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  1. I sit just to the right ( looking from the pitch) of the stretcher team in the main stand. I've never been aware of any abuse from any old guys behind the dugout. Over the last couple of home games, however, there have been a couple of guys in front of us who have felt the need to berate our management team at close range . Their comments are banal , inaccurate and derogatory and their intention seems solely to get themselves noticed. ( one left immediately after we conceeded the penalty on Saturday) Unfortunately Robinson and his assistant hear this dross and feel the need to respond when, really , they should ignore the comments and deny these morons the attention they desperately crave.
  2. My observations make absolutely no references or excuses for my team winning or losing.They do, however, reflect my disenchantment with the inconsistencies that are becoming apparent from the introduction of VAR into our game in Scotland, which, unless I misread the header ,is the topic of this thread.
  3. I agree with this, it was right in front of us. Gallagher's attempted back pass hit Carey's arm . Carey then controls the ball and initiates the move that results in Tanser's hand ball in the area. Is that not then the start of the "active phase"? That was the rationale behind Saints goal vs the Arabs being scrubbed out by an incident 20 secs prior to the ball hitting the net. My discontent with VAR is that ,as a paying customer at the game, I'm not told what's going on and it sucks much of the joy out of attending a match. This is a system that has been introduced for the armchair followers ( who contribute hee haw to our game) by people who have never kicked a football in anger in their lives.
  4. My concern , for Wednesday, is that Stephen Robinson adopts the attitude that he's sticking with his game plan no matter what. We've all seen that story before. Surely a good coach adapts and reacts to what is happening on the pitch. Surely he tweaks his tactics and lineups dependent upon how both individuals and the team perform. I'm not, for a moment, suggesting that the manager be replaced but might it not be prudent for him to assess each game on the basis of both the opposition and our own players recent performances . Horses for courses , if you like.
  5. Firstly, hats off to County, a well deserved win. That said this was a truly inept exhibition from Saints who only started to play football in the last 10 mins when we finally tried to keep the ball on the deck. Performances like this will see us in bottom six/relegation fight in no time. Gogic is NOT a centre half - accommodate him in midfield where his talents lie. If we're going with 3 centre halves then Shaughnessy should be included . Playing 2 up away from home doesn't work. This needs changed. Dunne is NOT Beckenbauer, his 50 yard crossfield passes are a complete waste of possession. The tactic of booting the ball as far away from our goal as possible isn't proving successful. Give Grieve a start, he deserves it.
  6. Watching his last few appearances it makes you wonder how our season would have panned out had Dennis remained fit and available since we signed him.
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