed so many chances, pretty sure it was a couple of seasons before they took to him when the penny finally sank... he might miss 200 silly chances a season but still sticking it in the back of the net 40 or 50 times was actually the important bit.
  10. Agreed! Even at his age deserves to be playing at a higher level with better players round him. Couldn't believe the comment from somebody earlier saying he was poor today?
  11. Lots of harsh criticism for Alegria, give the guy a chance, comments like horseshit are ridiculous, do we never learn from some of the nonsense that was dished out to Dowds. Fair enough if other fans want to have that opinion from their experiences but surely the least we can do is give him a bit time, the advice M&S got was he just needs a goal.... I've been at most game so far this season, we have scored a handful of goals and frankly hardly looked like scoring any more than that... today the lad was at least doing what any decent striker should be doing... getting into positions to get chances, probably more chances than we have had all season, if he keeps doing that then a goal will come... then we will see if he can kick on, and if not, then dish out the criticism. I seem to remember the criticism "Sally Mccoist" used to get at Rangers, he missed some howlers and probably missed 10 times more than he converted but his scoring record was still phenomenal because he was on the end of everything and looking for every scrap.
  12. Lol, yes it's defo Chirray. He's about 80 now working as a local lorry driver, great work ethic and puts all the young guys to shame!
  13. Not if you have changed stands or a new ST holder. If you stay local, then the best thing to do is pop into the shop, they will print it off for you in 2 minutes.
  14. I was in the shop on Monday and was told Friday...
  15. Just renewed my season but swapped back to the main stand, my mate has also just bought 1 for the first time ever...whats the script now, do they post out our new season tickets, is it an email barcode we will get or just pick up from the shop?
  16. And to a lesser extent Jason Cummings ... guy could have achieved so much more but turned into a bit of a screwball... in fairness tho he seems to be doing not too bad in Australia
  17. About to renew my season for me and my son (under 12), the under 12 is obviously free, sure i recall reading last year that Ineos pay the club for the under 12's....is that correct or am i wrong? if so how much do they give us?
  18. Sure I've seen it said here previously? But also heard elsewhere he has serious attitude and not the easiest guy to manage... so if the new management have already picked up on this then they need to stamp their authority on him and show him who's boss, which likely none of the previous managers had the balls to do?
  19. https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/finn-yeats-who-is-the-midfielder-who-impressed-for-the-bairns-in-friday-nights-friendly-3745575
  20. Hopefully I'm wrong but the number 9 looked a bit like the lad from Southampton the FH were linking us with the other day...tho in fairness my eyesight ain't the best these days... Unfortunately it's good enough to recognise Jamie Wilson...yes he was definitely there
  21. Cool, don't mind of seeing that, thought it was assumed we were changing this year.
  22. Puma seemingly will be supplying the Foundation strips again this year. Not sure if that means Puma will be new kit also?
  23. This section is also winnable which would promote us up with the big guns.
  24. Tickets on sale now on Ticketmaster, obviously not for our end which is North Stand so got block 102 which is closest.
  25. Always mind coming back from a match at Firhill and there he was outside some boozer giving all the Falkirk buses the fingers and shouting abuse as they went by.
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