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  1. Just renewed my season but swapped back to the main stand, my mate has also just bought 1 for the first time ever...whats the script now, do they post out our new season tickets, is it an email barcode we will get or just pick up from the shop?
  2. And to a lesser extent Jason Cummings ... guy could have achieved so much more but turned into a bit of a screwball... in fairness tho he seems to be doing not too bad in Australia
  3. About to renew my season for me and my son (under 12), the under 12 is obviously free, sure i recall reading last year that Ineos pay the club for the under 12's....is that correct or am i wrong? if so how much do they give us?
  4. Sure I've seen it said here previously? But also heard elsewhere he has serious attitude and not the easiest guy to manage... so if the new management have already picked up on this then they need to stamp their authority on him and show him who's boss, which likely none of the previous managers had the balls to do?
  5. https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/finn-yeats-who-is-the-midfielder-who-impressed-for-the-bairns-in-friday-nights-friendly-3745575
  6. Hopefully I'm wrong but the number 9 looked a bit like the lad from Southampton the FH were linking us with the other day...tho in fairness my eyesight ain't the best these days... Unfortunately it's good enough to recognise Jamie Wilson...yes he was definitely there
  7. Cool, don't mind of seeing that, thought it was assumed we were changing this year.
  8. Puma seemingly will be supplying the Foundation strips again this year. Not sure if that means Puma will be new kit also?
  9. This section is also winnable which would promote us up with the big guns.
  10. Tickets on sale now on Ticketmaster, obviously not for our end which is North Stand so got block 102 which is closest.
  11. Always mind coming back from a match at Firhill and there he was outside some boozer giving all the Falkirk buses the fingers and shouting abuse as they went by.
  12. Just checked both their careers on Wiki to see how much of their careers crossed, from what I can see only the last year of Kennys Scotland career. Was surprised to discover Griffiths spent 1 year of his youth career when aged 12/13 with us.
  13. I heard 2 names at Xmas, one was DGW, which although it hasn't come off yet doesn't appear to be due to the lack of trying. Time is certainly running out for the other but if we were to somehow get it over the line, there would be a lot of happy punters out there... a real coup!!! The Morrison rumour may well be setting the wheels in motion to finally make it happen?
  14. Cheers, just saved me wasting 3 mins of my time! Really frustrating how we never get any updates on players injuries. Names just appear and disappear on team sheets at 2.15 every sat very rarely without any explanation or consequent updates.
  15. Anybody know where I can watch the Kenny Miller interview that was shown before the match yesterday? Couldn't hear much off it as the wee man was causing havoc in the house but it seemed quite extensive and worth a proper listen.
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